04.20.2012 06:18 AM

Chris Selley is full of crap

Care to disclose your chummy relationship with the guys behind the “Jew tax” story and the clannish Jewish businessmen story? You know, how one of them is now a Wildrose candidate? No? Well, carry on, then. Keep doing what you do.


  1. Cynical says:

    While I agree with your assessment, sometimes your references are a little too “in” for us out here in the hinterlands. (Ottawa’s West End, in my case).
    What chummy relationship? Which guys? Thousands wait with bated breath.
    I know you do pretty serious research into the network of craziness that is the far right in this country. Wish you could share more without stumbling into a libel suit.

    • Warren says:

      Selley promoted Kevin Grace on his web site, Tart Cider, for years. Even when it was brought to his attention that Grace published a story in Alberta Report about the “kosher tax” canard, a story that was found to be rife with anti-Semitic overtones, Selley refused to denounce him, or stop promoting him.

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