04.11.2012 01:03 PM

Justice delayed is (hopefully) not justice denied

The latest in the Trayvon Martin tragedy, here.  Hope it’s correct.


  1. Nurie Jahangeer says:

    So you are saying that the African-Americans who want justice for Trayvon Martin, an innocent 17 year old boy who was murdered in cold blood, are “racists”?.

    You know I was going to take the time to compose a lengthy reply to your vile, disgusting, insensitive, narcissistic,
    histrionic, ego-centric message which absolutely reeks of white privilege, male chauvinism, euro-centrism and even borderline personality disorder in my own layman’s Freudian analysis; but then when I saw your name was KLAUS,
    I realized that alone most likely speaks volumes about you and your probable inherited mind set…

    PS: Just out of curiosity, what exactly were your parents and/or grandparents up to during the years of the Third Reich,

  2. Jason King says:

    The irony of your sweeping generalization is rich

  3. Anne Peterson says:

    How about election fraud in Canada. Will the delay deny the justice? Things are awfully quiet on that front. Scarily quiet. Just exactly where is the media on this. Only two brave souls doing any digging?

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