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Danielle Smith’s Bozone layer: we get letters

“As a third generation Albertan and a born again Christian, I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that there is a potential government coming that will heed the Word of God. Ontario and Quebec, both ultra-liberal provinces, love to hate God and His Word and His law. The Wildrose party will seemingly follow in the footsteps of a previous government, that of William Aberhart and Earnest Manning, both of which were godly born again believers and preachers for the Lord. God has blessed Alberta… hmmm, I wonder why?!?

The best thing for Alberta would be to separate, especially from the ungodly and humanistic-driven provinces of Ontario and Quebec. You represent your province well. And you should keep your wicked opinions to yourself instead of spreading your malice and guile! The biggest problem we have in Alberta is Ontarions that come here and bring there liberal and ungodly beliefs with them!

Oh, and concerning your comments about gays burning in the eternal lake of fire…yes, Mr. Hunsperger, is certainly right, they will burn forever in a lake of fire. And so will all others that refuse to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and obey God’s authority!

As I was commenting on your article, a article headline caught my eye: “Bunny Ranch brothel owner wants to set up shop in Toronto”. The adamant positive approval of this by the author and probably majority of Ontarions; now THAT would be a side-effect of an ungodly and liberal government.”


  1. VC says:

    Thank God for Warren Kinsella!

  2. Michael S says:

    Ol’ Thumper has a keen interest in gays and hookers. As long as they’re consenting adults, that’s cool with me.

  3. Richard says:

    Didn’t you spend some time growing up in Alberta too, Warren? Why aren’t you like the nice man who wrote this letter?

  4. CuJoYYC says:

    Wingnuts like the quasi-literate author of this crazy letter are not confined to one geographic region. Sadly, they exist everywhere so please don’t tar and feather all Albertans. There are a LOT of reasonable folks here. We just need to breed more. 😉

    If my Calgary-based business and a substantial amount of our clients were representative of all of Alberta, the WRA wouldn’t have a single seat and the PCs would win a minority government at best.

    • The Doctor says:

      You are wrong. All Albertans are like this. I’ve heard lots of Liberals from the Annex who’ve never set foot in Alberta say so, so it must be true.

      • Ed says:

        The Annex. You mean that relatively small neighborhood where a blue-blooded Conservative Senator (Eaton) and the PM’s Chief of Staff live? There are more prominent Tories in the Annex than in any small neighborhood in Alberta, Doc.

        • The Doctor says:

          I’d forgotten that the Annex is in fact a Conservative hotbed, and that they’ve sent nothing but Conservative MPs to Ottawa for many years now. Thanks for setting me straight.

      • Jon Adams says:

        While I disagree with sweeping generalizations, I would note that a majority of voters in one Calgary riding have absolutely no problem with re-electing Rob Anders by a large margin.

        I would also note that a grassroots movement to replace him a candidate with a certain “Alison Redford” resulted in the CPC taking their ball and going home.

      • Jason King says:

        Hey Doc, we should set them up with all those Albertans who’ve never set foot in Ontario yet are experts on all things Ontario. Fair trade and maybe they’ll learn something

        • The Doctor says:

          Hey Jason, that’s a great idea. As for me, I lived in the Annex for 5 years, and in Alberta for over 20 years. How about you?

  5. Tired of it All says:

    Guile spreader! For shame!!

  6. Bruce says:

    “And you should keep your wicked opinions to yourself instead of spreading your malice and guile! The biggest problem we have in Alberta is Ontarions that come here and bring there liberal and ungodly beliefs with them”!

    Methinks we need the Charter of Rights and Freedoms even more. Apparently, the True Believer’s opinions are the only ones that count. Sad to think that the heretic tolerates the beliefs of the True Believer, while being pummelled for defending themselves and others, that don’t quite fit the teachings and their proper interpretation. You can believe anything you wish but have no business or right to tell any of us what to believe or hold dear to ourselves.

    I have only one question. Why did this God, of which you speak, create gays in the first place? It sounds to me as if it’s an enemies list.

  7. Unrepentive Sodomite says:

    In response to the writer: I do find it interesting that for all their godliness, Albertans have the highest ratio of sex shops and liquor stores per capita……now those couldnt all be supported by heathen Ontario and Quebec ex-pats could they?……

    As for burning in an eternal lake of fire……I may do so, Sir, but there will be plenty of fundamentalist Christian hypocrites warming their asses right along with me…….

  8. Beth says:

    Is this a dream? Wake me up when my $300 cheque arrives.

  9. jay says:

    Publishing the comments of the Right’s most hardcore supporters seems like a good strategy; I don’t know why it’s not done more. If I were running a campaign against Stephen Harper, I’d mine the comments sections of the BP and Sun Media.

  10. jay says:

    That should be NP, not BP.

  11. Ted H says:

    I am a Christian too, God gave us free will to make mistakes. Obviously the letter writer and Wild Rose supporter does not feel the same way and would legislate against anything the he considers “ungodly”. In fact, that implies a lack of true faith in God’s authority, the man is a hypocrite.

  12. KP says:

    Hm, I wonder how they’ll get all that oil to China if Alberta separates? Another case of rhetoric trumping reality.

  13. walt says:

    I’m sure the ultra-conservative fundamentalist types around London, ON are going to be surprised to hear they’re ungodly liberal heathens.

    Some of them make the stereotypical Albertans look like bohemian free-thinkers.

  14. ASME says:

    I think I know who that person maybe. There isn’t anyway a person can have a reasonable conversation with this person. His new found beliefs are a way for him to shirk his civic duty. If he thinks for one minute D. Smith is going to be any better than A. Redford he is sadly mistaken and probably will be so unhappy D. Smith didn’t make it, he will take his own life to be with the one and only….that’s a joke! My question is this; if God dislikes gays so much, why is he allowing them to continue to be born? This kind of person certainly has the makings of a facist and imagine if this kind of person ever became the PM of this country.

  15. Philippe says:

    These cultist freaks belong on an Island commune. They certainly aren’t logical or rational enough to contribute anything positive to our society.

  16. Curt says:

    Perhaps your readers and commentators should read your posting from yesterday. Seems to be a lot of vile, name calling etc. here.

  17. Nurie Jahangeer says:

    Why do I have the feeling that the individual who sent you that email is most likely a middle aged, obese, frugal, sour, dour, pickup truck driving, Angry White Male who most likely suffers from both high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction?!.

    I don’t suppose you would want to share his email with us would you? 0;-p

  18. Dave Wells says:

    Albertans. God bless ’em. Born on third base, strut around like they hit a triple.

  19. Joey Rapaport says:

    Has to be a fake and figured you’d post… can’t believe there are crazies like than in Canada…

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