03.26.2012 12:00 PM

SFH record release party!



  1. I just do not get this lol

  2. ritalinboy says:

    I’m (being ritalin boy, guitar player for SFH) am checking into toronto general for a heart operation at 6 am the morning immediately following the gig. that’s the way we roll. warren’s brother did the poster – I think he needs more anatomy lessons.

    • MCBellecourt says:

      All the very best to you guys with the release party, and all the very best to you, ritalinboy, with your surgery and a speedy recovery!

  3. james Smith says:

    Break a leg!

  4. Interested music guy says:

    What time do you go on?

  5. smelter rat says:

    I smell a Juno nomination!

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