01.24.2012 02:49 PM

Tim Thomas is the biggest idiot in the history of professional sport, and that’s saying something

And Cathal Kelly is the best sports writer around, once again.


  1. dave says:

    Canucks fan here:

    This says a lot more about all the rest of the Bruins who stooped to pander to the socialistic, nanny state Presidency. What a bunch of champagne sipping, wishy washy, Saab driving, tittering, pinkos!
    Confirms everything that I suspected!

  2. Jon Powers says:

    And hyperbole is the best thing ever! Mike Tyson is a convicted rapist, and OJ Simpson is a murderer, but Tim Thomas is worse because he’s a fan of Glen Beck! Too funny.

  3. Paul R Martin says:

    Baseball player Luke Scott is a bigger idiot. Scott wants to see Obama’s birth certificate. Athletes are imperfect human beings with all the usual human failings.

  4. Kelly Oh says:

    John Rocker by a country mile. But Tim is definitely an idiot.

  5. Bruce M says:

    But he derided both sides for damaging his country, and that’s a given.
    He made a statement inwhich he believes: What’s wrong with that?
    He didn’t “occupy” anything, in fact, he didn’t occupy his reserved seat in the White House. Not many people would have the testes to do that, get a statement out there, and not inconvenience anyone. Warren dreams of opportunities like that: He’s been dining-out on his Barney episode for 15 years.

    Face it, as political statements go, this is far, far better than that baby-faced twit who held up a “Stop” sign in parliament, insulting a thousand year institution.

    And wouldn’t you all be cheering if it was a Hollywood tramp refusing to dine with Bush?

    • Warren says:

      I was at a diner I frequent, today, and listening to regulars there talk about this. They said you win as a team, you lose as a team, you stick together as a team. And you show respect to the office, even if you disagree with the person who occupies it.

      I agree with them.

      • Jon Powers says:

        Well said. I’ll agree with that. It’s one thing to hold an opinion, but I think he did put the rest of his team in an uncomfortable position. Plus, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to go to the White House and meet the Prez, whether you voted for him or not. Well, twice in a lifetime since Boston will win the cup again this year.
        Also, Canucks suck.

      • Ted B says:

        That was my first reaction, before I even started to think too deeply about the inanity of his actual comment. It’s team game. As a former goalie, I know we can have – and need our weirdnesses and eccentricities, it’s part of what makes us tick – but there is some tension on the team, he’s upset a bit of the dynamic and you can tell just from what the others are saying.

        Plus it’s stupid.

      • Jason King says:

        It’s 2012 Gord, try to pick a reference that is relatively more recent than Jimmy Carter

        • Justin says:

          @ Gord,

          No sir you are missing the point, you are comparing apples to oranges. Wallace had no chance in hell of occupying the white house. Obama at least was elected, and with the long line of loony toons wanting the repub nomination I don’t think he has anything to worry about this year.

        • Jason King says:

          actually that whooshing sound was the conversation flying over your overconfident head.

          If given the opportunity I would probably shake any President’s hand. Well except for the dead ones as they are well… dead.

          For me its more about how you carry yourself and I dont see any need to be a dick on a personal level.

          Im not sure what your excuse is Gord.

  6. newfiecaper says:

    Somehow I can’t help but think that some of the same people in the sports media who are criticizing Thomas would be applauding his absence as a principled stand if Dubya was still in the White House.

    That said, as a diehard Bruins fan I agree that he should have gone.

    • Ted B says:

      That’s not what Thomas said.

      He said Republicans and Democrats alike have taken away too many freedoms and liberties. In more ways than not, the US is more free and liberal today than it was 20 or 30 years ago and certainly way more free right now than at any time in its history.

      Which is pretty silly. Especially coming from a multi-millionaire. And double especially from a multi-millionaire who thinks Glenn Beck is his hero.

