04.29.2012 12:05 PM

More from the Wildrose Bozone Layer

Here. H/T BCL, natch.


  1. Tim Sullivan says:

    Whatever happened to Murray Dobbin? He used to publish “Reform Watch”, which is where I was introduced to Alberta (et al) Report. He used to keep a good eye on the shenanigans of what was Reform.

    • Iris Mclean says:

      Dobbin still writes for rabble.ca and thetyee.ca.
      Those Byfields, father and son, have always made my skin crawl.

  2. Anne Peterson says:

    I come from a little town in the Barrhead, Morinville, Westlock constituency. All I can say is hooray, hooray, he didn’t win.

  3. Skinny Dipper says:

    I love the barcode covering the front of the g-man’s g-string.

  4. frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    Speaking from experience, I have a dear gay friend that “shunned” me in the late 80’s for a time because he became a member of the “ex-gay” movement….
    He recently celebrated twenty years living with his male partner…..
    Sexual orientation is no different than left or right handedness…..and FYI, left handedness is more prevalent in gay males than straight….about 30%-39% more I believe…..I myself am a lefty, as are a lot of my gay friends……
    The Byfields need to be thumped with their own bibles, imho…….

    • Iris Mclean says:

      “The Byfields need to be thumped with their own bibles, imho”
      It would be like playing Whack A Mole. Alberta is said to be rat free, but clearly, some vermin thrive there.
      Is that too nasty?

  5. Wes albertan says:

    Bottom line? If you hold conservative biblical views, in this forum at least, one is considered a radical bigoted fundamentalist.

    • Jon Adams says:

      Hey, if you can point us in the direction of a biblical conservative (and not the ones that keep to themselves– I mean public figures) that isn’t a radical bigoted fundamentalist, then go ahead on.

    • Michael S says:

      If you hold conservative biblical views you better not be wearing polyester blends, otherwise you’re a hypocrite.

    • Jason King says:

      No bottom line is if you publically state that a specific group should die in a lake of fire, that makes you a bigot. That’s a no brainer

      • KP says:

        Another no-brainer would have been their mini-Palin leader kicking the lake of fire crowd out to pasture when their ridiculously out-of-touch views were discovered.. or the alternative, actually vetting their candidates.

    • Reality.Bites says:

      Hold whatever views you want.

      It’s when you try to impose them on others who don’t share them that you’re a bigot.

      I couldn’t care less what you believe. Do me the same courtesy and don’t try to turn your filthy beliefs into laws affecting my life and we’ll get along fine.

      And yes, you’re also going to have to live with the fact that other people consider your beliefs filthy, immoral and disgusting, just as we have to live with your opinion of us.

  6. Philip says:

    Just got back from a week in the Bahamas, did I miss anything?

    Besides the implosion of the Wildrose and the cratering of the “Harper brand”?

  7. torgo says:

    Glad that someone put together the Missing Link’s greatest hits.

    I wish that this (and the background of more of the Wildrose candidates) would get a little more attention. Adler and some of the rest of the Sun media crew (present company excluded) have been putting out the meme that Hunsperger’s comments were over a year ago and the ‘liberal’ media’s made a mountain out of a molehill to scare everyone.

  8. wes alberta says:

    I agree with you. You hold whatever views you want as well. When a portion of my taxes go to fund things like abortion, I feel that the views of the many who are pro-choice have been turned into laws that affect my life. I don’t have an opinion of you, I have an opinion on different types of commentary. And being a Christian, that would certainly not be the first time that someone called my beliefs words similar to yours, no matter how original you may have thought you were being.

    • Philip says:

      Oh look! The Conservative plays the victim card. Again.

      You positively revel in your imagined persecutions don’t you?

    • Pomojen says:

      And because we have choice, you can choose not to have an abortion, Wes. You can choose to follow your own conscience while allowing me to follow mine. Can’t see at all how forcing others to do it your way is somehow more respectful of all our beliefs. Only yours.

      BTW: crazy psychic captcha code is H8TE

      • wes alberta says:

        I think abortion is wrong, and I resent having public dollars funding that. If you follow your own conscience and have an abortion, I feel you are making a sad choice, but I don’t see how not funding it would be forcing you to do anything other than pay for your choice. I don’t expect you to agree with me, what I do think is important is that I can respond to your comment with out calling you a murderer or you calling me a biggted fascist far-right anything.

