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May 1: We get letters

From Fraser Allison, at frasman@shaw.ca:

Occasionally, while having a coffee at a Second Cup and having nothing better to do, I have a look through the Calgary Sun ‘newspaper’. I noted your photo in your column and it seems that you have a very large mis-shapen head (forehead in particular) which leads me to believe that you may have been the result of an abortion gone wrong. Is this why you are so concerned with the abortion issue or is it just some of your left wing liberal crap that you spew forth on a regular basis?


  1. Mr. Murdoch esq. says:

    Ho hum and sigh-another coward.

  2. Big head = big brain. Or so I`ve been told.

  3. kitt says:

    And the SUN prints this kind of CRAP?? So glad that I save my $$$ and quit buying any Sun papers ;p

  4. Ryan says:

    She’s right, you know.

  5. Chris P says:

    Did she write this letter before or after she put the tin foil hat on?

  6. Philippe says:

    LOL – let me get this straight… you praise Harper, and that attracts Con venom?

    Er… and what the hell is a Con doing drinking at Second Cup… did Fraser’s GPS break on the way to Timmies?

  7. bluegreenblogger says:

    Oh boy….I just googled allison fraser, wondering if perhaps she might have a mis-shapen forehead, and her name and email have proliferated across a whole lot of aggregators etc. Remind me never to write any nasty little personal digs with an actual name and email address attached, lol Her email address, name, and opinions on abortion are indelibly inked in public now.

  8. Michael Behiels says:

    Is this eccentric some kind of 19th century racist craniologist?

    21st C. Craniologists are a rare breed but closely related to the dinasours they supposedly lived with no so long ago!

  9. Nurie Jahangeer says:

    So who here still thinks I am being “anti-White” or “spewing hatred” when I merely point out the very obvious fact that the vast majority of right-wing Canadians tend to be White people?. Furthermore, with names such as Allison Fraser, Gordon Tulk, ect; who here still thinks I am wrong or bigoted when I point out the fact that the single most loyal voting block behind federal and provincial Conservative parties tends to overwhelmingly be highly assimilated, uni-lingual, unhyphenated,
    Canadian born and bred individuals of WHITE ANGLO SAXON PROTESTANT background?.

    Sure you get some visible minorities such as Chinese-Canadians, Indo-Canadians, Afro-Canadians, ect; who voted for
    Harper, Hudak, Ford et al as did some invisible minorities (i.e., non-WASP White Europeans) such as Italian-Canadians,
    Greek-Canadians, Portuguese-Canadians, ect; but the vast, vast, vast majority of those Canadians who back federal and
    provincial Conservative parties are WASP’s. How many hate letters does Warren get from Blacks, Indians, Pakistanis,
    Arabs or Persians?. How many Chinese, Koreans, Tamils, Italians, Greeks, Portuguese or Russians post hateful messages about immigration, bilingualism, multiculturalism and Quebec to right-wing web sites and blogs?. No, its mostly fucking WASP’s who do so primarily because they are still bitter over the legacy of Trudeau and they are the ONLY Canadians who tend to be unhyphenated Canadians and not to self-identify with their original ethno-cultural roots.

    Yes, there are many visible minorities and recent immigrants who totally oppose abortion and gay rights, but how many posts their crap and/or publicly protest their views over these issues?. Every anti-abortion rally I have had the misfortune of seeing in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver has been comprised exclusively of WASP looking people. Even the most right-wing socially and fiscally Conservative Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs, Italians, Greeks, Portuguese, ect. I know still strongly support high levels of immigration, bilingualism and multiculturalism.

    WASP-dom, Canadian Conservatism, Evangelical Protestantism, worship of the USA and Anglo-Saxon chauvinism are all deeply interconnected.

    PS: I think you are very handsome Warren 🙂

    • Neil says:

      You are the left wing Tulk. To honest you are worse then Tulk.
      I find your posts to be racist and vile. I can only hope that Warren does to you what he did to Tulk. You are saying that white people are by being born WASP, racist. That meakes you a racist. Please please seek help or go away!

