03.20.2012 01:12 PM

The beast awakens in France

As my friend Bernie Farber predicted, it looks increasingly like this outrage was the work of a neo-Nazi.

I, meanwhile, will predict silence from minimizers/legitimizers on the Right – those who actively and regularly minimize neo-Naziism, claiming their numbers are too small to worry society, as well as those who legitimize Naziism by defending their “free speech” rights.



  1. allegra fortissima says:

    The French Republic should have drawn lessons a long time ago.

    ” ‘…because I refused to submit to the dictatorship of the thought police,’ he (Le Pen) told cheering supporters.” :


  2. ray says:

    I recently read “In the garden of the beasts” about the American ambassador during Hitler’s rise from 1934 on and it was staggering to learn how fast fascism can rise and how late people are to stop it.

  3. PK says:

    Jerome, you can call yourself an alien, but you aren’t an alien.

    • Jerome Bastien says:

      That’s right, but political parties have no interest in representing themselves as socialists if they in fact oppose socialism. These guys called themselves the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, doesnt sound like a bunch of tax-cutting, small government, free market guys to me. In fact they were in favour of big government and government intrusion into every and any aspect of peoples lives.

      Dont get me wrong im not suggesting that today’s socialists are anything like nazis, but it’s even more ludicrous to pretend they were on the right. Right wing ideology, taken to its extreme is essentially anarchism, the complete opposite of a totalitarian state.

      • Mandos says:

        Right-wing economic ideology taken to its extreme is not anarchism, it’s oligarchy. Usually an oligarchy of private interests/robber barons fronted by a charismatic leader, who declares that the interests of the people and the interests of the robber barons are one and the same, while simultaneously liquidating a large portion of the population.

        Don’t be fooled by naive libertarianism. Many of them are well-meaning, but right-wing libertarianism admits no check on private power and requires (though they try to avoid this subject) a coercive property-protecting militarized state, and is thus fatally flawed. A true libertarianism must admit that private power is as dangerous as unchecked public power.

        That is why Naziism is not actually left-wing.

        • dave says:

          Seems to me that in the 1930’s the National Socialists in Germany purged the socialist section of their party. I think it involved the murders of two brothers (Streicher?); one ran a party newspaper of some sort. This purge left the ‘nationalists’ in control of the party. (Sort of like Saddam Hussein purging all those union guys and assorted lefties from Ba’ath when he took over)
          A couple of decades ago I was reading Goebbels’ diaries. In earlier entries, I thought his criticisms of Britain’s class system and economic inequalities were those of Wm Morris, GB Shaw and assorted Fabians. Only later (maybe when he knew the purges were coming) did he take a swing to the right. Then, too, the anti semitism came into his comments. It looked as if he swung from left to right to keep his career going.
          I understand that one of the things that happened with the National Socialist even before the purges wa sthat they saw that their efforts to win over the urban working people from the socialists and, especially, the communists, were getting nowhere, but that their message of nationalism, masculine empowerment and regeneration of the old myths worked in rural areas. They won seats in small town/rural areas, but not in cities. So in subsequent elections they emphasized what won them support in small town/rural areas.

          Originally, then, they had that name Nationalist Socialist Workers…but, by the time they came to power, the nationalist wing was in firm control. (We also have parties that seem to change from their roots to get power, and to keep power. Old saying about Libs who run from the left and govern from the right…)or the present party in power that had roots in making parliament more open and democratic, empowerment of MP’s …and all that. We all can see what happened there.)

          • allegra fortissima says:

            Gregor Strasser and Otto Strasser were brothers. Gregor Strasser had been arrested in 1934 and taken to the Gestapo Headquarter in Berlin where he, according to Gestapo witnesses, “committed suicide”. Otto Strasser passed away in 1974.

            Julius Streicher was founder and publisher of the infamous anti-Semitic weekly “Der Stuermer”. He was convicted as a war criminal in 1946 and hanged.

          • allegra fortissima says:

            Gregor and Otto Strasser were brothers. Gregor Strasser had been arrested in 1934 and taken to the Gestapo Headquarter in Berlin where he, according to Gestapo witnesses, “committed suicide”. His brother Otto Strasser passed away in 1974.

            Julius Streicher was the founder and publisher of the infamous anti-Semitic weekly “Der Stuermer”. He was convicted as a war criminal in 1946 and executed by hanging.

      • Shaun says:

        What, with their outstanding record of supporting human rights?

  4. Jim Hayes says:

    One thing is for certain whoever commited this crime borrowed a page from the neo-Nazi ideology of Jew hatred. These children and the principal were targeted simply because they were Jews.

    Let’s hope the monster is apprehended. And whoever it turns out to be we only need know that the murderer hated Jews.

  5. Phil says:

    You Lefties are always looking where there is nothing to see and miss the big picture, every single time…

    “French news channel BFM TV said the suspects were linked to an Islamist group which it identified as Forsane Alizza but it was not immediately possible to confirm this.”


  6. Conservative Socialist says:

    “The man, named as Mohammed Merah, 24, a Frenchman of Algerian origin, has said he belongs to al-Qaeda and acted to “avenge Palestinian children”.”


    I suppose there is some overlap between the goals of Al-Qaeda and Neo-Nazis, but this was not the handiwork of a white French nationalist.

  7. Steve T says:

    The news this morning indicates that the suspect is self-identifying as al-Qaeda, not neo-Nazi.

  8. dugger says:

    Well,well,well…..What do you know…This killer is NOT some white, neo-nazi thug but, it seems, an al-qaeda thug from Algeria. A muslim. Who would have thunk it!!! Imagine that!!!

    I suppose we won’t see any kind of outrage on THIS site about this. However, had it been a white follower of naziism….

    • Warren says:

      Got to Hell. It’s an outrage whomever did it. They deserve the worst society can give.

      So do you.

      • Brad Brzezinski says:

        C’mon Warren, you were wrong and the numbers were never on your side. Yes at one point the neo-Nazi type certainly was a potential perpetrator but Muslims commit lethal, religious-based killings every day somewhere in the world. The tone of your piece and your response here suggests you just don’t want to accept this fact of our existence today. Hiding from it and trying to cast blame elsewhere certainly will not help Muslims expunge the violence and extremism in their midst.

        (And it really hurts truly liberal Muslims.)

      • Cromulent says:

        You stay classy!

      • dugger says:

        Very lame reply. However, for you, that’s normal. As for your “go to hell” comment, very childish and points to underlying problems…Seek help….

  9. dave says:

    I caught about 10 minutes of Sarkozy love this morn, speaking at the funeral for the 3 paratroopers. In that 10 minutes, Sarkozy mentioned ‘national unity’ at least half a dozen times. I guess the idea is to deter any religious or ethnic divisions these murders might spark.

  10. tim says:

    Another false flag event, another crackdown on freedom. Pitting ethnicity against each other is antihuman and part of the plan to divide conquer and control. While left and right are fighting and name calling those initiating are laughing all the way to the top. Warren and everyone else here just prove the point. Time for everyone to wake up and see the big picture.

  11. tim says:

    Sad that Warren falls right into the trap the puppeteers who set up this patsy to create this false flag event set. Left and right devolve into fighting and name calling while Sarkozy clamps down on freedoms in the name of public safety. Up go his numbers and voila back in power. The big picture is easy to see if you step back and awaken.

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