01.17.2012 02:54 PM

The NDP are hypocrites and full of it

So what else is new. Lilley has deets, here.


  1. Dave Wells says:

    Is politics the only profession where lying not a problem but rather an accepted tactic?

  2. George says:

    after the shit-kicking the media and others, including the NDP gave to Stefan Dion, I’d say that turnabout is entirely fair play.
    Lilley’s right and so are you.

  3. dave says:

    I vote as far left as I can go.
    I didn’t care for that shot at Dion. Seemed to me the NDP was using Conservative tactics. His dual citizenship had nothing to do with his policies and competence. I doubt it got many votes for NDP…maybe for Conservatives. Maybe that was the aim.
    Lots of voters would like to get discussion of issues and possibilities for dealing with things, but if this kind of tangential stuff works, I guess it will continue. It might lead, though, to people who figure that such personal attacks are what elects our government deciding not to bother voting.

    • catherine says:

      One small step to discouraging this behaviour is to go back to the NDPers like Pat Martin and others and ask them to publicly state whether they will argue that Mulcair should give up his dual citizenship or whether they have changed their minds on the matter, and if so, can they explain why. I think if people using dishonest tactics were called to account for them more, that would help discourage them.

      On that note, I am glad to see the press making people aware that the NDP is behind the robocalls. Turmel saying the NDP were doing this to support democracy and voters is a joke when they were not even willing to let people know they were behind it.

      • The Doctor says:

        What robocalls are you talking about?

        • The Doctor says:

          Thanks for the info and the link. I wasn’t aware of the story.

          Personally, I think the Dippers are pissing into the wind and wasting their time, but I suppose they feel they need to try to inflict as much damage on the Liberals as they can and desperately want to try to hold on to every seat they have.

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