03.28.2012 01:15 AM

Why Do You Hate Me? – SFH record release party!

Tonight at the Bovine Sex Club, 542 Queen Street West! SFH (finally) releases the greatest album in the history of, er, the last ten minutes: Why Do You Hate Me!  Free album with cost of admission!  And it even features a tune as written from Timmy Hudak’s perspective on his home province!

Debauchery! Depravity! Dissipation! Dissoluteness! La Dolce Vita!  You’ll get it all tonight, folks!  And world-famous rock video director George Vale will be there shooting a vid, and you or  your body parts could be in it!

Come dig our big gig, as Jesse Jackson might say: the very next morning, Ritalin Boy is going in for heart surgery (seriously).  We’re raising money for Heart and Stroke, and we’re raising his spirits, too!  Come say good luck (and, possibly, goodbye) to Ritalin Boy!

And now, here, for the first time ever on the Interweeb, is the WDYHM album cover – click on it to get the download, get merch, and get involved with the hottest musical sensation since Emo and Hair Metal!  It’s worth it! For, as the critics say:

  • “[Shit From Hell] is most dead-on accurate band name of all time…” 
  • “Drooling delinquents in the bodies of bitter, fat, middle-aged doucherinos…” 
  • “Sounding not quite as good as a jet engine sucking a family of raccoons through the intake, but still better than Sum 41.”


  1. Geoffrey Laxton says:

    Your album is awesome Warren!

  2. MCBellecourt says:

    That is a pretty eye-catching cover–and I really like your logo!!

    I’m into melodic trance, but I listen to almost everything according to my mood. I listened to your album sampler on that link you provided the other day.

    Not Bad At All, Doooooood!! Fun stuff!!


  3. Cameron Prymak says:

    Seems authentic.

    Is she available to lead the federal Liberal Party?

  4. CanadaDave says:

    Nice job limiting expectations. I’m giving it a listen and it’s *nowhere* near as bad as I was expecting.

  5. Mike Foulds says:

    Not to be misogynistic; I like the cover.

  6. kenzo's says:

    You are cleaving nothing to the imagination.

  7. fred says:

    I thought that those were Warren’s man boobs.

  8. Matt Ellis says:

    Credit where credit is due. This album is effing awesome. I love it.

  9. Skinny Dipper says:

    I recently saw those t’ings on a bus.

  10. james Smith says:

    Great Art, Sounds like there’s some energy – so I like it.
    Break a leg tonight.
    One quibble: Why the EMO title?

  11. Anon says:

    Love the passion in the posting. It’s almost too full of it, which is gr8t

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