03.23.2012 07:40 PM

Mayor Fassbender

My former colleague, Mayor Peter Fassbender, lays a smackdown. Ouch.


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    jon evan says:

    It is absolutely embarrassing! The unelected want to be premier dazzles us with labor unrest, anti-Telus practices, wasteful spending like almost two million dollars spent on ads to explain her stance against the teachers, and on and on it goes including a doctors strike on April 2! How much more can we all take? Please Christy please just call an election and put us all out of our misery. Please Warren beg her to do it!

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    VancityPiker says:

    Harvey Oberfeld said it best: “The worst thing that can happen to a politician (apart from being criminally charged) is for people to start laughing at you.”

    Everyone is laughing at you, BC Christy. Get out and get out now.

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    Robbie says:

    It is never a good thing for a sitting BC Premier to have Vaughn Palmer commenting about your inability to manage public projects. A sure sign of doom.

    “Alas for Clark, the $30-million gap had nothing to do with the Evergreen Line, which is fully funded. It was for other projects and once again the premier had demonstrated her inadequate grasp of a major file.”

    Vaughn also quotes Mason’s column; and he adds a searing comment on Christy Clark’s decision making:

    An alternative explanation was provided by Peter Fassbender, the Langley mayor and vice-chair of the mayors’ council at TransLink. “She has never talked to me,” he told the Globe and Mail newspaper. “I’m never surprised at things the premier says. I think she makes decisions in isolation.”

    I think she does too and it shows.

    Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Premier+goes+rails+again+with+Evergreen+gaffes/6354160/story.html#ixzz1q4KBSdJT

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    DJ says:

    Yes, that was quite the jab from the mayor of the City of Langley. He has been aligned politically with the BC Liberals and federal Conservatives in the past, so his comment is quite a rebuke of Clark.

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