03.03.2012 12:09 PM

Robocon math

Assorted Reformatories have swarmed this and other web sites, winged monkey-like, to contest the 31,000 complaints of electoral fraud figure, below.

Whatever. Knock yourselves out, monkeys. Halve that number, and halve it again and again.

The sponsorship affair resulted in six prosecutions (none of which involved an elected Liberal, by the by). But those six prosecutions were more than enough to help wreck the Liberal brand for a decade and counting.

So, have at it, winged monkeys. It could be 31,000 cases, or it could be 31. Any way you slice it, your team is well and truly fucked.


  1. AP says:

    Ah yes, the Robocon deniers

  2. AP says:

    I’m still waiting for them to roll out the “few bad apples” line

  3. Michael Bussiere says:

    Mr. Kinsella., if I had the money, I would pay to put this post of yours on every billboard in the country. Thank you for summing it up so perfectly.

  4. Cam says:

    LOL Yep. Just a matter of time. Say conservative in a conversation now and people I know who don’t talk polictics now say robocalls.

  5. Chris Rowlinson says:

    I’ve got a suggestion for a fun new poll… Who will the SupposiTories blame next? My suggestions for the first round are aliens, pedophiles and terrorists! What do other people think?

  6. Brad Young says:

    Very well put WK.

  7. james says:

    Lest we forget, this should be considered “vital free speech – and must be protected, not prevented, by our laws. Efforts to rein it in would have worse consequences than letting it continue.” Thank you Mr Van Loan for clarifiing this…

  8. Sean says:

    More Robocon math… Eleven bi elections = minority parliament…

    Bramalea – Gore – Maltin – 539 Con over NDP
    Don Valley East 870 Con over Liberal
    Don Valley West 611 Con over Liberal
    Etobicoke Centre 26 Con over Liberal
    Missisauga East – Cooksville 676 Con over Liberal
    Nipissing – Timiskaming – 18 Con over Liberal
    Willowdale 932 – Con over Liberal
    Elmwood – Transcona 300 Con over NDP
    Winnipeg South Centre 722 Con over Liberal
    Labrador 79 Con over Liberal
    Desnethe – Missinippi – 794 Churchill River Con over NDP

  9. Susan Rankin says:

    Attempted Murder is a CRIME so is ATTEMPTED Election Fraud Please note the date on this article:

  10. “Winged monkeys”… Love it.
    So who is the Wicked Witch of the West? Obvious choice is Harper, but my vote is for Polievre!

  11. Derek Pearce says:

    I wonder if it also gives Harper pause to know that the Strong Stable Conservative Majority® is no such thing as it was fraudulently obtained? I doubt it. This is the thing: perhaps he himself was not involved in this crime and his Reform-populist roots aside, this kind of stuff doesn’t trouble his conscience. He’s not big on democracy– he’s the ultimate “ends justify means” politician. Voters sense that, and that’s why his majority had to be stolen and not rightfully won.

  12. Shea says:

    I have to disagree with you – although I hate to.
    I live in the riding of Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke, a major Conservative base. The Conservatives live and die on uninformed Canadians, and sadly my riding is just one example of many in this country.
    The Conservatives love and appeal to the unengaged (sp?) electorate. Those who blog, tweet, read more than one major newspaper, comment online and listen to CBC are very small. The Conservatives talk to and appeal to Canadians who are not engaged in the political discourse. Until we can engage people in ridings like mine, we are stuck with the Conservatives for a very long time.

    • Michael Bussiere says:

      The current Conservative is a dumbell whose monthly column in the local paper is nothing but warmed-over attack notes from the PMO. It’s disgraceful that someone so vapid could get elected, but on the other hand Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke was a longtime Liberal stronghold under Len Hopkins. He was an engaging riding politician and was in Parliament for years. Perhaps there is still hope in the Ottawa Valley.

    • MCBellecourt says:

      The people in my riding would normally vote Con if a dead skunk was the candidate–but in the last few days, in my outs-and-abouts, people are talking about this and the common thread is “WTF gives here?”

      Even our local newspaper has carried commentary about this, none of it favourable to Harper.

