06.25.2012 06:11 AM

In today’s Hill Times: on that Trudeau guy

TORONTO—No exaggeration: there is actual excitement back in Canadian politics. Why?

Justin Trudeau, that’s why. 

In the days leading up to Bob Rae finally acknowledging reality—that, despite his smarts and experience, he was never, ever going to be Prime Minister—I started hearing rumours that Trudeau was considering a shot at the top Grit job after all. I posted some of the speculation on my website. 

The response I received was astonishing. Literally hundreds and hundreds of comments—from Grits, sounding more hopeful than I’d heard them in years. And from Cons and Dippers, too, who sounded actually concerned. Worried, even. 

Based on the polls and based on the buzz, they should be. If Trudeau throws his hat in the proverbial ring, he could transform the Canadian political scene. 

Or he could flop, spectacularly, like Michael Ignatieff did.

…With the Parti Québécois becoming competitive again, Canadians will likely be looking for a federalist champion again. Harper, who is despised in Quebec, isn’t it. Nor is it Mulcair, with his party’s despicable Sherbrooke Declaration. 

Trudeau, meanwhile, is effortlessly bilingual and thoroughly multicultural and an avowed federalist. Ask any cabbie, in any urban centre, to predict who they think will be Prime Minister one day. Ask them who could speak for Canada again, when no one does so anymore. Trudeau’s name is the only one they know—because he appeals to demographic tribes where Harper and Mulcair simply don’t.

…Justin Trudeau is the leader the Liberal Party needs. There’s no question that most of my fellow Liberals feel that way. 

The only question is whether Justin, and his young family, feel that way, too. 


  1. bluegreenblogger says:

    Hmm, Hill Times, by subscription only. Sorry, not gonna pop $4 for a pdf copy either..

    • JamesHalifax says:

      “The Hill Times”………..

      Otherwise known as the “Anti-Harper Press Gallery”…..

      No wonder they’re excited.

      • Don’t be silly! The Hill Times is about the least biased media organization I know of in Canada. The problem with the Conservatives is that anybody who takes more than a passive interest in Canadian Politics knows the CPC does not utter a single public word that isn’t full of shit. The CPC doesn’t actually say anything, they utter fabrications, spin, and talking points without reference to reality. Do not be surprised if all the media (except the peanut gallery, meaning the Sun) report on what actually is, instead of the nonesense that comes from Conservative mouths.

        • JamesHalifax says:

          Bluegreenblogger…interesting response.

          You begin by stating you view that the Hill Times is unbiased, then launch into an attack on the conservatives equating them with actions more in tune with an African Strongman, or Middle eastern Dictator.
          Well, I suppose if one had that view of the Conservative Party, and then read stories by journalists who basically agree with you…then it would appear they are unbiased.

          You are sort of like a fish swimming in a pond….. and not realizing it is actually wet.

      • Tim Sullivan says:

        This is not an accurate statement from any objective point of view.

        What evidence do you have, JamesHalifax, or are you just spoutin’ BS opinion as fact?

        • JamesHalifax says:

          Tim, unlike you….I have actually read the Hill Times. The fact that you cannot see the anti-conservative bias is not surprising. See above comparison to fish in a pond……

          • Tim Sullivan says:

            Behind every tree, every bush, every leaf, lurks conservative bias, I’m sure.

            I like how well you know me and what I read. Again, spouting off shit you don’t know.

            Welcome back Gord.

          • JamesHalifax says:

            Tim Sullivan,

            I was reading the Hill Times before you were denying Jews died during the Holocaust.

            As for knowing you……I’ve known you since the comment you made, to which I refer above. You, Sir, are a hate filled waste of skin.

            Sorry…no citation. I’d just have to refer you back to your own postings in any event.

          • Tim Sullivan says:

            JamesHalifax, take the comment out of context all you want, and miss the point entirely, but you have not once said anything here that has been accurate.

            The point, if you hadn’t picked up on it, was no matter what was said about a group, like that there was or was not a Holocaust, that no one died or 6 million died, defamation legislation would not help a group or any individual group harmed by the comment.

            But I don’t expect any evidence from you. You just spew BS. So now you know my age and what I read. Did Vic Toews tell you?

          • JamesHalifax says:

            Tim..simple solution.

            Tell me you KNOW that the Holocaust was real…and that the target was mainly Jewish..and that 6 Million of them died.

            If you believe that reality, then maybe I’ll start taking you seriously…instead of considering you just another predictable NDP anti-semitic hack….because your views would not sit well with the Conservatives or the Liberals.

