01.16.2012 05:49 PM

Interesting theory

He should stick to polling, however.


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    Merrill Smith says:

    If you can’t believe Stockwell Day, especially on matters concerning the Libs and Dippers, who can you believe?

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    Jim Hanna says:

    I know I’m at odds with Warren on this one, but the NDP and Liberals are fundamentally different parties, and the biggest fallacy is to assume that 1+1=2. Personally, unless the merger forced the NDP to get rid of all of its core policies, then a merged party is not one I could support. Maybe I’d become a Green, I don’t know, because I sure as hell can’t go conservative. But I tell you one thing, I wouldn’t vote for it. And I have a lot of good, misguided friends in the NDP who feel the same. True socialists will leave the merged party and right-centre Liberal would too, leaving it in an odd rump position – good for second place, but if the Liberals end up in the Tories (and pull it towards the centre) then Harper’s dream scenario would have happened. He’s been actively plotting it for years. (and Mannings Sr and Jr. before him)

    Right now, if the Liberals are going to regain Official Opposition status and eventually win back power, they need to put the NDP on notice; and convince Canadians they aren’t ready to govern. They can’t play that game on the outside and talk merger on the inside (without either holding back the punches on one, or poisoning the well on the other)…I felt no mood at all at that convention for any kind of merger. Especially one plotted behind closed doors without any sort of membership input. I can’t even recall it coming up in conversation.

    Not too mention, if Warren thinks the attack adds on Rae are bad, (and I agree with him on that)…then I can imagine where they’d go with a merged party.

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