03.06.2012 10:36 AM

What the electoral fraudsters in Harper’s regime are able to say about the Putin regime’s electoral fraud



  1. Here Comes the Sun says:

    Mr. Tulk, I do believe you’ve hit upon what may be the perfect narrative for the Conservative party’s next federal election campaign – “Prime Minister Steven Harper – Absolutely not as bad as Vladamir Putin”.

  2. Michel says:

    No. Simply put: you can’t condemn electoral fraud in other countries when your own party is unwilling to make itself accountable when faced with its own electoral fraud allegations. Just as it can’t condemn the practice of torture when it benefits from it.

      • Craig says:

        Yet they demand that the Liberals to provide the same info? Ummm… try again…

      • Jason King says:

        and that’s not an answer Tulk.

      • MoeL says:

        How about giving EC a list/log of who accessed the Guelph data… (not the actual Guelph data). It’s not that difficult if you WANT to cooperate.

      • MoeL says:

        Here’s a more technically oriented comment on this subject that I posted a few days ago.

        I worked on both federal and provincial campaigns. Live calls are made from lists/reports provided from the central party DB that identify each voter, by name, address, pole and phone #. Your objective when calling is simply to identify if the voter supports your candidate, is undecided or supports another party if he/she volunteers that info. The same info is gathered when door knocking. The central DB is then updated with the party preference info. To my knowledge, no one other than the parties have this data. My guess is that access to the DB is closely guarded.

        It would be trivial to retrieve a list of the supporters of any party in a particular riding from the DB . The report could be formatted as a user report or in any format required by a calling center (e.g. like the CSV file one can download to import banking info into a spreadsheet). It is almost certain that the DB keeps a log of who requested each report and what the format was. Whoever requested the list of Liberals in Guelph in a format that was required by Rack9 would seem to be the an obvious person of interest. If one wanted to obscure his/her tracks, it would be easy to get a competent computer programmer to write a program that parses a user report of all Guelph candidates and produces a report containing only Liberal supporters in the Rack9 format. These individuals would be my next persons of interest.

        My point here is that if the logs exist (and they should) and were kept intact (?????) the CPC probably has access to the required info to easily get to the bottom of this. Does EC have a copy of these logs, and if not, why not? It’s been 10 months now… why is it taking so long?

    • Philip says:

      To echo MoeL’s point databases, such as the CMIS, need username and password to gain access. Each entry would have time and date stamps. It would incredibly easy to generate a report for Elections Canada, if the desire was present in the Conservative Party to do so. It obviously isn’t.

  3. AP says:

    Dear Vladimir,

    Congratulations on your most recent victory in the Presidential election. I have no doubt that many more victories are sure to follow! I understand that some people have suggested that your decisive victory was due to dirty tricks and fraud on your part. Vladimir those are just smear tactics by bitter losers. Nothing like the whiny braying of losers, am I right Vladimir? If I may suggest some lines of attack for your detractors should they keep up their carping:

    Blame the previous regime with their history of fleecing the Russian treasury. For good measure remind them how the were consorting with criminals.

    Blame Elections Russia

    Blame America

    Blame Gorbachev

    Blame Chernobyl

    One more thing Vladimir, if none of these suggestions work I can lend you one Dean Del Mastro to lead your defence. Seriously Vladimir his work in awesome. I know sometimes it seems his answers just make things worse but that’s just part of his schtick.

    All the best,

    Stephen Josephevich Harper

    Oh yeah before I forget, keep reminding people of those dreaded Zyuganov Days.

    • Michael says:

      There is one important part of that letter that is missing. If all else fails, blame the Liberalsand say they did it too. 😉

  4. Marc L says:

    Looks like it. I think they call it “political spin”.

  5. que sera sera says:

    Gord, you like many of your ilk, appear pathologically incapable of recognizing a shark even when it bites you in the ar$e.

    Along with recognizing & acknowledging the cognitive dissonance that is making Conservative heads explode throughout the land.

  6. MoeL says:

    Recycled from a previous post and plagiarised from a NP article comment by “Canadian democrat”… “Canada like Russia has a strong, stable Poutine government.” !

  7. bluegreenblogger says:

    Just to lighten the tone and return to the topic suggested by this posts’ title, this is an incredibly funny Russian youtube video that my wife sent to me on eday in Moscow. It’s only 13 seconds long, guaranteed you will laugh for at least twice that long


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