  2. ottawacon says:

    The Tories cozying up to the PQ may completely change the federal landscape. For Harper’s project of destroying the Liberal party and seeing a stable two party system, it may be a colossal mistake. On this issue, the NDP and the Conservatives will be on one side of an issue divide, and for now there will be an empty space on the other. Politics, like nature, abhors a vacuum.

    • Jordan says:

      Cozying up? I believe all that was said was that the Conservatives would work with the PQ if they were to form government. What did you think they would do, ignore Premier Marios completely and act as if she didn’t exist?

  3. Jordan says:

    I’m still iffy about Trudeau. I worry about him on economic matters because he doesn’t have a background in it. However, I think has the best chance of recruiting star candidates for the party and therefore he could bring in a star candidate with a background in finance and economics.

    • Ted H says:

      I agree with you generally, but a party leader or PM doesn’t necessarily have to be an expert on economics, he has ministers for that, what he has to be is an inspirational leader that has an attractive vision for his party and for the country.

      Despite how he is touted, Stephen Harper isn’t really an economist and his economic decisions are being made for political, not prudent fiscal reasons. Besides, we are seeing the consequences world wide of letting bean counters make policy, economics is only part of government, not all of it.

      • Jordan says:

        He knows how to talk about economics though, something Ignaiteff and Dion were incapable of doing. Trudeau is not going to have his finance critic with him during a leaders debate.

        • Ted H says:

          Yes, I remember his response to Dion’s Green Shift, “It’s going to screw everybody”, very economically articulate, very statesman like, very astute talking point.

          • JamesHalifax says:

            Ted H….

            “It’s going to screw everybody” sums up exactly what would happen if Dion were able to follow through.

            Articulation is the ability to get your point across clearly. I’d say Harper managed that very well.

            After all…you can’t argue with success. 🙂

          • Tim Sullivan says:

            Yes, success is everything for the Cons and people like you. That is one of the reasons Canadian democracy is is going down the toilet. It is just too bad that Harper and the CPC don’t want to put any of that articulation and messaging to the test of an election, fairly fought. Let’s test them with respecting spending limits (rather than committing the crime of overspending and manipulating the system to seem as through you are not overspending), avoid voter suppression (guilty or not, the “success mantra sends the signal that winning at any cost is what counts), and maybe not stuff ballot boxes (hey Boris, sorry for the false victory, but F-You).

            Hey, here’s an idea. When a Superior Court finds in 10 polls almost 3 times the number of ballots the “winner” won by (the other 200 polls were not even examined), run a by-election. Go legit. Accept democracy. There is nothing wrong with that. Fair fight. Put the candidate to the test.

            So don’t go all -“Harper is better because he wins” bull shit because he cheats to win, encourages his workers to cheat, and rewards cheaters (there are 2 in the Senate). JamesHalifax, you supportive of that cheater and his cheating ways because his message is better or because he is a cheater?

          • que sera sera says:

            “After all….you can’t argue with success.”

            Apparently Conservatives define “success” as a CPC guilty plea once already to electoral fraud, Harper’s Parliamentary Secretary and member of the Ethics Committee being investigated for forged documents and electoral fraud, the judicial overturning of Conservative election results in one riding, and another 200 ridings being investigated for voter suppression and electoral fraud.

          • JamesHalifax says:

            Tim, and que sera sera….

            A simple search will reveal that every Party has had run ins with Elections Canada…and believe it or not, Elections Canada has been wrong on more than one occassion.

            that being said, if anyone did commit any malfeasance….I hope they pay the price for it.

          • que sera sera says:

            Speaking of simple research, its a little known fact that the only federal political party ever to have pled guilty to electoral fraud happens to be ….. wait for it…….. drum roll please……………The Conservative Party of Canada.

            Another success story brought to you by the CPC.

            Maybe they too should get a Diamond Jubilee Medal to mark such a rare achievement in over 145 years of democracy in Canada.

            Maybe the NFB of Canada could do a Heritage Moment commemorating the occasion.

      • JamesHalifax says:

        Ted H, wrote:
        “a party leader or PM doesn’t necessarily have to be an expert on economics”

        That may be true to some extent Ted H, but Justin Trudeau is not only..NOT and expert on Economics, he apparently doesn’t grasp even basic economics. That is a concern.
        Remember, in his household when he was growing up….castro wasn’t a murderous dicatator…he was a close personal friend of the family. But I guess it’s ok…..Castro wasn’t into economics either.

        • Tim Sullivan says:

          I didn’t know Castro was in Justin Trudeau’s household at all. Go figure. I always thought Castro lived in Cuba.

