02.14.2012 11:58 AM

Useful additions to Vic Toews’ list

From reader AP:

  • Atheist
  • God Hater
  • Child Hater (remember it is always about the children)
  • Rural Canada Hater
  • Outdoor Sportsman Hater
  • Tim Hortons Hater
  • Oil Sands Hater
  • Witch Lover
  • CBC Lover
  • Lover of the Arts
  • Book Lover
  • Statistics Canada apologist
  • Baby Seal Lover
  • United Nations Lover


  1. KP says:

    Let me see if I follow Toews’ logical train of thought here: I don’t support his government’s need to further spy on my internet usage, so as a result, I support the production of child porn? That’s all kinds of messed up.

  2. smelter rat says:

    Victim Hater
    Foreign Interest

  3. Patrick Deberg says:

    Hey everybody! Check out the comments on the National Post boards. The cons over there are having a major melt down!! The best example of shadenfroide in ten years since these hillbillies took office!

  4. James Calnan says:

    to imagine a thing is to do a thing… ‘imagining the King’s death’ was the crime of high treason. While there may be real threats to the state, its nearly impossible to assess these since those threats are considered in secret. What is evident is that governments typically exaggerates them in order to increase their powers. For a view of how history is repeating here, see “Imagining the King’s Death: Figurative Treason, Fantasies of Regicide, 1793-1796” http://www.history.ac.uk/reviews/review/145

  5. Philip says:

    So, if long form census and the Long Gun Registry were too intrusive, why is it OK for police to compell ISPs and phone companies to turn over all that information without a warrant? In what universe is that even rational?

  6. Jon Adams says:

    I wonder if Anonymous is on the case.

  7. Mordy says:

    There’s a great comment on this over @ BCL’s blog from Chapel http://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=23292180&postID=4327879020962775880

  8. Trevor says:

    Let’s not forget:

    Wine and Cheese Liberals
    Public Transit Users
    Multicultural Lovers
    Bilingual Lovers
    Hyphenated Canadians
    Canadians with Dual Citizenships
    Urban Dwellers
    Foreign Film Lovers
    Toronto International Film Festival Lovers
    Pride Parade Lovers
    Latte Lifters
    Pickup Truck Haters
    Redneck Haters
    Tea Party Haters
    Occupy Movement
    G20 Protestors
    Gay Rights Lovers
    Women’s Rights Lovers
    Quebec Nationalists

    And perhaps most importantly…

    Those of us who refuse to allow Canadian society going back to being
    run largely by and for the exclusive benefit of White Christian Males
    in general and highly assimilated, unilingual, unhyphenated, White Anglo
    Saxon Protestant Males who have such WASP-bred surnames as Harper,
    Manning and Day in particular!

  9. Skinny Dipper says:

    Canadians are screwed if one is either a child hater or a child lover.

  10. Skinny Dipper says:

    Let us not forget WaKi lovers.

  11. Marc L says:

    I can’t believe Toews is spitting out such stupid crap. Seems to me he is also going to alienate many Conservatives as well — most Conservatives I know don’t like the idea of the state using its powers to spy on people. But hey, I’m in Quebec.

  12. Brammer says:

    Where is fearless leader on this (I mean Rae)?

  13. GPAlta says:

    With these powers, the government will be able to know everything about all Canadians, no longer just those veterans whom they wish to humiliate , except for whether or not they have guns.

    Who benefits from this? What is so wrong with getting a warrant anyway? There are not many explanations other than the government wanting to track and blackmail its opponents, as it has done on many occasions to injured veterans, or the government wanting to conform to US standards, just like with the F35s, for some bizarre “war on terror” reasons.

    Or it could be another smokescreen, since the omnibus crime bill is soft on child abusers (softer than it is on marijuana growers, at least).

  14. smelter rat says:

    Citizens of Convenience

  15. james Smith says:

    I’m sure he’ll be down on Leprechauns next; I mean aren’t they always after his, what have yous?

  16. Rotterdam says:

    When Drudge, and Brietbart takes notice, you know our civil liberties are under threat.

  17. nic coivert says:

    I wasn’t aware that child pornographers were such a lobbying force, Vic must know some of them himself.
    Click clique.

  18. nic coivert says:

    The Harper government really personifies twisted libertarianism, this is a government suspicious of its citizens.

  19. MC says:

    From now on, every bill they bring forward should just be called the ‘If you oppose us you’re a Nazi pedophile’ bill.

  20. Conservative Socialist says:

    Vic Toews’ admonition that anyone who opposes the encroaching police state on the internet is “on the side with the pornographers”.

    This has pissed off even the online conservatives because they are also against the bill.

  21. smelter rat says:

    Using Vic Toews’ own logic, voting to scrap the gun registry means you stand with Marc Lepine.

  22. ASME says:

    Highly, highly insulting to law abiding Canadians. What ‘s with the regurgitating of George W. Bush. Doesn’t this man have thoughts of his own he can express. However, I won’t be forgetting that comment any time soon and will remember it in the next election.

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