04.27.2012 06:25 AM

Vote Shithead! (now with photo that will be seen in B.C. a lot, this year)

From the bulging “You May Regret This Photo” file: Christy Clark and Joey Shithead.

We in SFH are in a bit of conflict, because Joey’s Sudden Death Records is going to be distributing the CD version of our new record, but we are simply delighted by his decision to seek high office. If nothing else, it will enable us to crash in his legislative office when touring out West.

We mean it, maaaaan!


  1. Kre8tv says:

    Typically I’d say there’s no lack of shitheads in the corridors of power, but yeaaaahhhh!!!!

  2. WDM says:

    Remember to recycle this blog title next election day.

  3. Just think, if he ever heads a federal party and wins we will really have a PMSH.

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