01.16.2012 06:07 PM

Canada Live, Jan. 16: Grits, dogs, and wacky tabacky!

Newly-elected Liberal Party president reacts with shock when he hears that Warren has said nice things about him.


  1. smelter rat says:

    Speaking of useless…you mentioned Stockwell Day.

  2. Iris Mclean says:

    Stock is in daily communication with God.
    He has inside info on this stuff.
    I hope he’s right.

  3. Greg from Calgary says:

    I prefer the term “Electric Lettuce”

    • pomojen says:

      I have decided never to refer to it as anything but Electric Lettuce ever again. Thanks for electrifying my vocabulary this morning.

    • Philip says:

      Greg for the win! Sadly, I’m going to send too large a chunk of my day looking to work “electric lettuce” into casual conversation.

  4. Steve says:

    A little Bill Murray vibe in that clip. And I can see Warren thinks that pot policy is not a winner. The pot is legal now argument is not appreciated.

    • The Doctor says:

      “The pot is legal now argument ”

      WTF is that? Please fill me in.

      Is that the thing that certain really stupid American tourists think when they visit Vancouver, think it’s legal and light up in front of a cop?

  5. Peter Mumford says:

    Hold on, when did Willem Dafoe enter the party’s presidency campaign? I’m sure I’d have heard something about that.

  6. Anne Peterson says:

    All this old grandmother knows is that something has to change about the war on drug policies. They do not work. Time for discussion and change.

    The Guardian in its latest issue tells us that now Costa Rica is becomming a violent place because it is on the drug route. Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatamala. Just exactly how much drugs does the US use. Is everyone down there on drugs. If it isn’t a poster child for a failed war on drugs, what could possibly be. Perhaps the answer is to ask what exactly is wrong with their society that causes everyone to have to be on drugs, and change that. Whatever the real story is it is an object lesson for Canada. Discussion please instead of the usual shocked heads in the sand.

  7. MCBellecourt says:

    The pot policy is not a fluff issue, when you look at the numbers. In BC, it is estimated to be a 7-Billion-Dollar-A-Year business, other estimates put it as high as 9 Billion. Scientific studies throughout the world have repeatedly shown the plant to have some pretty impressive benefits, in health and in practical applications. It has proven to be a most suitable alternative for producing biofuel, because of its stable nature and the fact that its use would not interfere with production of food crops.

    We have the capability in the scientific community to make many breakthrough discoveries regarding this plant, moreso than many other juridictions.

    Prohibition, as Anne Peterson said, doesn’t work. It has been a colossal failure, both monetarily and morally, and several US jurisdictions have acknowledged it. It seems that Texas, of all places, has been critical of Harper’s crime bill.

    It would be nice to see Canada take a leadership role in the North American dynamic for a change, as well. The US economy is circling the swirly, I don’t think they’re as big a worry as in past years.

    I read that Portugal has decriminalized all drugs, not just pot, and are seeing positive results, from reduction of usage to addicts getting easier access to treatment. If anyone else has more information on Portugal’s situation, please post here because I’d very much like to read more on it.

    • MCBellecourt says:

      The Con party favours turning kids into hardened criminals with incarceration. Far greater danger to society than the strawman argument you’re putting here.

      Enjoy, Gordy boy, this one’s just for you.


    • Jason King says:

      Do you have a single citation for your statement or is it just more Tulk conjecture? Seriously Gord, you need to start backing up your claims.

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