04.06.2012 07:17 AM

Reformatory hating haters

Interesting analysis by my Carleton U. friend Pete. Worth a read.


  1. If I were an opposition party strategist, I would make a mock Conservative political add targeted against the opposition parties, then against “foreign-influenced” environmentalists, then finally against the average Canadian family. The point is to state that first, the government will be after the others. Then, they will be targeting you and your children as enemies of Canada.

  2. Marc-André Chiasson says:

    Interesting commentary. With all the talk these days against schoolyard bullying, it’s amazing that the Reformalights are actually increasing bullying tactics in the parliamentary schoolyard. Also interesting was the author’s typo in describing you as being a shrinking “violeNt”, LOL.

  3. smelter rat says:

    The Harper government is populated with rednecked bigots, small time hustlers and dangerous right wing ideologists. They are taking this country down a dangerous path and we may never recover from their folly.

  4. dave says:

    If you have money and power, and the way to keep it and augment it is thru edging toward violence, then the temptation is to do it, and just rationalize it the way Flanagan dies: We are tough guys, they are wusses, and wusses deserve to be crapped on.
    With the money and the guns, you can win.

  5. MC says:

    From now on, the response to any such attack should be, ‘yes, and I also stand with child pornographers’.

  6. Philippe says:

    We all agree they’re a disgusting gang with a warped view of the world – but no amount of whining will change that. The discussion has to move from one of outrage to one of “how do we use it against them and beat them in the next election”.

    • Elisabeth Lindsay says:

      Sort of like the “guns in our streets” and “ending abortion rights” and “Preston Manning like the Ku Klux Klan” and “Hidden Agenda”? That kind of thing?

  7. Glen says:

    An interesting read for sure, but hardly news! That’s the way of Stephen Harper, and it has worked well for him.

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