06.24.2012 09:38 PM

John Peterson

Of Toronto, Conservative. Trying to find him for a special delivery. Think he tweets under jpeterson67. Anyone got contact info?



  1. JamesHalifax says:

    Special delivery eh?

    Well…if it’s not a stork with a baby…..I would guess it’s a subpoena.

    what did he do?

    • steve w says:

      Hey JamesHalfiax, do you see where Mr Kinsella wrote in his post, “Oh, and please ask for details”? It seems pretty clear to me (and probably everyone else) what is being asked here. Seeing as you are so quick to tell others “to get their heads outta their arses” I will ask on behalf of all fellow Nova Scotians who read this blog, to do us all a favour, and shut yer gob.

      • steve w says:

        WK, I don’t really mind if you don’t publish that above comment. The guy just grates. Cheers.

        • JamesHalifax says:

          What’s the matter Steve?

          Been looking at Liberal poll numbers again?

          • Tim Sullivan says:

            I’m pretty sure that’s a jab at steve w and the Liberals in one large, ideologically, disrespectful swoop, but what does steve w calling out JamesHalifax’s appropriateness have to do with poll numbers?

            I’m sure ithe non sequitur is pretty funny, though. JamesHalifax never gets anything wrong.

          • steve w says:

            JamesHalifax, I am someone who leans toward the views and positions of the International Socialist movement and then holds his nose and votes NDP at election time. Therefore Liberal polling numbers, be they federal or provincial, are of little consequence to me. But since you bring up polling numbers, how are you enjoying Jamie Baillie’s stellar numbers these days? That clown has about as much chance of becoming NS premier as you do.

  2. JamesHalifax says:


    Not subpoena….a summons.

    (watching too much CPAC)

    • Tim Sullivan says:

      Wow, you sure know a lot of stuff. Please, JamesHalifax, explain what difference there is, if any, between a subpoena and a summons.

  3. Greg from Calgary says:

    From the looks of him he can be found in a comic book store somewhere

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