03.23.2012 08:24 AM

Things being presented as “news,” but which aren’t


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    kenn2 says:

    I know your point is elsewhere, but…

    Re the Star story on Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Walter Natynczyk :

    … [Gen. Natynczyk] had missed his scheduled departure [for a family vacation in St Maartens] in order to attend a repatriation ceremony for four soldiers and a journalist killed in Afghanistan.

    Natynczyk’s adviser, Lt.-Col. Norbert Cyr, wrote minutes after viewing the report that night that it was “a hatchet job” that inflated the Challenger’s true costs to between $10,000 and $12,000 when the military pegged the flight as costing just $2,630.

    “This was well-orchestrated,” he wrote to his boss.

    The second option — to take the government jet down to the island was considered “viable and recommended” because there were no seats on a commercial airline and little flexibility to the plan if the repatriation was delayed.

    [documents] also illustrate how slighted the general and his team felt when the Prime Minister’s Office failed to back him up and Defence Minister Peter MacKay, who gave his blessing to the flight from Ottawa to the Caribbean, kept silent.

    Do I damage my cred as a progressive by pointing out how shitty this treatment of Natynczyk is? I mean… $2.6k so that the Chief of Defence Staff can attend a repatriation of fallen soldiers, and rejoin his already scheduled vacation? As a taxpayer, I’m more than OK with this.

    if this story is true… our Defence Minister is a spineless weasel. Thanks a pantload to his boss, too.

    If anyone but the CPC sh!t on the military in this way, the right wing would erupt. Hypocrites.

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    Pat says:


    I just thought of something… the CPC might actually be helping you out. If they destroy Rae in the next 6 months or so, the same way they destroyed Iggy and Dion, then there is NO WAY grit supporters will select him to be leader.

    The CPC is effectively removing Rae as a choice, which is great!

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    DanO says:

    Because that extra six months was really going to matter in the long run. Why can’t we abide by our own self-imposed rules? pathetic

    We have really moved on from being the “leadership cult” party.
    I’m not giving another cent to Bob until he categorically admits or denies he is running for leadership.

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    James Curran says:

    FQcking clowns.


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