02.17.2012 11:51 AM

H and K, always telling the truth

The repugnant folks who brought you the Persian Gulf War are at it again!

Here’s their list of QP Twitter “influencers.” As determined by, um, Hill and Knowlton.

There’s some people I know who, er, have more Twitter followers than quite a few of the “influencers” put together.

Wouldn’t want to mention a competitor would ya, now, H and K?


  1. AP says:

    The Influencers. Sounds like a lame group of pacifist superheroes.

    Not exactly the Justice League.

    They have the power to cajole, tweet and persuade. Can’t wait to see the action figures

  2. jack says:

    Although a little off to the side from this topic, here is a bbc link from today. Now why is this not front page in canada…..rather we see baird whining about alleged hijinx? Where i sthe media? Who has influene on it is the real question…H and K? Harper clearly favors outlets and rewards them with favors like interviews and senate appointments.


  3. Freddie says:

    Global warming squackers are upset because the general population has stopped believing them. They now cry about being ignored. How is it being the recipient of your own tactics?

  4. Scott says:

    Speaking of govt PR, please tell me this story is big news in Canada? It should be.


    • Philip says:

      It ran in the online edition of the Globe and Mail last night. It will of course be dropped by Monday, so as not to upset anyone.

  5. Scott says:

    (Doh – I see Jack beat me to the punch.)

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