04.11.2012 12:50 PM

Fern Hill, Idiot: a continuing series

She doesn’t seem to understand why declaring the founder of Free Dominion her “good friend,” and linking to her, is a really bad idea.  In fact, “Fern” has lately taken to expressing her pride in being associated with racist dregs.

Here’s a sampling of just a few words posted over the past two years on Free Dominion by just one regular, Edward Kennedy (who, by the by, is a longtime OLA and Tim Hudak supporter).  Wonder how a self-professed feminist and progressive can be okay with raw sewage like this?  Me, too.

  • “It also seems odd the programs of radfeminism, homosexual activism/legalization, and aborticide, in synergistic combination with multicultism. THe first three REMOVE people, primarily Whites, form the gene pool, and the latter replaces their numbers.” 
  • “How dare us even claim the thought of freedom and equity when we allow terrorists to live, miscreants to be protected from the justice of the death penalty, yet torture and murder innocent unborn babies wholesale allowing damned buthchers, their useful idiots, and our own money to perpetrate the most destructive holocaust in the history of this wretched planet.”
  • “Murderers, human trafficking, rape, robberies, and acts of torture and mirder against the innocent unborn child reign supreme here.”
  • “I BELIEVE our destiny is linked to the criminal act of turdeau in the legalization of abortion in 1969.”
  • “Whenever a hyena in his pride imposes a solution to his inconveniences as in this case, where children are cruelly murdered and at that by a barbaric and torturous death, there is a long term penalty on the horizon.”
  • “Take a look you lieberal fools at other countries where high birth rates of “strange and foreign people” are and have placed them on a course for sure control of nations. Look at thee deeds and conduct of the new wave of tyranny, where these people will impose their cruelty, their tyranny, their rule on all, making slaves of people who once glorified in their freedom to murder babies…and it is happening now, aided and abetted by foolish damned hyenas who themselves ironically will be and are the author of their own destruction. Yet what is anyone doing about this danger but abetting it?” 
  • “You are defending/supporting the same thing. Not once have I seen you condemn the rape, torture, murder of innocent people like the victims of the carr niggers. … I have yet, unless I missed it, seen your condemnation of women abuse and murdering by the religion of peace.” 
  • “Yet these airheaded blacks are joining islam, that would be something like them joining the nationalist socialist party.” 
  • “Shortly thereafter I heard a Black Muslim say Jesus was a blue-eyed devil and that all White men were devils.  Now, if you look very carefully you can see that we are reaping the bitter harvest of the influence of The New Black man, The Marxist/ Socialist, The Islamic and Liberal White ideas all spawn in the period of the death of the Negro. Barack Hussein (The Long Legged Mack Daddy) Obama is the sum total product of this movement that got started a generation ago by both Blacks and Whites. This is their hour; they are in charge of government, business, education, religion, and media. Where will we go from here?” 
  • “There are similarly good Jews who are REAL JEWS and the dregs that I call “official jews”. With Whites, there are “crackers” and Whites. Crackers are defined similarly in the barfbag context of lieberals, rapists, drug dealers, etc who are white. Actually when it comes down to hate, I hate a white lieberal more than any other typeset of miscreant. I think Eds and other REAL JEWS hate official jews most of all.” 
  • Typical grade A ahole, but then again, this happens a lot to sports figures. Guess he will fit right in with all his other “bros”. Might be a good idea if he gets teated for HIV< after all, the not so “magic” johnston infected hundred of stupid wenches with the death sentence. 
  • “Now why would anyone use the same word that I use to describe miscreantic criminal people of the Negroid race? Could it be the fellow is not a decent, respectable human being, and is worthy of being known as a BLACK, but is instead dishonest and has committed serious crimes, and is not a BLACK, but is in reality, a n*****?” 
  • “Do not forget the FBI were watching him [Martin Luther King] due to his commie ties and he consorted with prostitutes. Intereresting, a liar and an adulterer having a holiday in their honor. This slavery thing is ridiculous, the Arab promulgated slave trade is rarely mentioned and the fact that southern blacks also owned slaves is redacted from history, as is the fact that white slavers bought their slaves in afreaka from tribal chiefs and rival tribes who captured and enslaved their own people.” 
  • “Yet another ditzy bottle blond white female. Parhaps they accommodated the pussy cat woods to prove to the world they were not racist. ..or perhaps the 25% of him that is black suffers from the “I gotta have a white blond wench” syndrome to prove to the world that he is equal.” 
  • “While I know and interact with racially mixed couples, I remain opposed to it with good reason. Not yet have I come to the place where I will blindly accept the machinations of the other side. Interesting how so many here have capitulated on this issue.”
  • “Regular black males with some exceptions tend to be abusive of black women(impregnate and abandon) and since abuse is a given towards women by islamic males, what better way to abuse women than under the guise of religion?”


  1. Geoffrey Laxton says:

    And a BIG [SIC] on that! The guy should learn to spell or proof read to boot!

  2. Geoffrey Laxton says:

    I just read all that, and now I feel like taking a shower…

  3. tomatoe says:

    Edward Kennedy sounds like the next Anders Breivik!

    i sure hope the police are keeping a watch on Edward Kennedy, he sounds incredibly dangerous in all of his posts

    talking about executing all “subhuman lieberals’ and ‘gays’ and ‘feminissts’ etc. the list goes on and on…

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