05.02.2012 08:10 AM

Big media turnout for Tim Hudak’s dinner last night! Um.

Wonder if he got asked about his senior advisor getting tens of thousands from Ornge? He will today, if not.


  1. William says:

    Only slightly fewer people there than at a regular season Phoenix Coyotes game.

    • Philip says:

      Perhaps some free jerseys, 5 cent hotdogs and cheap beer will increase the seat count? It worked in Phoenix. Although on second thought having a Team Failure jersey might not be the draw I think it is.

      • CanadaDave says:

        That and Tim already tried the whole cheap beer thing…

        • Philip says:

          Good catch! I guess we can all look forward to new Hudak campaign commercials filmed at the local ball diamond beside the chip truck.

          Anyone else hungry?

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