          You sure know lots of stuff, JamesHalifax.

    • frmr self-confessed Raelian says:

      He’s already got one in Scott Brison and/or Ralph Goodale(who as Finance Minister, brought in two balanced bodgets)…..

      • JamesHalifax says:

        Actually, the Liberals’ best MP for economics, would be John Macallum.

        Unfortunately, John Macallum would have a hard time saying Harper is wrong and still sound like he means it.

        • It would be too easy to say Harper is wrong! All he has to say is: ‘The Liberal Party under the careful stewardship of Jean Chretien, and Paul Martin consistently ran a surplus, maintained a prudent reserve, steadily reduced payroll taxes, while increasing investments in government services. Then along came Harper, with what we suspect to be a fake economics degree, to ramp up spending to unprescedented levels, while handing out a Consumption tax cut and destroyed 8 years of brilliant Liberal management of the public purse.’
          Now how hard was that?

          • Jordan says:

            Most Canadian forget about the mistakes Harper made during his first couple of years and just focus on the fact that the rescission wasn’t Harper’s fault nor is the deficit.

          • JamesHalifax says:

            Bluegreen……The Liberals could not have taken care of the deficit if it were not for Free Trade and the GST…both strongly opposed by the Liberals in opposition, but wisely kept in place once they were in Government. The deficit would still be here if it weren’t for that. As well, transfers to the provinces were slashed deeply, defence spending was eviscerated (decade of darkness..remember?) and the US was doing pretty well, and given they were our main customer, we did ok too.

            Now, ask yourself what shape the country would be in if the Liberals were still in power and enacted all the programs they espoused?

            NAtional Daycare (free babysitting…..that would cost $10B per year or more)
            PHarmaCare….free drugs, even for those who can afford their own…many more billions.
            Kelowna …….blackmail money to keep first nations happy as they suck us dry and STILL maintain a welfare and alchol lifestyle in some communities in the NOrth.
            Biggest blunder..Kyoto…would have cost $100 Billion or more…and would do nothing the help fight man made (imagined) climate change.

            Sorr bluegreen…the couldabeen you seem to be so despondent about, would have been a disaster. Hopefully the Liberals will find someone who can be honest about what the country needs, as opposed to promising Greek style programs that would make us into…well…Greece.

          • Tim Sullivan says:

            The Conservatives had Free Trade and the GST and they couldn’t balance the budget, so what’s your ignorant, know-nothing point?

            You see, JamesHalifax, what the Liberals understood and conservatives world-wide do not understand is, to balance a budget, one has to bring in the same or more than one spends. Cons world-wide talk a good game about reducing spending, but don’t, or can’t, and see only boogy-men in taxes, where there aren’t any.

            Incompetence, ignorance or deception, not sure what it is.

            What do you think it is, JamesHalifax? You know so much, share.

          • JamesHalifax says:

            Tim, the more you write, the more sorry I feel for you.

            Free Trade is dependent upon a trading partner that wants to, and is able to buy your “stuff”….if that market dries up, it affects us here. The Americans made a mess of things, but we, and most other countries had to pay the price for it.

            A point you seem not to understand, is that balancing a budget is much easier if you control your costs, reduce where possible, and remove duplication where necessary…and you don’t NEED to bring in as much. Now, just imagine where Canada would be under a Liberal Government that brought in all of the programs they promised?

            Free Daycare (not really free)
            Kyoto (waste of money AND useless)

        • frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

          My bad…..should have included John MacCallum in the list too….

        • Tim Sullivan says:

          What does that mean? McCallum could say Harper was wrong on most things economic, and mean it, and have the credentials to know it.

          • JamesHalifax says:

            That’s the point Tim….

            MaCallum could easily say Harper is wrong…but he wouldn’t mean it.

            MaCallum knows the changes Harper is making are necessary. He just cannot admit to it….

    • JenS says:

      I’m iffy on him, too, and would go a step further and say that the phrase “most of my fellow Liberals feel that way, too” ought be qualified as perhaps referring mostly to Liberals in the insider bubble. And not considering those who most closely identify as Liberal but are not within that bubble is one of the gravest errors that has been made by the party this past decade.

    • Tim Sullivan says:

      The current guy purports to have some kind of degree in economics and he doesn’t seem to know much. He can’t balance a budget. He can’t select a finance minister who has ever balanced a budget in 2 different jurisdictions. He keeps changing mortgage rules until they are the same they had coming in. He thinks subsidizing oil companies is good the economy and appears not to give a rat’s ass about its effect on the environment. He cut the GST so we could save, like, what, a few bucks on some large purchases we make seldom or on one-offs. He cancelled the best economic-data collection tool in the world, Canada’s census.