      • Jason King says:

        What is with Gord’s reference material? Is Wikipedia down and he’s having to use his high school encyclopedia?

      • Justin says:

        Such as? Or are you just pulling talking points out of your a**.

      • Ted says:

        Examples? And how have his freedoms been in any way limited by those? Is he not allowed to buy property he once was able to? Is he not allowed to get the same healthcare his enormous 0.01% of the population wealth can afford?

        Environmental laws are different: they are there to protect the rights of others from the misuse of your land. It’s akin to the my right to swing my arm does not give me the right to hit or harm you. Libertarians are often very strong environmentalists.

        I will agree that, because of conservatives, we are a lot less free in some respects, Americans especially: the state has much more invasive policing powers thanks to Bush and Harper, the state tries to control your individual behaviour more when it comes to things likes drugs thanks to Republicans and Harper.

        But in so many other ways, the individual is much freer, both from social and state interference than it once was. Race, sex, sexuality, publishing, etc. all far more liberal and permitting individual freedom.

    • Jason King says:

      “I would never shake his hand either.”

      I would hope not, you dont have a third hand to steer your car with blogging and driving…

  7. Jason Hickman says:

    I think Thomas should’ve agreed to go. It was a team event, etc. Still, I suppose if the choice is ONLY between (a) going and making an ass of yourself, or (b) not going at all, then (b) is better – but really, he should’ve just gone.

    I do wonder if people who are slamming Thomas had the same reaction back when Michael Jordan refused to attend a similar photo op with George H.W. Bush back in ’91 (I think), or when one/more members of the Chicago White Sox refused to attend an event with George W Bush. (I’m a little hazier on the White Sox thing, but I remember the stink over Jordan not going.) And by the same token, I wonder if people who griped at Jordan or the Sox back then have the same reaction to Thomas now.)

    • Philip says:

      Two points, for me anyway,
      One: It’s a team event, you go as a member of that team, you win as a team etc… As adults we all have to attend functions which we may not wish to attend for the sake of others. As adults we attend then as graciously as possible and move on with our lives. All Tim Thomas has done is made himself appear ridiculous and petty. That would also apply to Jordan and other professional sports figures who have refused White House invitations on purely political grounds.

      Two: respect the office even though you may not respect the current office holder. That works for Tim Thomas now and would have applied to Michael Jordan and the White Sox members who may or may not have boycotted the Bush White House.

      • Ted B says:

        Jordan was both worse and not as bad.

        Worse, because he never even explained his snub. He owed it to fans, the WH and his team to do so.

        Not as bad, because we don’t know his reason. Maybe he had a good one, maybe not, but it couldn’t have been as flimsy as Thomas’s.

      • Ted B says:

        But we don’t know why.

        And he didn’t snub Bush the very next year after the Bulls won again.

        So not quite the same thing.

        Do a little digging and you’ll find lots of athletes have missed the visit and most often due to scheduling conflicts.

        A bunch of White Sox players skipped out on Bush Jr. and I’m not sure why either. About half the NASCAR elite drivers invited to meet Obama skipped out because it was Obama which is stupid silly petty partisanship.

        • Ted says:

          No probably about it.

          Other than one simplistic 8 line statement, what has Thomas said about it? How much of his views have you heard him articulate?

          This is why you are a joke, Gord. Even on the easy stuff, you just make stuff up that is so easily shown to be groundless.

          You could be right, but it is so very clear that you have no basis for your claim which never stops you from making the claim. You’d be much more respected for your opinion and be much more convincing if you didn’t do this kind of thing.

          We have no idea why Jordan didn’t go THAT year (he went the next year). Period. There are few if any conclusions we can draw from that.

        • Jason King says:

          “Probably because he was far less articulate and far less informed than Thomas.”

          Citation please Gord. If not please stop pissing in the wind to see if it hits others.

  8. JenS says:

    Ultimately, I didn’t care what Tim Thomas thought last week, and I don’t this week either.

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