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Thanks, Ken, I actually do love to hear that

From reliable source(s), an exchange that took place between [TOP SECRET NAME REDACTED] and Ken Zeise, who was until recently the PC Party President, at the Mississauga South Ontario PC AGM:

Zeise told me tonight that Warren’s vocal support for Alison Redford and the Alberta PCs is really pissing off Ontario PC party brass. He said – and I’m quoting here – that “it’s driving them batty, and I’m sure Warren would just love to hear that.”

I confess: I indeed love it when I cause Tim Hudak’s gang acute pain.  I am vengeful and petty, and I cannot help myself. Oh, and by the by: Tea Party Tim’s gang is no longer led by Mark, and is now led by Tom and Leslie. I like Leslie and Tom, but war is war. They’ll be groaning for burial, in the words of the Bard, soon enough.


  1. Nurie Jahangeer says:




  2. Nurie Jahangeer says:

    Dear Warren,

    There is nothing wrong with being vengeful and petty when it comes to fighting against nasty, spiteful, mean minded,
    frugal, sour, dour American Republican-style Conservatives who would ideally love women back in the kitchen,
    non-Whites back at the back of the bus, Aboriginals back on their reserves, Gays and Lesbians back in the closet,
    Quebec back under the jackboot of the British Empire, the separation of church and state abolished, abortion
    re-criminalized, businesses allowed to discriminate against any customers they want, our beloved social programmes
    defunded and then abolished, the Canadian military used as mere proxy for future GOP illegal and unwinnable wars
    and society returned back to the ugly days of being run by and for the exclusive benefit of WHITE ANGLO SAXON

    PS: For all of those who claim my comments are somehow “anti-White”, I know many non-WASP White Europeans
    such as Italian-Canadians, Greek-Canadians, Portuguese-Canadians, Russian-Canadians, Jewish-Canadians,
    Ukrainian-Canadians and Quebecois who will likewise attest to what it used to be like as recently as the early
    1980’s to be discriminated against in WHITE ANGLO SAXON PROTESTANT dominated English Canada. The federal
    and provincial Conservatives of this country epitomize White privilege and Anglo-Saxon chauvinism like no other
    political party. Interestingly enough, Mr Hudak is a very rare exception in terms of his ethno-cultural origins to an
    otherwise WASP dominanted Canadian Conservatism. But I ain’t voting for him anytime soon!.

    • Ted B says:

      No offence, but this kind of nasty, spiteful, mean minded, sour, dour American Republican-style attempt to create a black-and-white world of us vs them, is exactly the kind of thing that has gotten liberals/progressives on the defensive and fighting a losing battle for justice and equity over the last decade.

      This kind of silly, hyperbolic and incorrect rhetoric turns ordinary Canadians away from progressive parties and toward conservative parties. It’s what gave Harper his in, has given Wildrose power (though not yet government), chased Democrats away from power in Congress, chased Labour away from government in England, etc.

      Why adopt their tactics and style of fear-mongering and division? I really really CAN’T STAND IT.

      I know lots of moderate centrists who think the best we can do for everyone, including minorities, is to make sure they have an economy that will get them a job. That is not radical thinking. They are the ones who flirted with Wildrose because of people like Nurie pushing them away and bad fiscal decisions and corruption by the Alberta PCs.

      And I’ll tell you another thing about these ordinary Canadians: they don’t feel they have any power – and they don’t – and they don’t feel the system is doing them any more favours than others.

      But they are still, relatively speaking, moderates and came back to the PCs because of the knuckle draggers and despite the liberal equivalent.

      Why do we go out of our way to try to lash out at and push these people to the extreme parties? It baffles me to no end.

      • Ted B says:

        And just to be clear: targetting specific individuals – and the leaders who defend them – for their ugly and extremist views is important.

        Taking it the step further and painting all of “them” in the same way as “they” paint everyone else, is where we have faltered. Like in Nurie’s comment.

    • John says:

      See this is what I don’t get….

      1 – You cite as early as the 1980’s, but I’d like to see more recent examples. The closest you come to that is to cite Mr. Hudak of the Cons, but then make sure to note him as the exception, but doesn’t he disprove your blanket statement?

      2 – As for being Anti-White I’d say your more against White Anglo Saxon Protestants then anything else. Do you really believe they are this super priveledged people out to get you? I mean creating these idea’s that WASP are some sort of yupie elite with all the perks is just as bad as claiming people of jewish decent control the entertainment industy and all Italians are mobsters etc etc. Its hurtful to go flinging around labels.