        • Pomojen says:

          There are some things I don’t like funding too.but I don’t resent it. I live in a democracy that happens to include a wide array of viewpoints, including plenty I don’t agree with. I expect some of my dollars are funding things I am truly opposed to. But I understand that I can’t have it my own personal way all the time. And i have a voice and the ability to influence these things if i want to. Likewise, I am open to new information and perspectives. My beliefs are not static and can change based on what I hear and consider. I don’t expect to stay the same forever, rigidly adhering to one set of values because its what I’ve always believed or because I’ve been told to. I dont expect my country to do that either. Thimgs evolve, like it or not. I happen to like it.
          We have to live together. We are oit all islands. Together, compromises and all, we are safer, stronger, better than apart. It’s the price and priviledge of being one of many.

          • wes alberta says:

            I agree with a lot of what you said. Compromise is good, and not being rigidly blindly opposed to others viewpoint is important too. I do think though, there are some things that I just cannot compromise on, and that means I will continue to oppose those who hold contrary viewpoints with both vigour and respect. Diversity of opinion can be a great thing, debate of issues can be very productive. You dont get very far any more in Canada though if you hold the “wrong viewpoints”. That’s not a victim statement as Philip above constructively brings to the discussion, its reality. For example,I do not support same sex marriage. I do not consider that discrimination, and I am opposed to discriminating against same sex couples. As far as I can tell, that statement right there pretty well disqualifies me from running for provincial office and I can usually get ready for the usual bigot etc names. Yet that is not an issue that I can find any compromise on. I will do whatever I can to get that changed, whether others opinions have eveloved, mine doesn’t seem too.

          • que sera sera says:

            @ wes:

            Me and my tits cannot support gravity. It’s done nothing but pull us down over the years.

  9. Susan says:

    All I can say is – Hinman has been booted out. 1000 votes booted. We didn’t like him. I thought back at by-election time that he only won because the pcs ran Diane Colley-Urquhart, who was awful. Back to normal, uber Tory riding in which I usually vote Liberal.

  10. MCBellecourt says:

    Only an uber-SupposedTory could defend this.


    …and people thought good governance comes from a 2% cut in the GST…now we all know where the money went.

  11. Reality.Bites says:

    Don’t support same-sex marriage? Don’t marry someone of the same sex. On behalf of all the men in Canada, gay, straight and bi, I can assure you we’re pretty glad not to have to worry about how to deal with a proposal from you.

    Believe me that I SINCERELY believe society would be FAR better off if you didn’t ever marry anyone, but the difference is that I don’t delude myself that one can support making it illegal for you to do so and remain a decent human being. You’re a bigot. Plain and simple. Just like every other person who had the audacity to think they have the right to decide other people’s lives for them.

    Don’t like being called a bigot? Don’t be one. And don’t pretend you’re not. When you can bring yourself to say “I don’t support same-sex marriage but I realize I have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER TO ENFORCE MY PREJUDICES IN LAW” then you’ll still be a bigot – because we’re all bigots in one way or another – but back on the road to being fit to associate with decent people. Or even run for office.

    Do you not get it, Wes? No one gives a damn what you think of same-sex marriage because it’s none of your damn business unless you’re having one. Think real hard about why it’s so important for you to express your disgusting, immoral filthy opinions and maybe you’ll learn why it’s best to keep them to yourself – so we don’t see the ugliness that’s at your core.

  12. wes alberta says:

    Wow what a pile of anger! I don’t support same sex marriage because following 100s of years of tradition, I feel that marriage is the union of a man and a woman. Why should I accept that right should be extended to same sex couples? I don’t care what they do. I support civil unions. You want me to accept that same sex marriage is equivalent to what I believe is the proper definition of marriage, that of a man and a woman. I do not accept that. And when you say no one gives a damn what I think about it, look at your own anger, you are angry because I have an opinion on it that is counter to your position. I find that sad. And whether you find my position bigoted or not, I am quite happy with it.

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