03.14.2012 06:58 AM

Five million!

Five million. That’s how many visitors we’ve had to this puny web site – not “blog,” dammit! – since it was revamped in 2008. My elflords tell me that is 1,500 days, which is 3,333 visitors a day, which is the square root of no one gives a rat’s ass.

When it got started, back in 2000 or so, it had the production values of a Fourteenth Century woodcut, and the word “blog,” blessedly, had yet to enter the vernacular. Since then, I’ve resisted doing what a lot of others have done, like putting up a “donate” button, or cramming it full of advertising.  I’ve also reversed myself on a couple of things, the most significant of which is comments.  At the start, I didn’t allow ’em, because (a) I get sued for my own stupidity quite enough, thank you very much, and I don’t need to get sued for your stupidity, too and (b) moderation software sucked back then.  Now that I can moderate quick ‘n’ easy – in church! in the bath! on the campaign trail! – I am proud to be able to provide a home to the woodland creature named Gordus Tulkus.

Why do people read the damn thing?  Beats me.  Mostly, I think, because it’s free.  People like free stuff, as the newspaper industry has been discovering the hard way, and my modest Internet portal is without cost.  It’s not profound or intelligent, mind you, but it’s free.

What sayeth you, O Five Million?  Why in the name of all that is holy and unholy do you bother to come here?  Why, why, why?

Fill my inbox, as it were, with your love.  Tell me why you like it so very much.  I’ve had a Man Cold™ for days and I’ve been perfectly miserable.  Make me feel better.

You, too, Gord.  The way my elflords figure, you account for about 92 per cent of that five million.



  1. Monica says:

    I like to hear your liberal opinions.

  2. que sera sera says:

    It’s simply fabulous: topical, relevant, pithy, with an “insiders” vibe gentle enough not to offend, the calibre of the comments, the hilariousness of the comments, the verisimilitude of the “neighbourhood” where even the trolls are familiar, the whole je ne sais quois. But it works, it works!!

    Thanks, Warren!!

    • pomojen says:

      Oh, I couldn’t second that strongly enough. I am fascinated with Canadian politics and I love the taste-of-inside vibe here (a taste I have the stomach for as a “consumer” peering in from the outside… like speeding downhill fast on a bicycle vs. riding the Mindbender at the West Edmonton Mall)

      I get to see varieties of the human species that I don’t encounter frequently in my day-to-day life (like the rare and, I expect, exotically plumed, Gordus Tulkus) and can hear what they have to say in a reasonably reasonable way. I like that I have flipped back and forth in my opinions because of what I consider from the debates of others here who usually have more interesting/ insightful things to say than I do. I like the muddy/ grey/ contradictory-ness of these worthwhile debates. I like that I laugh a lot when I am reading. I like that my skin has grown thicker here.

      Thanks Warrenus Kinsellum.

  3. Sean says:

    This is the only political blog I follow…. Here’s why:

    – You know what you are talking about, and give us a true insider’s view.

    – You are not afraid to tell the truth, even when it hurts.

    – You clearly enjoy getting into scraps, worthy scraps. Sometimes you even tell your posters to bug off, which is hilarious!

    – You share a lot of family stuff, which keeps it real.

    – The comments board is packed full of loveable, eccentric characters.

    – You try to be balanced and fair.

    – You are obviously having fun with this, its not part of your job.

    • Cath says:

      I’d like to add:

      – you don’t nag or whine at your contributors
      – you are just as likely to create your OWN news as comment on that of others. I admire folks who write their own narratives and don’t become a victim of someone else’s.
      – you recognize the value of comic relief to politics, Bart the Political Fish and know that in your gut when it comes to issues that matter there’s always KD.

  4. lichtik says:

    Not just because your a liberal. I like to read your opinion, period.

  5. MCBellecourt says:

    I look for a variety of insights from a variety of writers, and your insights add to them in a meaningful way. I don’t always agree with what you write, but your writings enable me to learn more.

    Guess I’m kinda biased, too…I’m also a musician and I like reading about SFH. If I can ever get to Toronto, I will definitely check you guys out!

