04.15.2012 10:34 PM

Wildrose leader Danielle Smith defends hate

CALGARY — Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith entered the final week of the campaign defending controversial comments decrying homosexuality and public schools posted by an Edmonton candidate on his blog.

Edmonton-Southwest candidate and pastor Allan Hunsperger posted a rant on his blog last June, using Lady Gaga’s hit song, Born This Way, to blast the Edmonton public school division’s policy of accepting students for who they are.

“Sounds great at first except nobody is mentioning what the results will be of living the way you were born,” read the post, which has since been removed, with a statement from Hunsperger addressing the issue.

“You see, you can live the way you were born, and if you die the way you were born then you will suffer the rest of eternity in the lake of fire, hell, a place of eternal suffering,”


  1. chuck fife says:

    Hey Warren, I never thought you would stoop down to the old Liberal scare tactics..”she will unleash social and political chaos”. Come now, she knows that these arguements you are using will never be agreed on, you’ll have to live with the status quo no mater what your personal belief. You’ve tried these scare tactics on the Conservative leaders since Joe and all it’s done is landed you in third party position…..think about that a while….

    • Patrick Deberg says:

      Hey Chuck!

      Just look at what Harper and his gang of retreads are doing to Canada now and tell me he never had an agenda. Sigh…. Conservatives mess up the house and a few years later liberals are elected to clean it up. Were in third place because you and your comrades commited election fraud. You and your family values. Hey kids, I want you to watch dad closely. Tell that old lady the poll has been moved to another town. Good boy……..
      Wild rose indeed !

  2. Daniel says:

    Personally I don’t care about homosexuals and what they do or don’t but people have a right NOT to approve of the homosexual lifestyle. The obsession homosexuals have to MAKE everyone approve of their lifestyle is inherently fascist.

    • Patrick Deberg says:

      I think homosexuals just don’t want to be beaten and left to die on a wire fence Daniel. What’s fascist about that?

    • Michael says:

      You do not have to approve of anything or anyone, but you are not allowed to discriminate against them. 😉

    • GPAlta says:

      The candidate blogged that public education is godless and that Christians should not teach or partner with the public school district, because the public school district said that all teachers, faculty, and students should be made to feel welcome and free from intimidation. So Daniel, you’re saying that the only way to exercise your right NOT to approve of their lifestyle is to make them feel unwelcome or to intimidate them?
      Smith’s defense that this has nothing to do with public policy is just so ridiculous that people forget to question it– he wasn’t talking about his church or his private life, he was talking about the public education system!

    • smelter rat says:

      Relax Daniel, gays don’t want to shove anything down your throat unless you want them to.

    • frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

      As the board homo in residence, I dont ask anyone to approve of my orientation, quite frankly Daniel, I dont give a flying fig what you think……and Daniel, its orientation, not “lifestyle”. Fundies like to use the term lifestyle, because they can still cling to the antiquated view that its somehow a choice on our part.

      At any rate, those with the biggest problem with it tend to be closet cases themselves……http://www.ranker.com/list/top-10-anti-gay-activists-caught-being-gay/joanne

      • Warren says:

        It’s because they can’t bring themselves to acknowledge that sexual orientation comes from God. Because it does.

        • Neil says:

          See Warren
          People who think they know the mind of god just scare the hell out of me.
          I am not sure where sexual orientation comes from, choice, biology or God but I don’t care. If people are good people then great if not then bad.
          I just think it should not matter.
          This guy scares me because he “KNOWS” what God thinks. (not You)

        • Jon Evan says:

          “sexual orientation comes from God”
          Where is the evidence for that? Just asking!

  3. que sera sera says:

    Free speech, eh.

    These faux-xian cockroaches scurrying between the pages of the family bible need the nation’s spotlight shone upon them. And upon the politicians that support them.

    The Whacko-Rose Party of Alberta: we’re not homophobic bigots but we welcome those who are!!

    These faux-xian bigots & aspiring politicians speak in forked tongues.

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