05.23.2012 01:01 PM

Wanna have an election?

The Opposition clearly want one.

Personally – speaking only for me, myself and I – I wouldn’t necessarily object.  I enjoy elections.  I like elections.

Mostly, however, it will permit this to be the ballot question:

“Do you support the Ontario PC and NDP decision to push for an election, just a few months after the last one? If no, vote Ontario Liberal.”

Like I say, let ‘er rip.  We’ll get the biggest majority in the history of the Ontario Legislature.


  1. JamesHalifax says:

    Frankly, I think McGinty is making a lot of errors, however, if the choice is between the Libs needing the NDP and the Libs with a majority, I’ll take the libs. Having the NDP with ANY influence over the economy is a BAD THING.

    If the PC’s dump Hudak….maybe I’ll change my mind.

    • Cynical says:

      “If the PC’s dump Hudak….maybe I’ll change my mind.”

      Eyes are going. I read this as “If the PC’s hump Hudak…..”
      The mind boggles.

  2. Joey Rapaport says:

    Premier Hudak !!! LOL

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