      So, we’ll see…

      In the meantime, Shea, and others, too, keep the pressure on. Write to your MP, Elections Canada, the GG and all others.

      Peruse the different threads in the G&M and CBC.ca, especially. There are many links to many sites where you can send form letters to all concerned with just a few clicks.

      Don’t give up. We’re gonna cream these fascist assholes.

      • james Smith says:

        You had me until you used the F word.

        • smelter rat says:

          If the shoe fits….

        • MCBellecourt says:

          Along with control of the media, disdain for social programs, disdain for opposition leaders, rampant sexism, etc., etc., etc., FRAUDULENT ELECTIONS are one of the 14 characteristics of fascism.

          Google it. You and others need to get your heads out of the sand and wake up to what the hell is happening here!

          • MCBellecourt says:

            Oh, and while you’re at it, James, you might want to google “Northern Foundation” and take a look at the list of members.

    • sassy says:

      Seems that not all are pleased with the Con MP from the Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke riding read the comments.

  13. dave says:

    The Conservatives are in power. They are working up military commitment of our people to Iran. They are deciding how far and fast we continue on the road to petro state, and the dutch disease. They are deciding what, if anything, we will do about climate change (other than sell Arctic rights to more foreign companies). They are making a budget for all the Canadas for the end of March. They are well into their punish and imprison programme.
    And I am not confident that our Elections Canada and RCMP are on the side of finding out what has happened with these frauds. (If they do, good…but I am not counting on it. The government has plenty of power, and the people and organizations behind the Conservatives want them in power.)

    • Dennis Hollingsworth says:

      Respectfully Dave … please elevate your thinking … we have plenty of reinforcements comining on-board > Democracy Watch, Council of Canadians CRTC et al … and MORE en route to this most worldly ang GODLY cause. Cheer up bro., we’re gonna get er done with a sense of urgency.

      • dave says:

        Hope so!
        A part of it might be that we ordinaries keep up the kerfuffle, encourage our media to keep in play, keep asking an talking.
        I am sure that the people and organizations behind the Conservatives are already in action, especially with sights on using our media.
        I forgot Democ Watch… seems a worthy organization to join, or contribute to.

  14. james Smith says:

    To paraphrase the DUDE:
    “… & they peed on my fucking election?”
    “… that’s right Dude, they peed on your fucking election! & it tied the country together, did it not?”

  15. Michael says:

    What is your proof that Elections Canada is biased?

  16. student501 says:

    Are we suggesting the Conservatives would have been in the same position as they were before the 2011 election.

    In short, the Liberals and NDP might be in power today if it were not for RoboCon ?

  17. ritalinboy says:

    Winkie – let’s start working on a new tune for the next album. How about “Rhyme of the Robocons” or “Don’t Call Us: We’ll Call You”.

    Or to follow you’re lead perhaps “Attack of the Flying Blue Monkeys”?

  18. Sam Gunsch says:

    re fascism? or what…?

    Due to the citizens’ understandable outrage at the evidence so far, we’ve all seen the labels like fascism flying everywhere around twitter/blogosphere/comments.

    So… re whether Harper-Conservative brand politics are somewhat or partly fascist under Harper.

    see one analysis with references at Fillmore below.

    “Why raise this? It is important for the public to be well informed about the beliefs and practices of our government. Democracy is more fragile than we might think. And there`s no ‘law’ that will prevent our democracy from being taken away from us.” says Nick Fillmore

    … journalist assessments include Lawrence Martin, Susan Riley


    A few years ago, a former U.S. business executive, Laurence W. Britt, came up with a 14-point description of fascism.

    In view of Harper`s behaviour of late, I think it’s time to look at Britt’s document again.

    But, before proceeding, I want to say that I don’t think Stephen Harper is a fascist.

    His ideology is neoliberalism, which favours domination of society by laissez-faire capitalism. Interestingly enough, neoliberalism and fascism share some common characteristics.

    Why raise this? It is important for the public to be well informed about the beliefs and practices of our government. Democracy is more fragile than we might think. And there`s no ‘law’ that will prevent our democracy from being taken away from us.”

