03.21.2012 03:51 PM

Canada Live, March 21: about that CPC ad

Confronted with yet another Bob Rae non-denial denial, Krista and I gesticulate wildly and make funny faces.


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    David_M says:

    Okay, once again….
    Krista in a red dress on a pedestal..
    and I think Warren said something
    Oh hell, I ‘ll have to watch it again.

    Alrighty then. If Rae is chasing all comers off the field, then the Liberals are in a pickle.
    A leadership race NEEDS contenders and lots of them. Otherwise its yet another coronation and will not sit well with voters.
    I’m not saying Mr. Rae hasn’t been a good interim leader, in fact I think he’s done a pretty good job but if he intends to run for the permanent position he better make his declaration and step aside real soon.

    Dave’s 2cents

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    Robert says:

    If I had only seen the picture, and not the caption, I would have thought you were discussing the Wildrose campaign bus.

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