      Yeah, that Trudeau. What the hell does he know?

      • JamesHalifax says:

        He doesn’t just purport to have a degree (it’s a Master’s degree by the way)…..he has one.

        • Tim Sullivan says:

          So he has the degree. I would like to thank you for the excellent defence of the rest of Harper’s abilities in matters economic you could muster. (That was the point.)

  4. Ray MacLeod says:

    What Canadians are desprately looking for is his father’s ghost.

    • Michael says:

      No, what some Liberals are desperately looking for is his father’s ghost.

      • JamesHalifax says:

        Why would you want his father’s ghost…..

        The living and breathing father was an economic disaster when he was in charge. (granted, a great deal of that had to do with the need to cooperate with the NDP)

        • Tim Sullivan says:

          What the hell are you talking about? When did the Liberals have to co-operate with the NDP? The early 70’s? Every government was going through deficit-spending, world-wide. There was an “energy crisis” and stagflation in Canada and the US. So, pray tell, what do you mean he was an economic disaster?

          You are entitled to your own opinions, as ideological and ignorant and devoid of reason though they are. You are not entitled to your own facts.

          PET’s deficits were no where near conservative government deficits, especially in the 80’s and early 90’s. What did Bouchard ask Campbell? How much will the deficit be? It was somewhere at $56B.

          • JamesHalifax says:

            Tim…since when have FACTS ever mattered to you when they prove you are deluded? You simply ignore the facts you don’t want to recognize…and then invent your own.

            The Liberals only work with the NDP when they are forced to…..and the last time this happened was not in the 1970’s…though the 70’s did the most damage.

            As for being entitled to my own opinion…that’s true. In fact, if you were to agree with my opinion for a change…you could actually claim to have been right about something at least once.

          • Tim Sullivan says:

            Tell me when on what occasion I’ve used my own facts.

  5. Dan says:

    “Or he could flop, spectacularly, like Michael Ignatieff did.”

    Has anyone ever done the real soul searching to understand why the Liberal party has been crumbling over the past 25 years? Or are you guys still sticking with the “needed a better leader”/”damn those conservative attack ads” thesis?

    • Greg from Calgary says:

      Problem is for short term gains they were willing to destroy long term relationships with various voter groups. Worked for a while until enough bad blood had risen up that they hardly have a base anymore. In fact since 1979 (last 33 years) there have been what 8 elections where the cons have met the libs and the cons weren’t divided? Cons won 6 of those (3 majority, 3 minority) libs 2 (1 majority, 1 minority). But, I still think the libs could win back Quebec.

    • JamesHalifax says:

      Dan, the Liberals stopped being about vision and policy years ago. They’ve turned into a party of cheap tricks and gimmicks….and Canadians see through the charade.

      They need a leader with gravitos, not a goatee.

      • Tim Sullivan says:

        Where shall we look for whatever “gravitos” is, JamesHalifax?

        Nice catch-phrase, but again, your words mean nothing, and quite literally, have no meaning.

        Anyhoo, what are you talking about, the Liberals have no vision? Green shift was a vision, it just got outplayed (and apparently, we got out-smarted by cheaters at the ballot box and outspent because the Liberal vision includes respect for the law).

        If you are talking about “gravity”, we shall consider Del Mastro, who I am sure has satellites orbiting around his corpulent form, while genius he is cannot account for $17,000 of his own money.

        We don’t need gravitas, economic degrees or satellites orbiting our spokespeople. We need someone who respects the law, knows how to surround himself with smart people, and who can listen to the opinion of others, including voters, courts of justice, and officers of parliament. We need someone who LIKES CANADA and LIKES CANADIANS.

        • que sera sera says:

          “Where shall we look for whatever “gravitos” is, JamesHalifax?”

          I dunno, Tim, maybe check his shirt front or his chin.

          I expect on Planet Conservative people dip their tostitos in gravitos – fear of poutine and a need to fake culinary multiculturalism along with everything else.

        • JamesHalifax says:

          Tim, if you were ever to do a simple search for things you do not understand…then maybe you would begin to understand something. Anything.

          Once again….I impart my knowledge to you. (with a citation you will most likely ignore in any event)

          You make it too easy.


          I take it English was never your forte.


          Just in case…

          • JamesHalifax says:

            And Timmy….the fact you spent so much effort pointing out a spelling error on my part is rather telling.

