06.03.2012 09:22 PM

Forget about the Lib leadership subject matter

I just wanted to observe that Susan Delacourt does a great job covering federal Liberal stuff, as here. ┬áIf it wasn’t for her ongoing interest, we’d only be written about by historians!


  1. JamesHalifax says:

    I just wish the Libs would hurry up and crown RAE. Only then will they receive the bad news that they are starting from the wrong page AGAIN!!.

    I think they still have lower to go before they wise up.

    RAE will be a disaster (again) simply because he is not really a Liberal. He’s an NDP’er at heart, and as such, still doesn’t know diddly about basic economics. People still know this.

  2. ernest lustig says:

    You are 105% correct re Susa n

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