  6. Tara says:

    It makes me mad when you nurture bad blood amongst Liberals, but I admire your bluntness and irreverence, and sometimes your perspective. I frequently vow to quit checking in, yet here I am…

    • Pat Heron says:

      Ditto Tara, except that my vow to quit checking usually comes after I’ve read something that Gormlus, whoops! Gordus, has written. That insurance salesman sure has time on his hands or is he being paid? Anyway, your site Warren is the first I go to in the am and the last in the pm to see what is brewing in Canadian politics. Thanks for that and congrats on the numbers from a lurker. Drink some hot lemonade for the person cold.

  7. billg says:

    Cuz your not a knob about politics, you see the human side of good people in any party, and, you look like you’d sit down with any of your rivals, pound back a few pints somewhere in the Byward Market, and, tell jokes and story’s tell the place closes. Thats all I got.

  8. Ted H says:

    To those of us in the hinterland of Canadian politics you are a real insider, and you have friendships with people across the spectrum, left to right. The issues you bring up seem to be at the heart of things and by allowing us to comment we get to be part of them in a small way.

    Except for SFH, I can’t stand punk music.

  9. smelter rat says:

    I’m here because I heard there was free beer!

  10. William says:

    I come here to hear a different voice of the Liberal Party. You’re not always on the same page as the apparatus and I think diversity of opinion within a party is a good thing unlike some other parties in this country…..ahem!

    As for Gord, I’m still not entirely convinced that he’s not a fictional poster you’ve created to increase traffic 🙂

    Here’s to another 5 million more!

    • Marc-Andre Chiasson says:

      William, I second everything you said except for the comment about Gord. Actually, the real story is that Warren has a split personality and Gord is his alter ego. It allows Warren/Gord to examine both sides of every issue…and to talk to himself without anyone questioning his emotional stability. Keep on rocking and flogging Warren. Bravo.

  11. Joey Rapaport says:

    I enjoy the political analysis, tends to be pretty fair, each party gets pissed on. Also, I enjoy the monthly emails you post from crazies LOL

  12. james curran says:

    As is the case with most involved politicos…I come for the free coffee and sangweeches.

  13. Philip says:

    Congratulations, but I’m still calling this a proto-blog!

    I like hanging out here because the overall quality of discussion is quite high. From all points of the political spectrum. We are lucky that you take the time and energy to provide the rest of us with this space, where a good, well reasoned argument is appreciated. There damn few places like this online.

    Plus, anyone who loves The Clash as much as you, can’t be all bad.

    BTW my CAPTCHA is: FCKR.

  14. In the system says:

    Your musings are interesting, mostly because the only pocket you’re in is your own.

    That, and Ezra and Kathy really hate you, so there must be something good about you.

  15. bluegreenblogger says:

    I come here for the comments. Especially when I get riled up about a current political issue in the news. Mostly want to see real time what ‘the folks’ are saying. Somtimes I want to validate my opinions, sometimes a breaking story is too thinb on detail, and I can generally get links here that may (or may not) be pertinent. The fact that you keep a Troll (Tulkasaurus Gordiculus is a good handle, shortened to Tulkasaurus I think.) chained in the basement for everybody to poke with a pointy stick is good for a lot of laughs.

  16. Deb L says:

    I’m with Ted H. You are a smart writer with just the right amount of wit and sarcasm to keep me entertained. (no small feat) You talk about the things that matter to me. Keep up the good fight. It matters. Happy 5 million!

  17. Philippe says:

    The Cons have taken over the media sphere with their National Pest, Sun News, raging Radio talk Shows. The is one of the few Liberals bastions.

  18. Dan says:

    Got started reading your blog when one of my university professors turned us on to it (and several others of thsoe in the know)

    You’re straightforward, fair, and don’t tip-toe around issues even when it goes agaisnt the common trends of the day.

    Keep it up. I enjoy your insights.

  19. I like to peak behind the curtain of the “opposition.”

    But seriously, WK, 5-million is a significant accomplishment as is 3,000 + a day. Congratulations.

  20. CQ says:

    It’s as interesting for what you don’t write about politically. My low income tax return being scuttled in Ontario without advance notice, the helicopter service, the teachers’ salary grid set-up versus Assistance cheque hassles, the casino in TO and shutdown at Fort Erie …
    Just keep repeating ‘Robocall’ without ever commenting on the actual Liberal Candidate’s own involvement.