    Harper apprenticed in Alberta’s political culture but as is well documented appears to have innovated/upgraded Conservative politics to the level of the Borg. Sorry about that, Canada.

    Again, I’m not saying Harper’s Conservative brand of politics meet the definition of fascism.

    I’d say: Harper’s politics are predominantly a mix of Neoconservatism + Corporatism + false populism.

    re Neoconservatism:

    For analysis, brace yourself and then Google combinations of:

    Leo Strauss, Calgary School, Flanagan, Morton, Harper and be sure to include Shadia Drury.

    Or see Wikipedia: under Neconservatism read at politics/Drury’s description.

    Lots of folks saw this brewing.

    Sam Gunsch

  19. smelter rat says:

    You’re delusional. Get some help.

  20. Terry Maloney says:

    (Warren, I don’t think you want to approve this comment, Anonymous’ accusations below are likely libelous at this point … but probably worthy of your attention for political reasons).

    The allegations in part 2, if true, would put Harper and friends into the political wilderness for a generation (part 1 is mostly a sophisticated ‘lawyerly’ hatchet job –watch part 2 first, then decide).




  21. Dennis Hollingsworth says:

    Thank YOU W.K. … so well put.

    At the moment I’m prepared to place a sensible wager on departing our Nation’s capital FOR GOOD within the next 6 months … the sooner the better.

    Steve Stealth Harper is going to wear this MASSIVE FRAUD like a Royal navy blue sweater vest epoxied to his skin.

    Watershed moment came for me this afternoon, about 2:15-ish.

    The T.S.M.U. is an election campaign action squad set-up and funded by the Conservative Party of Canada.

    Their job? Concentrate efforts to win swing ridings for the Conservatives. THEY CONCENTRATED ALRIGHT …

    The public exposure of this unknown “THIRD FORCE” during lead-up to AND during Election day on May 2, 2011 is SO TOTALLY UN-FUCKING BELIEVEABLE !!!


    • Bill says:

      Dennis you have not a clue. Comparing Harper to Stalin indicates you are not a sound thinking person, you are delusional.
      Stalin was responsible for the mass murder of millions of people. Harper has been a great prime minister and continues to improve
      Canada each and everyday.

      Where is the proof that elected officials are involved in the election stuff? What are there names?

      • dave says:

        Bill…I perhaps there is a ‘stalinist’ way of thinking and doing things. To me stalinism is a small ruling group that is secretive in the extreme, does whatever it wants, promulgates a lot (a whole lot) of false propaganda – especially spreading fear, praises the leader to the skies, works primarily with insiders who control large organizations, and is not reponsible a whit to the population that ruling group has power over.
        Altho Stalin has been accused of terrible things, those terrible things were made more possible because his politburo worked the way that I mention above.
        If you buy my definition above, then you might find that the group in charge of our country is stalinist.
        I guess that you will still disagree, tho, if you figure that this guy is a great prime minister.

  22. frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    Insert “well you Liberals were corrupt, but even more so”, here…..

    I hope the whole rotten stinkin edifice that is the Conservative Party of Canada comes crashing down around you, Mr. Tulk…….

  23. Dennis Hollingsworth says:

    TULK is full blown WANKER

  24. Sam Gunsch says:

    Possible ‘winged monkey-like’ activities … in Ottawa.

    Says the citizens should…

    “…shift the conversation from a conspiracy theory to a more meaningful discussion about the current state of affairs of the voting list.”

    #transparency #fail

    …in the Ottawa Citizen letters.

