02.23.2012 10:37 AM

Girl-crazy macrocephalic alert!

A grainy (but goodie) one from the archives. Perhaps he can go complain about it again to Scott Anderson and Gord Fisher.

Oh, wait.


  1. william smith says:

    more inside the park stuff Warren us outsiders don’t know wtf this means

  2. Marc L says:

    Him too? I thought Harper was the only legitimate spawn of Satan.

    • Warren says:

      No, Wells is worse, because he’s insufferable. Harper is electable.

      • Marc L says:

        Wells likes jazz too. That must really make you convulse.

        • Warren says:

          That, and that’s he’s a pompous, pretentious, North-of-the-Queensway zero who has never done anything of significance, who wouldn’t know how to communicate with a real person if his life depended on it (which is why he’s never asked to go on TV, which he perpetually whines about). Oh, and that he tweets every moment of his boring life, in the way that pre-adolescents do. Except that he’s supposedly a grown up.

          And he name-drops jazz.

  3. kenzo's says:

    That is kind of hot.

  4. smelter rat says:

    He did good work on the Rights and Democracy scandal. No one else was concerned.

  5. Brad says:

    … might be a good time to update the top 10 blogger list

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