    • Warren says:

      I support the Ontario Liberals. I am an Ontario Liberal. They are my political family. If you want to write to about stuff that is critical of them, dickweed, full your boots.

      Oh, wait.

  21. deb says:

    what…who are you, Im reading this site for Gord.
    I kid, I kid, its the wit and the political parsing, moderated by the occasional unique thought.

  22. GPAlta says:

    The reason I read you is because I believe that what you’re talking about here is important, and that you have an honest opinion about it, even if sometimes your opinion in the end turns out to be wrong, then you admit it, honest from start to finish.

    I grew up in a home and a community (Stormont Dundas) where racism was normal among otherwise good people. I saw first hand how cynical “mainstream” groups like the Alliance for the Preservation of English in Canada and the Confederation of Regions Party, as well as Reform Party, played on my community’s cultural isolation and lack of education by openly and viciously encouraging the most vile passions as a conscious mechanism for gaining influence.

    When I was in high school, it seemed that everyone around me was anti-french, anti-immigrant, anti-gay, anti-urban, so in response, my heroes became Jean Chretien, Lloyd Axworthy and Allan Rock. I still don’t know for sure if I was right about them. You never want to learn too much about your heroes in case they turn out to be human after all, so I have never made a detailed study of them as an adult, but at the time I thought of them as powerful people who used their power to help those who were weaker than themselves; the exact opposite of everything I saw around me.

    When I later learned that you were involved with them, and that you are an anti-racism advocate, it gave me hope that they must have been good people after all, as I had believed in my youth, and that there are still good people out there, which is sometimes very hard to believe in northern Alberta.

    When you say that something is a “Goddamn Disgrace” I know that it is, and that you’re not alone in saying that either.

    Just as an aside, the only other online writers I read regularly are Paul Krugman and Andrew Sullivan. The three of you might not seem to have much in common, but I believe that you are all honest, practical, and optimistic even though you are unafraid of facing the brutal realities that cause the world so much pain and harm.

  23. fred says:

    I liked you when you were Jiminy Cricket, if you were. A man with a heart and a sword for slaying dragons.

  24. Derek Pearce says:

    Congrats WK. And just accept the word “blog.” Blogging can mean anything from someone in their PJs posting pictures of kittens to Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Beast and everything in between. I don’t understand why you take offence to the term. Anyhow, blog or website (I mean really, all blogs *are* websites) good job.

  25. dave says:

    Your cues to us are often on topics and issues that grab me, although, I have passing interest in the ones on your local politics in Toronto and Ontario. Your own comments and those of your contributors can be sharp and often have new info, fresh links. A board like this allows lunks like me to try to work out our own 1/2 baked ideas, sometimes to 3/4’s baked level.
    My real self confirming stuff is on West Coast site like thetyee, or leftcoast, and I refer to them from time to time trying to seduce clear minded Liberals into crossing the message board floor to the left. But this ‘spot’ of yours gives a person an insight into Central Canada, especially TO area.
    3 thousand a day…quite the accomplishment. Sort of a WK Salon for people who have to work.

  26. Tired of it All says:

    Because you are actually a Gen Xer in disguise.

  27. Jon Powers says:

    I come here because you seem to be one of the few people who shares my concerns about zombies.

  28. Mom says:

    Congrats! I enjoy this site with my lunch everyday and find it is some of the most entertaining political commentary around. Warren always gives me hope that someday the Liberal tent will find a new campsite.

  29. frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    Does Bob Rae know about this?…….

    Congrats, Mr. Kinsella……the day is not complete without my WK fix……

  30. Matt Ellis says:

    Thanks for doing what you do Warren. I’ve been reading you since my first day on the hill back in 2001 and haven’t stopped since. I don’t always agree with you (mostly never except on your taste in music) but man do I love your mix of punk rock DIY and lefty social commentary. Keep up the good work.

  31. Dennis Hollingsworth says:

    Congratulations to YOU Warren Kinsella for providing a Beacon of Hope !!!