    Credentials of possible ‘winged’ offered:

    A ‘former electoral returning officer’ presumably as basis for free insight/advice to Canadian citizens. “Having worked for Elections Ontario as a returning officer, I can personally attest…”

    see full ‘Swarm watch’ report here:

    “New Conservative Spin: Blame Elections Canada”

    “…the appearance in the Ottawa Citizen of a letter by Beth Sweetnam, identifying herself as a former electoral returning officer and saying that Canadians should “shift the conversation from a conspiracy theory to a more meaningful discussion about the current state of affairs of the voting list.” In short, we should shift from talking about (as she puts it) the way “the Conservatives created their party lists” to the way that Elections Canada is chock full of incompetent buffoons.
    Sweetnam… Sweetnam…. where have I heard that name before? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just a list of returning officers (though that’s presumably true as well)….”

    and see also

    more re: Phil Sweetnam and mother of Craig Sweetnam, Carleton-Mississippi Mills Conservative riding association, Ontario PC Party, Ontario legislature, patronage, Mike Harris government.
    “As she explained at the time, while her husband was a party insider, she was not, because as a returning officer she could not be a card-carrying member of a political party. Voila!”

    Knocking themselves out.

  25. smelter rat says:

    Tens of millions? I’m sure you can provide a link for that statement.

    • smelter rat says:

      Con SOP: Adscam!

    • Rob W says:

      Come on Gord… One of the first rules of evidence is completeness and context. If you care to read further on in that wikipedia entry you would have noticed that the total amount found to be misappropriated (you say stolen) was just under $4 million.

      The robo all scandal that is unfolding daily is so much bigger, and anyone who doesn’t recognize this is delusional.

      You’re beginning to look more and more like a CPC apologist and less like a rational thinker.

      You’re better than this Mr. Tulk.

    • GPAlta says:

      I think you missed the part at the beginning of the article you linked that says about Gomery in 2006: “In the end the Commission concluded that $2 million was awarded in contracts without a proper bidding process, $250,000 was added to one contract price for no additional work, and $1.5 million was awarded for work that was never done, of which $1 million had to be repaid. The total cost of the Commission was $14 million.”

      The quote you provide has to do with the much earlier auditor general’s report (2004), and it wiki is inaccurate on this subject in that the report actually said up to 100 million was paid in fees and commissions. Some of it was corrupt and incorrect. Perhaps $1.5 Million worth? Perhaps $3.7 million? Probably not $100 million.

      I don’t necessarily trust wiki on this issue either, but if you’re going to use the article as evidence, you might as well read it.

  26. fred says:

    “.” In short, we should shift from talking about (as she puts it) the way “the Conservatives created their party lists” to the way that Elections Canada is chock full of incompetent buffoons.”

    Haha, Gord just did that. Give him a banana.

  27. Tim Sullivan says:

    Why and how is it Elections Canada is now an enemy?

    Paranoid much?

  28. Tim Sullivan says:

    How many calls are okay before it becomes an assault on democracy, Mr. Tulk?

  29. Sam Gunsch says:

    re Code red: media stuff … another #fail

    Guy W. Giorno ‏ @guygiorno
    @kady No. Which is more proof we didn’t make the calls.

    more winged swarm @Kady: alleging unfounded assumption… then oops, G.G. helps score in own net.


    Guy W. Giorno ‏ @guygiorno
    @kady Impersonation is abhorrent. But whence the assumption (I guess yours too) that if caller mangles a message clearly it’s impersonation?

    kady o’malley ‏ @kady
    @guygiorno Is that standard Conservative Party voter id practice? To ask if someone is voting for the Liberal candidate, not yours?

    Guy W. Giorno ‏ @guygiorno
    @kady No. Which is more proof we didn’t make the calls.
    9:53 PM – 3 Mar 12 via Twitter for BlackBerry® · Details

    kady o’malley ‏ @kady
    @guygiorno No, it isn’t. It suggests that whoever did so was either calling from the Liberal campaign, or impersonating one who was.

  30. Cam Prymak says:

    That’s odd, you’ve argued accountability is so important.

    Now you’re saying that dollars matter more than accountability?

  31. GPAlta says:

    According to the PM, the right thing to do if you think something is wrong, like thinking that EC is biased, is to make a report to the RCMP, then never speak of it in public again. Let the investigation take its course, or not, just never speak of it again. So I’m guessing this is all we’ll need to hear about EC being biased, as soon as you turn over your evidence to the RCMP.

  32. Jack Bassett says:

    Let us hope that these Neo Fascists have crossed the Robocon.

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