            If you have been reduced to that level…I must really be getting under than transparently thin skin of yours…lol


      • Tim Sullivan says:

        I like that cheap trick the Liberals pulled about reducing the GST 2 percentage points. That one about tax incentives when the budget is balanced was a good one … like the Liberals could ever balance the budget.

  6. Linda Yates says:

    Jordan please consider SCOTT BRISON!

    • Jordan says:

      He’s pretty much ruled it out and his attacks on the Liberal Party between 1997 and 2004 will be used against him, no matter how good he is. I also don’t believe his French is great.

  7. dillon says:

    Mulcair is well respected in Quebec. Trudeau is mocked.

    • Jordan says:

      Then why does polling show that the NDP and Liberals would be tied under Trudeau’s leadership?

    • Reality.Bites says:

      So was his father, and so was Jean Chrétien. And both won the majority of Quebec seats every single time (pretty much ALL the seats, actually)

      You know which Liberal leaders were “respected” in Quebec? Paul Martin and Michael Ignatieff.

  8. Mom says:

    I think that the operative word is SOMEDAY….let’s give the party time to rebuild at the grassroots level, gather new members (with Trudeau’s help), fundraise like crazy, get some policy on the ground…Unless we can save ourselves first we could be looking at another needless sacrifice…In the interim a core team, perhaps lead by someone like Martha Hall Findlay would make a nice transition

    • Linda Yates says:

      Right on Mom money and policy!


    • james curran says:

      You are just not dealing in reality.

      • JamesHalifax says:

        James Curran…you are the last person to be criticizing someone’s view of reality.

        After all, you spend an inordinate (that means “a lot”) amount of time thinking about sex with hats.

        Winter must drive you mad with desire………

        • Tim Sullivan says:

          Thanks for making us smarter, JamesHalifax.. You sure know a lot of stuff.

          However, “inordinate” does not really mean “a lot”.

          I make a lot of money, but I do not make an inordinate amount of money.

          The CPC spends a lot of money during elections. Unfortunately, they also spend an inordinate amount as well.

          • JamesHalifax says:

            Tim, you sure you a lot of words for someone who doesn’t know what most words mean….


            As for you definition of making a lot of money…that is a relative term is it not?

            Donald Trump…..compared to you, makes a lot of money. In fact, I”d say he makes an inordinate amount more than you.

            But…compared to Bill Gates…Donald Trump does not make a lot of money……..

            You really need to think more before you hit the submit button tim(ah!)

          • Tim Sullivan says:

            Your link doesn’t work. Inordinate is not defined as “a lot” where you sent me to. And my point was not one of semantics. “Inordinate” has a normative value to it that is not captured by a rather ignorant and dumbed down “gosh, guy, inordinate means big, lot, much.”

  9. Linda Yates says:

    Dillon Trudeau is also respected in Quebec.

  10. Linda Yates says:

    Jordan Scott Brison is married to a French Canadian and his French is Very Good!

    • frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

      I just hope his partner has helped Scott work on his accent……he used to sound like he attended the John Crosbie School of French pronunciation…….

      • Reality.Bites says:

        He doesn’t have a partner, he has a husband. “Partner” is a generic term for groups of people with various statuses “staff are invited to this event along with their partners” or for unmarried people. Brison is married. Referring to his husband as his partner is, although I’m sure unintentional on your part, something of a holdover from the days when gays couldn’t marry.

  11. billg says:

    Anything that helps the LPC get its mojo back is good for the Country.
    The partisan right will howl and moan about the evils of Justin, much the same way the partisan left whines about Harper changing Canada..(what exactly did you think he was going to do with a majority), but, if the end game is a fight between the Libs and the Cons with the NDP taking what scraps they can then I’m good with that.

    • JamesHalifax says:

      Justin’s not evil…..he’s just not competent.

      You can like the man and still not want to see him leading the country. Just like you don’t have to like the man…and want him leading the country.

      • Tim Sullivan says:

        You sure know a lot of stuff. Perhaps one can say you know an inordinate amount of stuff. So, make us smarter. In what, exactly, is he not competent? Boxing? Family? Electoral politics? Fund raising? Spelling? Do tell, JamesHalifax. In what is Trudeau incompetent for you to have made such a defamatory statement of this public figure?

        Back up your bs opinion with a fact.

        • JamesHalifax says:

          Tim…compared to you….everyone knows a lot of stuff.

          As for Trudeau not being competent…again, that is relative. IF your idea of leadership is combing your hair just right, or getting your Guy Falkes goatee just right..then yes, Justin is competent as a part time substitute teacher.

          If, however your idea of competence is someone who understands how an economy works, or the needs of the various regions of the country….then Justin has some work to do.

