02.22.2012 04:02 PM

Theo Fleury’s VIS

Very, very powerful.


  1. Mike says:

    Wow…that’s courage.

  2. Murdoch says:

    Ya I read it this morning and you can only hope justice is served. Although this crime(s) will never have enough retribution.

  3. There will be massive outrage if James walks this time.

  4. Hammer Dom says:

    WOW. Just read that. Deeply moved. Fuck me that’s heavy. Makes one open an argument in company to bring back the death penalty. Why should I pay for this Shit to be fed and housed in prison for the rest of his life? One may ask.
    Tough to argue against.
    If he did that to MY kid- well….I’D be in jail for 25.

    Hammer D.

    • JH says:

      Exactly! Two thumbs up! Yet he got out once after serving 3 years and got a pardon. Which meant anyone running a background check on him, as Sheldon Kennedy explains, would not find out about his conviction. That is unless they dug much deeper than is usual. Sorry, I don’t get that kind of a justice system. Don’t certainly consider it justice for victims or society.

  5. Michael S says:

    Sadly more common amongst people of authority than people think, especially in the era prior to Mount Cashel’s exposure. In the 70’s, people didn’t believe you. Now, thankfully they do. I’ve been personally affected by similar abuse. The walking disaster this creates is incalculable. It affects your family relationships, your intimate relationships and the relationships with your children. The victim suffers infinite injustices: First the deed, then the fact that people don’t want to hear about it, they run away. It’s isolating and the ongoing numbing of drugs and the bottle are far better than the one-time relief of a noose or a gun. If you are left with an AA membership and a lifetime prescription for anti-depressants you’ve won: you lived. I raise a cup o’ coffee for Theo Fleury in appreciation.

    My abuser died before circumstances allowed for people to believe such things were possible. My closure was to find his grave and literally piss on it.

    The Sandusky case reveals a generation gap: If you’re under 40 you believe it and act on it. People over 40 tend to want it to go away, the older the person the deeper the head in the sand. Younger folk thankfully are having none of it.

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