03.09.2012 02:20 PM

Pierre Poutine: the movie


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    Windsurfer says:

    RMG appears to be fighting back.


    Anyone wish to verify their statements here?

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    Terry says:

    Bowser and Blue’s take on Pierre Poutine …


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    Sam Gunsch says:

    P. Poutine maybe hung out where they build democracy with this sort of guidance:

    see Mr. Manning’s Conservative-brand “deplorable” analysis/advice/defence? re protecting democratic electoral systems :


    In other words:

    1. Voluntary self-regulation measures more effective than enforcing the law: i.e. rely on ‘ethical training’.

    2. a) ‘Everyone does it’… i.e. it is a system wide practice among all parties.
    2. b) But really the “bigger worry” is “rogues” (maybe the Manning Centre for Building Democracy operations manual written has these set out in more detail e.g. ‘bad apples defense’).

    Q: So Mr. Manning, what should the citizens’ conclude:

    a) is it ‘rogue/bad apples’ in the Con’s or b) if everybody does it, then your suggesting you are aware your movement’s engaged in these practices but they are justified because ‘everybody does it’?

    ” Manning says stricter surveillance by Elections Canada and campaign managers is one option but ethical training of campaign workers is probably more effective.

    Manning said it would also be wrong to point the finger solely at the Conservative party,…”

    “ I think the bigger worry is that these technologies are available to all political people and you will have rogues in your organizations that might employ those technologies,” he said.

    “… you can find illustrations of people who play close to the edge in every political party.”

    file under: Manning Centre for Building (not so much) Democracy, renovating democracy for corporatism, ends, means, everybody robocalls non-supporters, etc

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      dave says:

      I caught about 1/2 an hour earlier today from that conference. Everybody is really talking up the importance of ethics and morality. I guess they know they are on tv.

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    Sam Gunsch says:


    yikes..you could actually endure a half hour of that. DDM toughened you up, or what.

    …is it possible this *talking* re ethics might be scavengeable from said TV station archives,
    for possible additions to Harper-Manning-robo-democracy-irony-hypocrisy-database.

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