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Prejudice and pride

It is always amazing to me that one group, facing prejudice, will then turn around and subject another group to prejudice. Amazing and sad.


  1. JamesHalifax says:

    Warren, this QAIA group is even more deluded than the usual lefty suspects. If they want to protest against a hostile regime, I recommend they go to Saudi Arabia or Iran and protest the policies against gays and lesbians there. As you know, Iran has NO homosexuals…..because they are killed as soon as they are found.

    I bought and read your book “Web of Hate” years ago and remember thinking how deluded some of these neo-nazi’s were, and I was grateful that they only comprise a small portion of the extreme groups in Canada. At least they dress and look the part….so they are easy to see, and easier to ridicule.

    The new anti-semites, however, are far more insidious. The cloak themselves in the mantle of anti-zionists, or pro-palestinians, and demand the only civilized country in the middle east open themselves up to further attack. Sadly, many of these anti-semites have found fertile ground in today’s LEFT WING groups. You can find them working as “academics” in University, union leaders, student leaders..etc…etc..

    One question. Have you ever thought of a sequel to your book? Instead of focussing on the small group of wing nuts in the neo-nazi movement, why don’t you focus on the far larger groups who have found a voice in the mainstream? I see them all the time as guests on the CBC, or as writers for the Toronto Star. Of course, they proclaim they are only looking out for the poor and downtrodden, but their focus seems to be strictly on Israel and Jews, and NOT the despots surrounding that country. If you write it….I’ll buy it.

    • que sera sera says:

      Overweening pronouncements about “the only civilized country” while apparently oblivious to both cultural parochialism & ethnic apartheid – more hilariously obtuse abuses of the word “civilized”.

  2. m5slib says:

    @James Halifax… just a point of information kinda thing: anti-semitic is probably not the right term for these people since Arabs and other Middle Eastern peoples would also qualify as semites.

  3. JamesHalifax says:

    Que sera sera……

    Let me guess. You’re one of those folks from the “Libby Davies” contingent of the NDP. I may further assume you think that the annual “Israeli Apartheid” hatefests at Canadian Universities is fair comment. As for the only civilized country in the region…..that is a statement of fact. Compare how the Israeli’s treat their citizens with that of the surrounding backward nations. Just look at who’s going to win the election in Egypt. Look how gays are treated in Iran (they’re hung, or crushed with a stone wall).

    Sera..sera…….If Israel wasn’t full of Jews…would you feel the same way? Somehow, I doubt it.

    M5slib – true in the technical sense, as they are all descendants of abraham, however, I think it’s a known fact that when we discuss anti-semites in today’s world, the target is the people of Jewish descent. Trying to defray that with your comment is disingenous…and is on par with those folks who say they are anti-zionist, when in fact we know they are anti-Jewish.

    The only difference between the “Israel anti-apartheid” crowd, and our German friends of the 1930’s and 40’s, is the fact that the Germans could march in step. The other’s just march in the streets or on Canadian Campus’s. The target of their hatred hasn’t changed however.

    • Jason King says:

      A simple google search of how many people were killed in WW2 by the “Israel anti-apartheid” crowd leaves your argument dead in the water.

      Libby Davies crowd? You must be from the Glenn Beck crowd.

      • JamesHalifax says:

        Jason…..you obviously didn’t read what I wrote. If you did…then you failed to understand it. That’s your failing, not mine.

        As for Libby Davies, I suppose you agree with her assertion that Israel is an illegal state?

        I’m not surprised.

        as for Glenn Beck….he’s as big an idiot as Libby Davies.

        As for WW2 and the anti-israeli apartheid crowd…sorry, they didn’t exist. That group of idiots is completely home grown on Canadian Universities.

        • Jason King says:

          Sorry to bust your perceived bubble of superior intelligence James.

          I did understand your argument and it is flawed. There are several differences between the “Israel anti-apartheid” crowd and the Nazis. Either you are being ignorant or disengenous on the matter.

          For one, name me one example of a citizen being made to wear a symbol to identify them in North America.

          Provide a single example of a work camp created in Canada or the United States like what was created in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s.

          How much forced labour is being provided by an interred ethnic community in Canada or the US say like what was used by companies like Siemens and Bayer? Just one please?

          “As for Libby Davies, I suppose you agree with her assertion that Israel is an illegal state?

          I’m not surprised.”

          Not surprised about what? I never answered your assumption. For the record no I dont agree with Libby Davies but I also fail to understand your preoccupation with her. The only flaw in that part of your argument is that you were too arrogant to wait for a response before you passed judgement.

          “as for Glenn Beck….he’s as big an idiot as Libby Davies.”

          Well we agree there.

          “As for WW2 and the anti-israeli apartheid crowd…sorry, they didn’t exist. That group of idiots is completely home grown on Canadian Universities.”

