03.01.2012 07:30 PM

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All credit must go to Big City Lib™®. Thank you.


  1. james Smith says:

    This is from the same fella who helped to fill-in the partially built Eglinton SUBWAY? How many millions did Mr H help flush down the john that time?

    The councillor Ford went on to say after that meeting: “All taxes are evil”.
    Sooo, if all taxes are evil, & if you, Mr F, as a city councillor are part of the decision making body that raises said evil taxes, and these same evil taxes pay your wages Mr F I would be inclined to think that you, Mr F must be some kind of doubly evil person. Not to mention swimming in waters of hypocrisy.
    Sheesh, how did you folks in TeaHO fall for these fellas? Lets don’t fall for that dull bulb Mr H.

  2. Ted H says:

    Tim Hudak wears his mendacity on his forehead like a brand, or maybe a dunce cap.

  3. Bill says:

    You think “destroyed Ontario” McGuinty could do better? I don’t. He is the ultimate example of being incompetent.

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