          Face it Tim……Justin has his father’s name, but he got his mothers brain.

          • Tim Sullivan says:

            Trudeau’s mother has a mental illness and apparently did during the whole marriage. If you are equating mental illness to stupidity, or if you think Justin Trudeau has a mental illness, you are a heartless and ignorant ass.

            But again, what evidence do you have that Trudeau is incompetent? It is your opinion, but not informed by any facts. Your opinion is ignorant, as a result of not being informed by any facts. It is ideological because you have an opinion of his incompetence without facts which is the opposite opinion of the current head of government, and again, contrary to any facts. Either that, or you are delusional.

            Trudeau certainly can’t do any worse than Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum pair of “can’t balance a budget no matter what government I’m in”. Gold-plated Business Card Baird, Flagrant Flaherty and Gazebo Tony sure messed up Ontario’s books, under the watch of (what are you calling Harper, “competent”?). Carrying on in Ottawa, as anticipated (just not as they said they would.)

  12. Michael Ignatieff? NO, I don’t think he is like Justin Trudeau. Further, MP Trudeau is not a replica of his father.

    This is a new time in Canadian politics and while many of the issues seems to re-emerge time and time again, I would believe that Trudeau would bring the ideals of ‘my’ generation to the fore. 40-somethings have had a lifetime of watching all the parties become mired in ridiculously deceptive scandals, and younger voters concerns have been neglected in favour of the wealthier older set. I loved Jack Layton because I believed that he loved Canada and cared personally about doing a good job for its people–all people, not just the rich. Once he was gone I felt we might never have another chance to rise to what we could become as a nation. But then I started learning about Justin Trudeau and felt a kinship with his ideals. Not because he won a boxing match for charity, but because he is very well educated (as I am) and simply by choosing education as an earlier career I feel that he does sincerely care about the future of this generation. One would have to, because teaching in today’s high school classrooms is a challenge, even compared to question period! Importantly, he didn’t go for a cushy finance job, or abandon his personal convictions.

    Leaders in ‘this’ world cannot know everything about everything. Neither can teachers. However, both must be skilled in constantly learning, reading, absorbing and, if necessary, changing directions no matter the humiliation involved.

    All I would like from the Harper gang is transparency and a sense that the party is about Canadians and not just capitalist goals (by which many of the PCs are well served by). That will not happen. But MP Trudeau is the kind of natural leader who was born to inspire confidence and whose understanding shows to all those who have eyes to see a future for our country that is distinct from the United States.

  13. JamesHalifax says:

    Sara, every time I read someone discussing “new politics” I just see code for “Can’t think of anything else to say”…..

    As for Jack Layton loving Canada…wait for it. The CBC is going to use our tax dollars to show the rest of Canada (outside of Toronto and Quebec) how much they should have loved him too.

    I suspect however, they will leave out the parts about he and his wife running up hundreds of thousands of dollars on expense claims, living in subsidized housing, or Jack’s proclivities with certain “Chinese health clinics” near his riding.

    As for Harper’s transparency…if you haven’t seen it, then you haven’t been paying attention. He’s been doing exactly what he said he would do. The fact that the press and Opposition have been howling about it for years makes his transparency self-evident.

    Lastly, Justin Trudeau was not “a natural leader who was born to inspire confidence”….he’s the lucky winner of a genetic lottery that ended his monikor with the name “Trudeau”…and even with that silver spoon what did he manage to accomplish? Well…he was a part time substitute drama teacher with a flowing mane and chiselled jaw. Other than that…he’s done nothing worth mentioning.

    The Liberal Party needs to renew itself to provide an option that is not the NDP…..as it stands now, they are clearly still waiting for a saviour and salivating over polls.

    They’ve learned nothing.

    • que sera sera says:


      “As for Jack Layton loving Canada…wait for it. The CBC is going to use our tax dollars to show the rest of Canada (outside of Toronto and Quebec) how much they should have loved him too.
      I suspect however, they will leave out the parts about he and his wife running up hundreds of thousands of dollars on expense claims, living in subsidized housing, or Jack’s proclivities with certain “Chinese health clinics” near his riding.”


      Since you appear sensitive about Canada’s public broadcaster & tax dollars, I’m surprised you failed to mention the Harper Government paid out a half a billion public subsidy to the private broadcaster QMI & SUN-TV. (http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/cbc-lashes-out-at-quebecors-500-million-in-public-subsidies/article558980/) who have repaid the favour by faithfully captaining Harper’s cheerleading squad through lying, cheating, thieving, staging, electoral fraud, and voter suppression.

