05.08.2012 03:43 PM

Media: Ont. PC MPP Rick Nicholls shocking, unthinking, offensive and an embarrassment

…and those are just some of the nice things they say.  Still think it was a good idea to read out that statement Tim Hudak’s minions gave to you, Nicholls?

From anything I can see, Kinsella may be an annoyance to the Conservatives thanks to his blog and other literary exploits, but unlike Kirbie, he doesn’t work for Ornge.

What was Nicholls thinking?

Well, he sure wasn’t thinking about apologizing, until he was shamed into it later by another MPP, Gilles Bisson.

Bisson, an NDP, called Nicholls comment “unparliamentary,” and accused him of using “language that’s unbefitting of being used in our society… I just want to say, as a man, I found that extremely offensive.”

And I just want to say, as a woman, I found it very offensive as well.

And, even worse, as a resident of Chatham-Kent, I found it embarrassing. Like we don’t have enough to deal with here without our MPP sounding like…

When Nicholls did finally apologize, the Hansard shows he said, “I withdraw my comment, and I sincerely apologize for making that statement.”

Now that it’s over with, I’m hoping that Nicholls can redeem himself to the residents of Chatham-Kent and the rest of his riding in Essex, and actually start making a positive contribution.

So far, in the months since he was elected, Nicholls has done nothing other than criticize the government. While that is understandable to a point, all residents of Ontario would be best served by a politician who could come up with some real solutions to the problems we are facing.

And by ‘real solutions,’ I mean specific solutions, and not the PC rhetoric we have been hearing about since long before the election.

The Conservatives lost the election, but there are enough Tory MPPs out there that they could make a positive impact if they’d cut the posturing and concentrate on working with the Liberals and NDP to move Ontario forward.

Hopefully, at the end of his term, Nicholls won’t be remembered for the ‘squeeze’ blunder, but for something valuable he actually accomplished.

But he’s going to have to take a big step up for that to happen.



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    stewiebusiness says:

    After reading your blog posts, I always feel inclined to say “a-men”

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    Chris says:

    So far, in the months since he was elected, Nicholls has done nothing other than criticize the government.

    This rang true for me – we have the same situation with our local NDP member Sarah Campbell. It seems no matter what the government does, she is out making her criticisms before the ink has dried on the media release. It just seems tiresome and insincere to mindlessly parrot the party line over and over again.

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