      Aren’t we trying to bring everyone together rather then divide and conquer? I don’t think calling someone a WASP is really going to help create a productive dialogue rather it seems like a crutch when you lose out on something you can just blame those evil WASP for keeping people down.

      My only reccomendation is perhaps look for people whom are out to get you rather then trying hard to convince yourself that others are.

  3. Reality.Bites says:

    I’m not sure I follow – why would they care who you do or don’t support in Alberta? Do they think that a WR victory would have actually HELPED them? To the extent Ontarians pay attention to Alberta provincial politics, I doubt electing a bunch of bigoted idiots there would have made Ontario more likely to do the same.

  4. Michael S says:

    Meanwhile in East Lanarkistan rumors persist of Randy Hillier still recovering from his angry bender.

    The Landowner Lads are most most unhappy that their Crusading Forces failed to take back The Promised Land. The fact that Calgary is turning into Toronto In Blue Jeans rankles most rankly.

  5. Michael Behiels says:

    Brilliantly stated! Great column today! It sums up the screwed up state of mind of a lot of supposedly intelligent people.
    Alberta’s of all stripes rallied behind Redford’s centrist PC party.
    Why? because they are fed up with the loonies on the far right who want to divide society & impose their SOCON values on everyone.
    This political civil war in Alberta has been going on for twenty years, ever since Manning & Harper founded the Reform movement.
    Smith’s loonies on the right got 34% of the votes and 17 seats.
    WRA will continue to reek havoc and all Albertans & Canadiansneed to be vigilant and work hard to support parties & governments that govern for all citizens not just their tribes.

    • Ted B says:

      Let’s not get too cocky over Redford’s win.

      Two days ago, Wildrose had only two seats. Two years ago, they had no seats. Now they have 17.

      Even more importantly, in the last election, Wildrose had less than 7% of the vote. On Monday, they got 35%.

      Progressives need to learn that relying on the neanderthals and extremists and idiots of the other side will only get you so far and only get you there so many times.

      We need to offer something – good and competent governance, no tolerance for corruption, good fiscal management (which is not the same thing as cutting taxes and spending), calculated and surgical assistance to the economy and individuals (as opposed to blank cheques).

      And we need to get back to working hard at trying to bring people together instead of relying on tactics that divide us. We got enough of that division coming from the other side.

      • frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

        Well said Ted B……people are crying out for integrity, openess, and honesty in govt……wouldnt it be refreshing if a party actually did so?…….

  6. patrick deberg says:

    Wait a minute!

    Is this the same Tom Long that was digging up voters in graveyards in the Gaspe in one federal election a few years ago?
    The very Tom long who was billing Short pants mike Harris $800 a day before the crumbling empire fell down around their ears at Walkerton?
    He was a paid ” consultant ” who took the money and ran if I remember correctly. I really need to get into this consulting gig cause holding up canada on my own is just not paying!

    • frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

      The Gaspe votes were for the Alliance Leadership race in 2000, I believe…….
      If its the same Tom Long, he also was youth chair of Brian Mulroney’s 1983 leadership campaign…..I disliked the man from the get go……Hes everything I hate about Conservatives……

  7. I sense a tailspin coming on for the far right. Danielle Smith is on record to have the WR re-think some of their key positions. This will have the simultaneous effects of alienating their base and heightening the wariness among the middle of the road voters.

  8. michael dawe says:

    Gee Warren. You are hitting the mark so many times these days, have you thought about taking up political punditry and strategic advice ? 🙂 A lot of the Socons repeated their own mantras so many times, they thought it had become reality. Moreover, even though you are an ex-pat Albertan, you seem to understand our province much better than a lot of the talking heads who pretend to be experts on the province in which they live (some of the commentary on CBC Radio in the last couple of days had been quite painful – experts trying to redeem themselves by claiming they were “not as wrong” as the other guys – that should look good on a resume 🙂 )
    At any rate, all the best and I really enjoy reading your postings.

  9. skidoo says:

    Ken Zeise is as insignificant today as he was during his tenure as president. Who cares?

  10. skidoo says:

    Not really but you are right. I should not spend time thinking of how useless he is. Time I will not get back. He is useless though…and this forum allows me to express that. lol

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