      And while someone of your delicate sensibilities is clearly compelled to leer about Jack Layton’s legal massage, you managed to refrain from equally leering over Vic“Free-Moustache-Rides” Toews, the serial adulterer and free range fornicator who banged the teenage babysitter and knocked up the girlfriend, prior to being booted by his long suffering wife.

      Such demonstrable and hilariously oblivious one-sided biases negate any tiny shreds of pseudo-credibility still clinging to you after your daily commute from Planet Conservative.

      Speaking of “self-evident” and “learning nothing”.

      • JamesHalifax says:

        Que Sera sera…I never said Jack broke any laws. Prostitution is legal…remember? (so stop worrying…you haven’t been breaking any laws)

        As for Vic Toews…….I wasn’t on Twitter following the details, but I’m glad it gave you a thrill.

        In fact, I disapprove of the actions of both men….but you’ll notice which story the media covered in the main correct?

        • que sera sera says:

          Your or anyone else’s approval only matters on election day in the voting booth.

          Your constant obnoxious bloviating on your selectively chosen “facts” while endlessly hectoring anyone else who has the audacity to comment on Warren’s website is beyond juvenile.

          Your self-absorption rivals that of babbling one year olds who also think the universe revolves solely around their perspective to the complete exclusion of all else.

          And warrants as much credence.

          • JamesHalifax says:

            Well, sera sera…..on the last election day, apparently more people agreed with my side…than yours. you’re just not over it yet.

            As you have used the word “bloviating” several times in your last few posts tells me you learned a new word today. Well done.

            As for my “facts”……they stand as written. Just because someone isn’t aware of the facts as I wrote them, does not mean they are not true. Everything I wrote about Layton has been reported publicly….that’s how I heard about them.

            Now…be a good Little Layton, grab a tissue…and relax. 🙂

    • Tim Sullivan says:

      You sure know a lot stuff, JamesHalifax. Tell us, when has Harper ever been transparent? His government was cited in contempt for not release documents he was ordered to release. THe PBO is having to bring his government to court for it ignoring his own law on “accountability”. Order paper questions are now routinely not answered. public servants are not permitted to speak to the press, even about one’s own book. His ministers either don’t know or won’t say what the department cuts will save, what its jet fighters will cost, what border spending there is in Muskoka, why Jenni Byrne qualified for a Queen’s medal, when Cabinet meetings are, what savings there will be by increasing the OAS age to 67 …

      No, this government, from what it seems it is keeping a lot of things secret, unless there is something you know that we ordinary folk don’t. That’s what I guess, anyhow, because you know a lot of stuff no one else does.

      You’re so smart. Enlighten us.

      • JamesHalifax says:

        Tim, trying to Enlighted someone such as yourself……..is like trying to start a fire underwater.

        No fuel, no oxygen, and nothing very hot.

        Can’t be done without a lot of extra work…..and frankly, you’re not worth it.

        • Tim Sullivan says:

          So, again, JamesHalifax … you refuse the challenge of backing up your bullshit ideological opinion with any fact, any example. You have wonderful similes. You sure know a lot of stuff.

          So instead of giving some example of transparency (we pretty much know why you can’t), you slam my intellect. What are you doing on this site if you cannot enlighten us? Pouting off bull ship ideological opinions notwithstanding?

  14. Transparency is NOT the same thing as fulfilling promises to voters. Shame on you for attacking Jack Layton — haven’t seen the conservatives produce anybody nearly as great or charismatic. Sounds like sour grapes when you mention ‘silver spoon’ and ‘lucky winner’.

    New politics for me does not mean I have nothing to say, it means the days of corrupt conservative rule with its Machiavellian priorities that hurt the poorest Canadians the most may in fact be nearing their end. Jack Layton proved that any party can take a drastic turn for the better in a very short time, and Justin Trudeau (again, probably much better educated and more experienced than most of the older cronies up in Ottawa-I can understand why so many people are jealous of him but then, too bad.)

    I do agree about the Liberal Party needing to prove itself distinct from the NDP. In Ontario, it needs to distinguish itself from the PC. There is absolutely no doubt that Liberals have a hard row to hoe. But the Charter got done through such hard work and now there are new challenges facing Canada that have NEVER confronted us in the past. Liberals will need to come to a strong platform that appeals to anyone who truly does not like what Harper is doing, and anyone who is let down by the choice of the current NDP leader. People really don’t need a big push to choose a new person for a new way of doing things, and I believe that person will eventually be Justin Trudeau, whether Tories like him or not is not of consequence.

