05.04.2012 01:43 PM

Robocon: the noose tightens

OTTAWA — The IP address used to send misleading robocalls to Guelph voters on election day was the same address used by a worker from the campaign office of local Conservative candidate Marty Burke, Elections Canada investigators believe.

The Internet Protocol address — like an Internet phone number — was used by campaign worker Andrew Prescott to arrange legitimate calls through RackNine, the Edmonton voice broadcasting firm.

But the same IP address was also used to arrange the fraudulent “Pierre Poutine” calls that pretended to be from Elections Canada and sent hundreds of electors to the wrong polling stations, Elections Canada alleges in court documents.

RackNine records provided to Elections Canada showed that Prescott’s account had been accessed from a Rogers IP address in Guelph,



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    Bluegreenblogger says:

    Yeah, problem is it supports the Conservative initial response. It was all the fault of a rogue campaigner somewheres. I remain convinced that a real judicial inquiry would be nailing a whole lot of players, and would be grilling the War Room operatives (for want of a better description) who were in the best position to execute a national vote suppression scheme. We shall see if EC has the stamina, and if the RCMP dare to go against thier masters. Do not hold your breath. The most reprehensible political acts in living memory are going to be swept under the carpet.

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      kenn2 says:

      I have to agree. The dream scenario for the CPC is to have this whole affair boil down to one rogue actor in one riding. They can distance themselves from that, help crucify the patsy and point to how they’ve cooperated, and rightfully claim that the opposition and media blew this all out of proportion. Thereby escaping scrutiny for the other systematic robocalling, and how this was all orchestrated from higher up.

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    Danny says:

    In IP Address by itself is evidence, but not enough to convict. It is a Rogers IP address, and they use and re-use their IP addresses via DHCP over and over again. In fact they force users IP addresses to change consistently, so you cannot setup a server at your home. Most providers do the same.
    Also, an IP address could host a NAT switch or a open wireless connection that anyone could connect to. There could be multiple or ever hundreds of users behind a single IP address. This is why a US court recently ruled that an IP address is not enough evidence to identify Pirates. http://www.geekosystem.com/ip-address-insufficient-id/

    But , having said this, if I was Pierre, I would be worried. 🙂

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    patrick Deberg says:

    Sona was demoted. Prescott has been fingered. Jenni burn fired Sona. Same as the guy that was facing 25 years for election fraud in the new Hampshire fiasco. Sona will face jail for the team and the names will be remembered. Nail Sona or Prescott and then my friends the clarity will flow. Once the dominoes fall it will reach the PMO. Harper will be remembered as the only prime minister in Canadian history that tried to destroy democracy. Great legacy……………….

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    Anne Peterson says:

    And the other 199 constituencies?

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      Josh says:

      Well, Anne, let’s just get Al Mathhews to investigate all of them at the same time, sound reasonable? Or maybe Elections Canada should tap into their vast investigative resources to do all 200 constituencies and have all investigations complete in a week or so, sound practical? Maybe it would be practical if Harper didn’t cut Elections Canada’s operating budget in the Federal Budget this year, no? And this would only be reasonable if you lived on a different planet. Moron.

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