03.30.2012 02:52 PM

Of course he does

Of course. Just like the other guy who got crushed in an election, and the guy who is headed in the same direction.

Let’s not listen to anyone who actually wins elections, okay? Wouldn’t want to do that. ┬áLet’s keeping listening to the guys who lose elections.


  1. JM says:

    Here’s some completely baseless speculation. I hope that I’m 100% wrong:

    2015 — Thomas Mulcair and Bob Rae fight it out over battleground Quebec and end up splitting it. Many first-term Dipper MPs get sent back to McGill to be replaced by BQ and LPCers.

    B.C. experiences a small orange wave, but it’s not enough.

    Everyone ignores Alberta, (though the NDP gain a couple of seats in Edmonton) Sask and Manitoba. So many seats just given to the Tories.

    The GTA’s outer burbs, which receive a couple of extra seats, are painted Tory blue again by razor-thin margins. Ditto much of Ontario.

    The Tories ultimately retain control over parliament, though in a minority/minor-majority territory (like yr OLP). The LPC gain some seats, the NDP lose some seats, but it’s fairly close to even for the two parties.

    Thomas Mulcair experiences a leadership challenge from Nathan Cullen (helped by Brian Topp, who noted Cullen “reminded [people] of Jack” or something to that effect) on co-operation. Cullen wins handily.

    I’m just pulling this outta my ass here, but knowing the bone-headedness of Canada’s two progressive parties, I’d put a couple bucks down on being proven partly right.

    • DL says:

      Actually Edmonton strathcona will be probably made even safer for the NDP than it is now. AB gain a bunch of seats and so each existing seat will get reduced a bit in size. Strathcona will probably lose some outlying Tory polls and Edmonton east will probably become more NDP friendly too.

      • WesternGrit says:

        Nice! Good old fashioned Gerrymandering! Hope you’re wrong… but if not, our democracy has some serious issues. EC should be able to make these changes independently of outside interference.

      • Nic Coivert says:

        And you’re proud of this? Manipulating democracy is okay as long your side wins?

        Keep up the good work, we too can have puppet democracy.

        Look out Russia, the Canadians are coming!

      • DL says:

        YOu can make up whatever fantasies you want – it won’t happen. Redistribution in Canada tends to be a very fair and non-partisan process…if the Tories have some scheme to gerrymander the whole country – this is the first I’ve heard of it. In any case Linda Duncan won Strathcona by such a massive margin that she could easily win again no matter how the lines are redrawn.

  2. Attack! says:

    You better go to the fight (with a towel) to make sure Brazeau doesn’t actually kill Trudeau: he may be the only one in the LPC caucus willing to listen to reason on this.

  3. Sean says:

    At some point Liberals and NDP faithful have to start questioning the sincerity of their leaders, as they trounce across Canada pretending they are serious about defeating the Tories. They can waste everyone’s time with rallies and conferences, but its all about NOTHING if they don’t grow up and work together. I for one believe that anyone against merger is perfectly comfortable with a Harper majority. Over the next few years, it will be getting easier to conclude that Mulcair and Rae are both preparing their parties to loose and neither of them give a damn about this country. Why would any of the party faithful vote for these guys? Why send them money? Stay home, don’t vote, who gives a shit. The opposition is going to loose on purpose. Game over.

  4. Trevor says:

    Thank you for supporting much needed Liberal/NDP co-operation Warren. Despite Mulcair and Rae are ruling out a merger or even a pre-electoral pact, we would all do well to remember that former Progressive Conservative Party of Canada leader Peter MacKay also once emphatically proclaimed that there would be no merger with Stephen Harper’s Canadian Alliance Party…

    I personally believe that both Mulcair and Rae (and whoever is the permanent leader of the LPC) could come under unberable pressure to eithier merge outright or at least go into the 2015 federal election with a formal pre-electoral
    co-operation pact. Perhaps grassroots Liberal and NDP members should get together NOW and start an organization
    promoting this very thing.

    I don’t personally think there needs to be an outright merger though. I think an electoral alliance between the Liberals
    and NDP, and possibly the Greens would be enough to reduce the Conservative to handful of seats.

    Something for Mr Dion, Mr Iggy and Mr Rae to ponder: “Don’t let them tell you it can’t be done” -Jack Layton

  5. Chris P says:

    Warren –

    It was you that no long ago posted that at one time the Liberal Party of Canada while in power was polling at 50%. 50%! IF we had:

    a) A permanent leader
    b) had a true grassroots organization
    c) proper policy development
    d) fought on the media/marketing front as aggressively as the OLP does
    e) stopped conceding people to the Cons and NDP
    f) came out to vote instead of sitting on the sidelines
    g) unified and put past issues behind us
    h) recruited and attracted worthy candidates to run

    than I would say lets merge with the NDP. BUT the truth is we have done nor have none of this things going for us and the Liberals have been their own worst enemy. If we had done these things and than failed I would be with you but until that time were not in agreement.. I love JC as much as you do but he like you, like the Liberal party for a 100+ years didn’t achieve their success by laying down and surrendering.

    Aside from saying you were going to run for the Liberal Party in the next election (if I recall correctly) can you please get back to running the permanent war room?

  6. Tiger says:

    Well, Chretien can count. Proved that in the 1990s.

    Not so sure about the other guys.

    No action there before 2015. It’ll take at least a second Harper majority to get the leadership (in both) considering the other options.

  7. Jim Hanna says:

    I agree, and that is precisely Harper’s game plan.

    The NDP are more than just “Liberals in a hurry”. They really beleve that there is no problem out there that government can’t solve.
    I disagree. But government does have a role, and we need that balance.

    The question is do we want to risk another one or two Conservative mandates, and then regain power, or do we merge and guarantee a generation of Conservative mandates.

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