  15. JamesHalifax says:

    Sarah, how is stating the truth about Jack Layton attacking him? Jack Layton and his wife did exactly what I wrote they did…it’s there for all to see if you bothered to look. Jack was caught in a rub-and-tug…big deal. I’m sure he was just trying to help that human traffic chinese girl, er, I mean, his constituent work on her immigration papers or something. Don’t get me wrong…I liked Jack Layton too, however, I liked him enough that I’m not going to belittle his accomplishments by lying about his faults….or denying them.

    As for the “new Politics” yeah..blah..blah..blah….heard it all before when Nikki Ashton was running for the leadership of the NDP. She still couldn’t explain what she meant, but hey…that’s the new politics. Sound bites and platitudes over substance. Maybe you like that, but sorry..not for me.

    Again with the fibs about Justin trudeau. YOu thought Jack Layton was a Saint, and you imagine Trudeau is well educated. Sorry…again, the truth is out there. Justin trudeau has no real accomplishments to date that would indicate he has the stuff to be a leader…on the contrary, his comments to date show clearly he is NOT ready for the big time.

    You disagree..and that’s fine. It’s allowed.

    But don’t lie about the folks you like simply to make them sound better, or to convince yourself that they are better than they are/were. Jack Layton was human and prone to make mistakes like everyone else….Justin, Harper….all in the same boat. They make mistakes, and will continue to make mistakes.

    The idea is to pick the one who will not make the major mistakes, but also gets things done along the way that benefits the country.

    • que sera sera says:

      As usual, the bloviating JamesHalifax is so in love with the sound of his own keyboard that he completely, and obliviously, role models “sound bites and platitudes over substance”.

      Well done, James!! I expect it’s not just Warren who appreciates you “allowing” us to comment on his website. Awfully big of you, isn’t it.

      Did you pay overweight freight on your head, or just check your ego, when you hopped the daily commuter off Planet Conservative?

    • Tim Sullivan says:

      Yeah, Sarah, Justin Trudeau has done nothing of note to be leader. It’s not like he ever held a real job (except teaching children). I mean, he is an MP, not the head of some conservative lobby group or, or … some MP. Sure, he has a degree he put to use, and improved someone’s world with knowledge. But he is no Stephen Harper. Harper was an MP, and … er… when the heat got too hot, he became the head of a some large conservative lobby group, and he put his degree in economics to reducing Canada’s inordinate surplus, messing up mortgage rules, establishing a parliamentary budget office his government has consistently underfunded, undermined, and it still outperformed on economic analysis.

      Because being a leader means having never improved anyone’s life … except conservative ideologues, until you have power, then seriously mess with their democracy / accountability / governance traditions / values / economy / ecology.

      • JamesHalifax says:

        yeah…Harper never had a job either…except being the Prime Minister, getting a Masters Degree in Economics, and formulating the policy used by the LIberals to slay the deficit AND the seperatist threat.

        Hey tim…bet you didn’t know that did you?

        Of course, the LIberals will never admit they took REFORM party economic policy to help get rid of the deficit, NOR will they admit to taking the oulines provided by Harper to force the seperatists to be honest with their goals. As I doubt you are aware Tim….I’ll once again enlighten you, though I’m sure you’ll ignore this as well.

        Deficit: The Liberals borrowed heavily from the Reform Party plan to get rid of the Deficit. In case you are unaware, the person who formulated that policy was a 27 year old guy who had a knack for economics. His name was Stephen Harper.

        Clarity Act: Got it’s start by a young guy who provided an outline explaining the circumstances by which a province of Canada could legally seperate. That guy…again, it was Stephen Harper (ask Chantal Hebert…she originally reported it)
        Preston Manning presented the points to Jean Chretien who ignored the offer until they almost lost the referendum. When the results were in….chretien dusted off the points, gave them to Stephane Dion and told him to re-write it in Liberalese….

        Did you know about that Tim? (sorry…..get your own citation)

        • Tim Sullivan says:

          Don’t be sorry. The deficit is not hard to beat. Bring in more than you spend. Harper should adopt his own advice. Or, perhaps he’s incompetent, or ideological, or insane, ’cause what he’s doing ain’t working.

          I’m pretty sure you are right about the Manning. He really understood Queb. He didn’t run any candidates in Quebec, had no francophones in in his caucus, and spoke in Quebec during the referndum about how to get a better deal. He helped the separatists, not the federalists.

          Not sure we have any lessons to take from Harper or Manning.

          And again, thanks for backing up that bullshit opinion without any proof.

  16. que sera sera says:

    Could someone please direct me to the Warren Kinsella website?

    I appear to have mistakenly wandered into the JamesHalifax echo chamber.

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