02.02.2012 09:01 AM

Stupid media tricks



Brings to mind that old adage of, er, me: the only people who still believe that people look to the media for ethical inspiration are the media.


  1. GPAlta says:

    Perhaps we could learn a little more about the show in question before taking Sun TV’s word for what it is and what it is about?

  2. W.B. says:

    Let’s just start calling SUN TV “The State Broadcaster”.

  3. patrick deberg says:

    Jason Kenneys next attack add?

    I am Jason Kenney and I can fake the oath!!

  4. patrick deberg says:

    Jason Kenney’s next attack ad?

    I am Jason Kenney and I can fake the oath !!

  5. Glen says:

    Since we’re on the topic of the media, it astounds me that there are more than 700 people at the CBC making $100K+.

    Who’s with me? That’s messed up. Who is making that money? Reporters? Editors? Managers? Dinner hour local news hosts?

    Lessee…you’ve got Strombone, Mansbridge, Cherry, McLean…um…that’s 4. Who else works at CBC?

    • GPAlta says:

      How many people at QMI are making more than $100,000? What percentage of employees at QMI make more than $100,000? How much do the owners of QMI make in profit? Consuming independent public media might help everyone to ask more relevant questions by considering the context, not simply the data point.

      • Jon Adams says:

        Judging from how the newspaper and onscreen graphics look, their graphics department is grossly overpaid. Holy Cable Access, WK.

    • Chris says:

      I’m an elementary teacher and I’m a bit nervous about what’s going to happen in the next 1-3 years as teachers start to flood onto the sunshine list.

      Top of grid teachers in most boards are earning around $95,000 – and contracts are expiring at the end of 2012. It won’t take much of a wage increase to bump thousands of teachers onto the list, and the outcry is going to be deafening.

      • George says:

        the outcry is going to be deafening. As it should be. Not all teachers are worth 100K, just like not all CBC employees are worth that. Maybe it’s time for teachers to dip in to the whole merit pay idea that’s working elsewhere. We all know great and inspiring teachers should be paid what they’re worth as they churn out educated grads right? I sure as heck want to start seeing some difference made between good and poor educators. If that comes in the way of merit pay maybe it is time.

      • Bill says:

        Lets hope the public freaks out. No teacher is worth $100 000 plus a fat cat pension. We need wage freezes big time!

      • Mike Kaye says:

        I can gaurantee you that if teachers in Ontario are making $100 grand next year, Dalton will be ammending the Sunshine Law to ensure the list is indexed 10 percent above whatever his union pals are being paid.

  6. Anne Peterson says:

    A person who wanted to do a study of kinds of lies would do well to study the Harper regime. My mother simply divided them into bald faced lies and weasel lies. They are champion weasel liars. I would like to see a contest to ask people to describe kinds of lies and how the Harper group fits into the categories. e.g. lies of omission, lies by inference, etc. etc.

    • fred says:

      I don’t think so. Sociopathic megalomaniacs are too bloated with self aggrandized importance to bother with mere weasel lies.

  7. fred says:

    The Iranians are attacking. Take cover in your basement immediately.

    Fake issues, fake TV, and a fake government brought to you by the future CEO of Haliburton/Harper Pipeline.

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