01.04.2012 08:00 AM

The Rae question

I wrote to Susan Delacourt yesterday to ask her if, in the linked story, she questioned Bob Rae about his pledge to not seek the Liberal leadership. It doesn’t read like she did.

Anyway, I will let you know what/if I hear from her.  She still hasn’t responded.  It’ll be interesting at the LPC convention in Ottawa next week.

Or, not.


  1. Anne Peterson says:

    The Canadian media doesn’t seem to report on lies spouted by politicians.

  2. KenzoS says:

    memo to Gord- Iggy’s humiliation and immediate retirement are 8 months old (that’s 400 political lifetimes ago). The politics of personal destruction indeed proved effective. Time to run a government and represent (all) of the people.

    And please tuck away the er…excitement that that long ago, and somewhat phyrric, victory still seems to give you. It is ugly and pointless.

    • KenzoS says:

      ah Gord, your purple predictability humours!

      a) Delacourt whatever. `you need no more proof that he was `just visiting“- Your words. Smug and gratuitous and I repeat beside the point. There is a country to be governed, not the supposed triumph of American high priced personal attack ads to be re-iterated ad nauseum, months afterward. Stop acting like a child on a sugar high and fill your boots with governing, smarty pants.

      b) You declare the national health care system a myth and then delineate a key reason why it is in fact anything but- ie, federal funding. Tawdry logic, my friend.

      ok, over to you….turn yourself purple once again. Please.

  3. JamesHalifax says:

    If I recall correctly, Warren initially warned the Liberals about selecting Iggy as Leader. They didn’t listen, and look what happened.

    Further, Warren warned the Liberals that Bob Rae would be a poor leader, and that he thought Bob would try his dam-dest to stay on as leader, even though he promised not too. Let’s see if they listen this time. Can you imagine the ads if Rae goes back on his word and clings to the leadership of the Liberal party? I can see it now,

    “Bob Rae…wanting to do to Canada….what he did to Ontario. Countless Job losses, businesses closed, houses lost, deficits as far as the eye can see..etc..etc…”

  4. JamesHalifax says:

    I don’t think you’re wrong Warren. Bob Rae signed on as the “interim” leader knowing full well he wouldn’t give much credence to his promise. He wanted to be Interim, so he has an unopposed platform to spout off, and will then decry that there is no leader qualified but him. He’ll get the usual suspects to proclaim that “Bob is the answer” and Rae will do the “aww shucks…if you insist, who am I to say no”

    That’s his cover for lying.

  5. WarrenT says:

    Chretien of course advised Desmarais that this was the best way for Rae to win.So what’s the problem if he wins?

  6. JamesHalifax says:

    I lived in Ontario when Rae was Premier. I remember what he did (or didn’t do) and how many jobs were lost. In effect, he’s a crappy policy maker. Simply changing stripes from Socialist NDP’er, to socialist Liberal…..won’t fool anyone who remembers what I remember.

    Looks like both you and Jean were correct.

  7. Riaz Khan says:

    Mr. Tulk
    Mr. Ignatieff is no longer active in the politics. Like any Canadian, he has every right to say what he thinks is right- like the way you always say what you think is right in your mind. Pleas leave him alone. I know that how much you love ” just visiting” slogan but it is in the past. The article is about Mr. Rae so lets stick with the matter. You should not be obsessed with Mr. Igantieff anymore. He will not be our Prime Minister. You can sleep in peace since the greatest danger to Canada Ignatieff is no more.

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