      • Nurie Jahangeer says:

        I never said White Anglo Saxon Protestants were racist. Why don’t you try reading what I wrote?. I target “whiteness” and “WASP” as social constructs. What I speak of is no more or no less than what is taught in any Canadian University
        course on “whiteness studies”, “anti-racism”, “post-modernism” and/or “post-structuralism”.

        I am not going to go away. I also do not intend to “seek help” as you so crudely and sarcastically put it in your ignorant, common, low class, truck stop, North American sarcasm. Do you enjoy a nice cold one and a John Deere lawnmower cap on the weekends in suburbia, eh mangiacake!. Why don’t you go back to huntin’ and fishin’ with the “boys”.

        • Paul says:

          “What I speak of is no more or no less than what is taught in any Canadian University course on “whiteness studies”, “anti-racism”, “post-modernism” and/or “post-structuralism”.”

          Wow. The fact that such courses as “whiteness studies” even exist speaks volumes. Might as well just rename it “cultural self loathing studies” or something. Just out of curiosity: What sort of productive career does one start after four years of studying such nonsense anyway?

    • Robert Jago says:

      Well, I do. Think you’re ‘spewing hatred’ that is. You don’t know anything about this person, you’re just heaping hate on a group of people based on a single email. You don’t even know if this person is one of those ‘wasps’ you’re on about, and even if they were, that still wouldn’t say anything about that group as a whole.

      Also, Fraser’s Scottish (as is ‘Tulk’), so by definition I don’t think they’d meet the ‘AS’ criteria for full on WASPiness. So what you really mean I suspect is that you don’t like white people who were born here, and who don’t live and breathe your little political niche.

      I guess, deal with it. Look up what the word ‘tolerant’ means, it doesn’t mean you have to love it, but it probably means you should stick to hating the ideas and not the people.

      You know from spending a bit of time in politics, at least at the retail level, I was always pleased to see how few people think like you seem to. Most people don’t go around plopping everyone into comprehensive categories, and in fact most people don’t even believe in a political left or right. It’s one of the things I like best about this country – just last week I was at a dinner party in Vancouver where there were Tories, Trotskyites, Ignatieff Liberals and even a Green, and the whole meal went by without some freak jumping in to make it all tribal – at least not twice (those people tend not to get invited back).

      For gods’ sake, do you want people to just look at your name and tell you what you supposedly think? Tell you that you’re part of some ‘problem’ because of what people you don’t even know may or may not have said? If you want to be ‘that’ person, go back a few posts and read about Jan Wong – that’s your epistemological kin, read what people say about her. Maybe if you see it in someone else, you can see why people talk about ‘spewing hatred’ when you write stuff like you just wrote above.

      And, for the record, the only anti-gay rally I ever saw was at the steps of the BC Supreme Court and made up entirely of Chinese-Canadians, while the counter protest was made up of people who I’m sure you’d classify as WASP’s. or LGBT-WASP’s if you want to be all idiotic about it (and still it doesn’t say a single thing in and of itself about what Chinese Canadians think, or what WASPs think – it’s a single data point).

      • Nurie Jahangeer says:

        If Warren does not like what I post here, he has the option of not posting my comments. Furthermore, he does not need to “ban me” as you so crudely put it. If he does not want me to post here anymore at all, for whatever reason,
        all he has to do is email me and I will immediately stop posting here. I have far too much respect and admiration for
        Warren to cause him any trouble or grief.

        With regard to your own posting, your quite obviously understand very little, if anything at all, about Diaspora politics,
        ethno-cultural voting blocks and multiculturalism in our post-modern, post-structuralist and globally interdependent world.