  32. Neil says:

    Well at first I thought blatent fishing for compliments did not deserve a reaction…but then I thought you were honest about fish for complimentsso I guess I will tug on the line.
    I cone because I like the politics, they are close to mine and while I do not always agree, I always take them seriously. I come because as someone who has done political communications professionally I get good ideas. I come because I like your books, starting with Web of Hate, a very important book.
    I come because the other day when someone said “Harper was involved with the northern foundation” you defended Harper, showing that the truth is more important then quick wins.
    I come becuase I have met you a few times and you have always been the same person I see here (well a little nicer actually)
    I come because you do not have a blog you have created an actual community on the web with every one from Gord to some of the wacky conspiracy types exist (I guess Gord is one of those as well) and some times I want to just rip Gord a new one and I don’t because you have created this community that is interesting, informed and informative and civil.

    I come because you introduced me and my kids to the Ting Tings, Rise against and Spinerette, nobody decent in awhile so get on that eh! What the hell is this S**t from H**l you keep talking about?!?!?

    and when is SFH going to play Calgary?

  33. kenzo's says:

    Here I’d always thought that the square root of no-one gives a rat’s ass, was a doubled up kick in the nards.

    The online equivalent of which is reading Gord’s explanation/ interpretation/ pretzel logic de jour. Say where is he anyway? Gordus interruptus?

  34. allegra fortissima says:

    Because I have a weak spot for ggofy old latte sipping loudmouthed SUV driving almost bald wrinkled bass playing former Jesuit pupils 🙂

  35. WestcoastJim says:

    A real politician is always looking for more praise. Given your comments today I repeat my suggestion that you re-enter the ring.

  36. Brammer says:

    Because you
    – are good friends wth Chretien, someone I respect immensely.
    – are not afraid to call a spade a spade, even if it favours the “other” side.
    – have a wealth of insight into Canadian politics and the inside players.
    – make me read the SUN once a week, something I would never otherwise do!

  37. Attack! says:

    I like & appreciate your signalling which stories / developments are worth keeping an eye on (as having the capacity to get traction with the public to hurt the Conservatives), and your having the institutional memory to be able to advise what to try to make a big deal of, and when, and to be patient about how long some things might take.

  38. Emily M says:

    ThanKs for my 120,000 visits … I’m here for the duration ( from Stormont-Dundas, too!)

  39. Why? Of course for the politics but the arguments-counter arguments-spin are really interesting. It’s judo with words, using the weight of the opponents against themselves and applicable to politics, marketing, sales.

    Even though we’re talking spin, there’s authenticity here.

  40. Steve T says:

    Because, even though I am not in agreement with all WK’s political views, I still feel more welcome here than many other websites. I also find the discourse quite intelligent, for the most part, which is a rarity these days in the web-o-sphere.

  41. MCBellecourt says:

    Jeez, where is ol’ Gord anyway? Did his horn get stuck as he was following a group of Hell’s Angels down the freeway?

  42. Theresa Shaver says:

    I enjoy your writing – and enjoy hearing your opinion. Your edgy sarcasm always makes me smile….and it has since the mid 1970’s. Keep up the excellent writing – onwards to 10 million!
    (from BCHS)
    ps – that makes us sound old….

  43. Terrie Hall says:

    Love the way you *Keep your stick on the ice*

  44. Jim Hanna says:

    Because you’re not afraid to swim against the tide, of your own party, or public opinion, if you think its wrong
    Because you are mostly (but not always) right; and where I find myself in disagreement I find insight in the difference
    Because you do remind people, often and with vigour, of one of the best PMs we had in a long time
    Because, even though you are from Calgary, you’re from Alberta, and being an Alberta Liberal myself, I really wish we all ran the place
    Because you turned me on to Bad Religion, and brother, that is a debt I can NEVER repay. My son will thank you too.
    Because as hard as you play politics, you know where the line is (yes vikileaks we’re looking at you)
    And finally, though certainly not least; because your love for your family shines through; and the way you honour your Dad speaks to me, in a way that you only really can know once they’re lost. Thanks Warren.

    PS. You gotta get SFH up to Montreal sometime! I know just the bar…and basements can be arranged 😉

  45. TerryB says:

    I come for the music and the chicks. Mostly the music since almost no chicks come here.

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