02.08.2012 07:20 AM

Surprise, surprise

Oh, look.

Another file in which Furious George is involved. Another file that has devolved into farce, or worse.

Oh, look.


  1. Warren says:

    You’re a fool, sonny. Beat it.

  2. Brent Sienna says:

    It takes great skill to be that incompetent and continually land on his feet in plum assignments. I now see the error of my ways. Seeking to be successful at what I do is holding me back.

  3. James Curran says:

    C’mon W. It’s not like anyone knew that Harper would call a by-election amidst the NDP leadership race. Why rush to find a new candidate. There’s lots of time. Hell, there’s still weeks to go until e-day. I’m surprised they’re having the nomination this week.

    Renewal my ass. Same ole, same ole.

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