05.25.2012 09:51 AM

Boy, lost

I’m a former cops and courts reporter, and I usually read crime stories more than I read politics stories.  As such, I’ve been transfixed by the terrible and tragic Etan Patz story.  I’m not convinced that they now have the right guy – over the decades, there have plenty of others who confessed to, or who were implicated in Etan’s disappearance.  But I am convinced that this story is simply outstanding journalism.  I know that street in SoHo well, and when I read this piece, it made me feel like I was right there – which is what all great journalism should do.

God bless him and his long-suffering parents.  I hope their ordeal finally reaches some conclusion.

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    Kevin says:

    “… the morning that was supposed to be one of those happy little milestones on the way to being grown up…”.

    Could a line ever be more heartbreaking?

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