04.16.2012 09:57 AM

Is Ontario heading towards another election?

Sure looks that way.

After the weekend Ontario NDP convention – wherein leader Andrea Horwath was mightily embarrassed by a pro-election resolution put forward by union boss Sid Ryan – I’d say the odds just went up dramatically. Ryan is pushing for an election, and his resolution passed. Horwath isn’t in control so much, anymore.

We don’t want an election, but we’re ready for one. If it happens, we will remind voters that (a) the Ontario PCs promised to vote against the budget before they’d even read it and (b) the Ontario NDs are promising to vote against the budget unless they get their billion-dollar ransom note demands met.

Ontario doesn’t need or want an election just a few months after the last one. If it happens, we’re going to make Hudak and Horwath wear it. And I believe we will win a majority, too.


  1. Tiger says:

    Vote! Vote! Vote!

  2. Dan says:

    Warren, I know you support some kind of cooperation between the NDP and the Liberals.

    You believe that, more and more, the NDP and Liberals are competing for substantially the same pool of voters.

    You also believe that the policy distinctions between the parties are shrinking.

    You’ve even gone so far as to suggest that the Occupy movement is onto something. That the rich need to pay their fair share of taxes, and that austerity shouldn’t be solely imposed on working people by cutting the services that have built the middle class.

    Now, the coalition is off the table federally, and it’s never been on the table provincially.

    But how does the Ontario Liberal Party expect to get back to the majority by shitting all over a tax proposal that most Canadians support, most Ontarians support, and is considered good principled common sense on the center-left?


    In short: if you can’t join em, beat em. You can’t join em, but you’re not even trying to beat the NDP at their own game. Aren’t you playing a losing strategy “can’t join em, can’t beat em, so let them have the center-left?”

    • Warren says:

      Fair questions. But until the NDs are my brothers and sisters, they are my enemy, and I will fight them

      • allegrafortissima says:

        Comm’si bello quando sbuffi e t’incazzi, Kinsavelli 🙂

      • Dan says:

        I respect that you see the NDP — as a party — as the enemy.

        But if you hate the NDP — as a party — that much, the most nasty thing you can do to them is listen to the NDP — the voters.

        I’m an NDP voter. So obviously take my opinion with a huge grain of salt. But I’m not a partisan. I recognize that when Liberals govern like Trudeau and look out for working people, they win. Big time.

        That’s my armchair strategy. Something to consider.

  3. kre8tv says:

    This could make for an interesting election. Unlike what usually happens in a campaign, like say when the Cons campaigned federally on a platform of rainbows and talking unicorns (e.g., “we’ll downsize the PS through attrition only…trust us”), this would be an election in which the Liberals would go to the voters with a tough budget in hand. Either a more solid mandate or a weaker minority would still be a win for the Liberals as they’d have a mandate from the people to proceed with it. Of course there’s the possibility that it could tip the other way for our potbellied pals with the blue ties. But frankly I don’t think Hudak’s bright enough to find a way to win this.

  4. Dan Gallinger says:

    Let the campaigning begin… Andrea sure has…

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