04.10.2012 06:48 AM

Would Wildrose make abortions, gay marriage and equality harder to get?

Of course they would.

And, if I were still home, would I vote Alberta PC for the first time in my life to stop Wildrose from seizing power?

Of course I would.


  1. Tiger says:

    Most of my Albertan friends and classmates love Premier Redford.

    I then ask them whom they’re casting their absentee ballots for: “NDP”, “Liberals”, “Alberta Party”.

    If that holds, say hello to Premier Smith!

  2. Lee says:

    I am hoping the Wild Rose will break up the right. If nothing else seeing women bleed to death in an alley, seeing our elderly relatives lose all their medicine and seeing disabled children treated with contempt by Christian Reich appointed teachers will be a necessary loss to remind Albertans that Conservatism DOES NOT WORK.

  3. Rob W says:


    You are absolutely right. Is there any chance you can lend a hand in the last 2 weeks!? We could use the help. I am a federal Liberal who is hoping for a Redford win.

    Unfortunately, I only moved back to AB in January and so I can’t vote this time around. But if I could I would be right there with you, casting a ballot for the PCs for the first time in my life.

  4. Jim Hanna says:

    Yeah, depending on where I was I’d be thinking of voting PC for the first time, too…definately if I was back in my hometown; less so if I was back in Edmonton; the NDP and Liberals have realistic shots at seats there..I’d really be playing it by ear…alas, I am now in Quebec, where my political choices have been far more limited…

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