04.27.2012 09:01 AM

Steve Nash in Toronto?

My God, that would be so awesome.  

Will it happen? Of course not.  Why would the incompetents at Maple Leaf Sports actually stop offering up stinkers, year after year, when saps like me continue to dutifully pony up for season’s tickets, year after year?

Anyway.  We Toronto sports fans can dream, can’t we?


  1. WDM says:

    Nash would be a phenomenal addition. Someone tell MLSE that if they give Nash $30m, they’ll make that money back in ticket sales and merchandise, that will get their attention. Makes a ton of sense on-court as well. If you have Nash, you can flip Calderon (who had a very good year) for help elsewhere. Add Valanciunas, another lottery pick, and hopefully a healthy Bargnani, and hell, the ACC might have to keep some dates open in April.

  2. Jon Powers says:

    Think of all the condo’s Nash could help sell!! $$$$$$$! Oh, and he might help win some games too, but whatever.

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