04.17.2012 12:06 PM

Wacky Wildrose Watch

From a plugged-in contact in Alberta. Very, very interesting.

Warren: Danielle Smith cancelled her media availability for CBC radio today, Global tomorrow and CTV Friday. Cancelled her meeting with the Herald editorial board … and had Vitor appear in her place on Rutherford this morning. Someone is cracking under pressure.


  1. que sera sera says:

    The holy sh!t is hitting the fan and someone is ducky. Too funny.

    Praise the Lord and pass the plate, Sister.

    • Mark McLaughlin says:

      If it’s true (I’ll withold judgement on that one for now) then it probably says that their internal polling is giving them a comfortable lead that they could jeopardize by walking into potentially hostile interviews. The PC party has been in power for so many years that thier connections with the local media run deep.

      It’s the safe political play that Warren would probably advise if his team were in the same position. Jack Layton did a similar turtling just before the federal vote so he wouldn’t risk losing ground with soft supporters.

      For a new political party, they are ALL soft supporters.

      If anything, it should make the PCs more terrified than they already are. It could be a bloodbath.

  2. DanO says:

    Makes sense from a communications point. Why let the media hammer you on your previous backwards-small minded statements and the ongoing shenanigans of people running under your party’s banner.
    Looks like a case of frontrunners disease.

  3. Nurie Jahangeer says:

    Perhaps Tea Party Tim Hudak is too right-wing for even Danielle Smith, and she had a nervous breakdown
    upon reading his proposed far right socioeconomic policies for the next Ontario provincial election, which he
    plans to soon trigger?!

  4. frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:


    But didnt you know, Pastor Hunsperger loves everyone!……

    Give Refoormers, Wild Rosers, whatever you want to call ’em….enough rope, and they’ll hang themselves…….

  5. Lyndon Dunkley says:

    Isn’t this standard operating procedure, similar to what we saw in 2008 with Obama? You don’t leave your starting QB on the field when you’re up 21 in the fourth quarter.

    Especially a potentially turnover prone one.

  6. William says:

    It’s the Sarah Palin strategy.

  7. Richard Besserer says:

    There’s at least one other explanation, short-term more favourable to Wildrose but even more terrifying when you think about it, and not just to the rest of us.

    Danielle Smith’s off somewhere with the Wildrose chessmasters, while they try to figure out how in hell they can adequately prepare her and the rest of the kooks for government between now and the opening of the next Assembly. By now Danielle must have realized that (more likely than not) she won’t actually be the pretty face of the official opposition, reading off son-of-Socred talking points in the Assembly—nice work if you can get it—but will actually be expected to govern Alberta.

    Is she panicking? She should be. No way was this part of the deal.

  8. daveinmapleridge says:

    Lots of spin and wishful thinking here.

    I believe Smith wins this one running away. Her momentum is a huge surprise to me, I never thought it would happen this fast but all the signs are there.

    You want to talk about fear, look at the lefties encouraging voting for the PC’s, dragging up all kinds of scare-stories, and trying to start rumours about Wild Rose falling apart.

    When in doubt, make shit up I guess …

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