        I would truly like a woman, visible minorities and/or aboriginal to criticize my postings. So far, I’ve been rebutted by
        three WHITE MALES. Sorry but that doesn’t say much…

        PS: I personally know several Irish, Scottish and English people who have recently immigrated to Canada within the past decade or so, and they fully concur with my sentiments about highly assimilated, uni-lingual, unhyphenated, Canadian born and bred people of British Isles ancestry…and how many, in fact a clear majority, of such individuals seem to think that they are the only true Canadians. This type of old stock Canadian, which my Italian and Greek friends refer to as “mangiacakes” are totally disconnected from their own original British Isles ethno-cultural roots and tend to be the Canadians most inclined to oppose mass immigration, bilingualism, multiculturalism and Quebec. My Welsh and Scottish friends from the UK in particular recently lamented me the fact that people with Scottish and Welsh surnames whom them meet, who are such mangiacakes, do not feel any connection or affinity culturally or ethnically with my Scottish and Welsh friends; whereas most Canadians of Italian or Greek origin who have been here two or three generations still feel a strong kinship with Italians or Greeks fresh off the boat. It proves my whole point that these old stock Canadian WASP types are the only Canadians who despise our post-Trudeau realities en mass here in Canada.

        Many of these mangiacakes I talk too say “why can’t you just assimilate Nurie?”…or “why do you and so many other have hyphenated identities?”. Sorry but not all of us wish to be just “Canadian” who stuff their faces with hotdogs and ride around on snowmobiles. And it is these very same magiacakes who seems to be the most loyal and potent of Conservative voters, from an ethno-cultural perspective. Most of it is because they hate immigration, bilingualism, multiculturalism and Quebec. Sadly, many of these types tend to self-identify with Americans who are likewise of
        highly assimilated, uni-lingual, unhyphenated, American born and bred, old stock ilk of British Isles and Germanic origin.
        It so sad to see so many Canadians of WASP ancestry who prefer to think of themselves as just “Canadians” and to feel a kinship with Americans as opposed to their ilk back in the British Isles. Such a concept would be unthinkable for most Chinese-Canadians, Indo-Canadians, Pakistani-Canadians, Arab-Canadians, Italian-Canadians, Greek-Canadians, or Portuguese-Canadians.

        PS: I greatly admire how Warren often speaks of his own Irish Catholic roots. I also admire how many Irish-Canadians still celebrate St .Patrick’s Day and increasingly refer to themselves as Irish-Canadians in our multi-cultural society.

        So stick that in your pipe and smoke it mangiacake!.

    • Philip says:

      Well, I think that you are just one more bigot the world seems intent on producing on a regular basis. Re-arrange a couple of words and the comments you produce and the your assumptions about race and ethnicity would be at home on some sketchy corners of the internet. It’s all so boring and tired.

      I find your post’s to similar to those of the late, unlamented Mr. Tulk, minus the unintentionally funny bits. I regularly called him on his shit, I’ll extend to you that same courtesy.

      But what do I know, I’m just another “fucking WASP”.

  10. deb says:

    I would love to see the reply:)

  11. Cynical says:


  12. Cynical says:

    (I blame it all on Ardbeg)

  13. Jeff Lavry says:

    (meant to say big-headed Paul Well’s website above…).

  14. Lord Kitchener says:

    you can´t headbang with a tiny cranium, douche.

  15. Gary says:

    Girl-crazy macrocephalic strikes back.

  16. frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    Im sure Mr. Kinsella has heard far worse from far better people……

  17. Anon says:

    Why in the world are u posting her address? Isn’t wk a big boy who can handle his own stuff? Hope you guys will take resposibility if some idiot does something stupid or dangerous with the info you’ve put out.

  18. Anon says:

    No thanks. Morally my choice is to stop following you. I just don’t see how u can be so against something like vikileaks but not against someone on your site posting a home address. This is me pissing off.

  19. Michael S says:

    Because the troll attacked him? It’s quite simple: Don’t want your email address posted? Don’t be a trolling douchebag. The nerve of some people expecting their privacy to be protected by the same people they’re attacking.

  20. dave says:

    C’mon, Fraser, safe mediacal services for women is not just a leftie concern. It’s not even ‘crap.’

  21. KP says:

    A basic google search turns up that Mr. Allison is a retired person from Calgary who worked in mechanical engineering. He’s also a mean-spirited jerk.

  22. JamesHalifax says:

    Don’t sweat it Warren….the more one’s hairline recedes, the more slings and arrows we must endure. The shape of your head is fine.

    Now….that Paul Well’s guy…that’s a different story. He reminds me of “Timmay” from South Park. Big head…and always saying the same thing.

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