          I think you more fail to comprehend the flaw in your argument. You wre the one that posted the statement that compared the nazis to the “Israel anti-apartheid” not I. I was just responding (as I do above) that your argument is flawed and a bit hysterical. I could easily say that hikers and nazis both wore boots, not cite any of the differences and then make an entirely inaccurate statement like “that’s the only difference” to bolster my crapola argument, but I will leave that to you.

          “That group of idiots is completely home grown on Canadian Universities.”

          So where did they grow your crop of idiots James?

          • JamesHalifax says:

            Jason, clearly you continue to miss the point.

            you use examples I never mentioned. You write of Work Camps, symbols designating by heritage, etc. If that is your only response, why waste your time? Why respond to something I never said?

            Try and think clearly, Jason. What I wrote about was the “sentiment” of the Israeli anti-apartheid crowd. True, no symbols are demanded by today’s crop of anti-semites; instead, we have demands for boycotts of Israeli made goods, Jewish shops, Jewish academics..etc. True, there are no tangible symbols demanded by the anti-semites to single out our Jewish neighbors, but the sentiment is there none the less.

            Libby Davies: She made herself a target when she declared Israel was an illegal state. As she is an elected MP for Parliament, she is a legitimate point of comment. The only thing keeping her quiet right now, is Thomas Mulcair. Mulcair can make her keep her mouth shut in public, but you can be damn sure when she’s with the other anti-semites her feelings are well known.

            Your hiking boot analogy is as flawed as your comprension, and again you respond to things I didn’t write. I guess you know your argument is flawed as well. Grasping at straws now…..or boots.

            Canadian Universities: Actually, they are the breeding grounds for some of the most hateful sentiments and groups in Canada; the Israeli-anti-apartheid group is just one of them.

            I had several professors who made their poisonous and hateful views well known. In their academic coocoon however, they felt it a safe place to espouse their views, while shutting down dissentors. I had one professor begin each class with an anti-Jewish joke/story, or an anti-American comment of the same nature. I had one female professor who cancelled her classes every time there was a protest agains the US or George Bush..and invited students to join her.

            I’ve seen Muslim exchange students celebrate terror attacks against the West, including one fanatic who had a T-shirt that read, “I Love New York (with a Heart symbol for Love)…even better without the World Trade Centre”

            Face it Jason, Canadian Universities are no longer a place of free and independent thinking so much as they have become a breeding ground for hate groups of the Left.

            By the way…when I brought some of these observations to University Administrators….I was told not to cause trouble. Nothing was done.

            So it continues.

          • Philip says:

            Notice his constantly moving goal posts, Jason? Where have we seen this particular movie before? Hmmmm.

  4. JamesHalifax says:

    Umm…Jerry, you may want to loosen your tie. It seems to be restricting the blood flow to your brain. Usually, this wouldn’t be such an issue, however, a tight tie in combination with the loosely fitted metallic head covering seems to be affecting you negatively.

    As for the disenfranchised…..what do you call the 6 Million Jews who perished during the 2nd world war? (yes, Jerry…that did actually happen)

    I think when you refer to the disenfranchised you are referring to the Palestinians correct? Is disenfranchised the new term for folks who like to strap explosives around the chest of their children and detonate themselves in pizza parlours? Is disenfranchised refer to the propensity of Palestinians to teach hatred to their children?

    Please Jerry….tell me who is the disenfranchised to which you refer?

    As for abandoning all hope…..sorry, there is always room for hope. I hope the Palestinians stop teaching hatred to their kids…but I won’t hold my breath. I hope the Palestinians stop supporting terrorists…but I won’t hold my breath. I hope, Canadians continue to see the difference between a tiny country surrounded by hostile fanatics and the fanatics themselves. I hope the NDP goes back to their roots of looking for ways to help working Canadians’ and abandon’s their Libby Davies led contingent which is mainly concerned about castigating the only civilized country in the middle east.

    This at least, I can hope for still.

  5. JamesHalifax says:

    I’ll loosen my hat…when Libby Davies stops spouting anti-Jewish hate under the guise of Palestinian rights.

    Libby Davies has a history of anti-Jewish remarks and comments. It’s not a rant…if it’s true.

    • Jason King says:


      I think you are the first person on this blog to actually admit you wear a tinfoil hat.

      And its only Wednesday

    • Jason King says:

      “It’s not a rant…if it’s true.”

      No citation. No proof. Sorry James its a rant and a rather poor one at that.

      • JamesHalifax says:

        No proof Jason?

        That pretty much proves my point. Just because you are unaware of something…….it can’t be true.

        yep…you’re a true NDP’er.

        by the way…..Libby Davies’ views are well known. I think it had something to do with the fact that her comments were video-recorded and then played back on National TV.

        Guess that’s not proof enough for you eh?

  6. JamesHalifax says:


    Please show me my constantly moving goal posts.

    As usual, you cannot sensibly rebut what I have written, so you settle for snide comments that have nothing to do wtih the topic. If any goal posts were moved, they were moved by Jason when he tried to refute my argument….using points I did not mention. You’re addressing the wrong goalie phil.

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