02.11.2012 11:31 AM

Inside the Ontario PC AGM: truer words seldom spoken, etc.

Ciano signage mocked: How do these things keep happening? Damn those pesky Ontario Liberals!


  1. Just Call Me Rick says:

    LMAO!!! Whovever did that , I wish I could buy you a beer. The poster itself sounds pretty bad, defeatist, demoralized, “we’re big losers” and “misery loves company”. I thought the first rule of political rhetoric was to know the answer to the question before you ask it. These guys can’t seem to see around corners, and keep shooting themselves in both feet.

  2. Justin says:

    Here’s an idea, “tired of losing elections? Get rid of hudak and don’t get someone who has baggage from the Harris years!”

  3. Bill says:

    Harris would win today if he decided to run.

  4. Lawrence Stuart says:

    Couldn’t join the Cons. I’m just not angry enough.

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