06.18.2012 03:16 PM

Ontario election: Hudak and Horwath want one

There’s no doubt now.

Holy God, are they ever going to lose.


  1. Bloc Q says:

    No one likes the Liberals anymore, federal or provincial. I don’t know if you saw the poll results in the NP today. If Justin Trudeau were named the Liberal leader, then the NDP would still win the election in 2015. One man doesn’t make a party or a team. That’s why the Oilers used to lose even though they had Gretzky on their team until 1984– and why they won the Stanley Cup without him in 1990.

  2. Balcony says:

    The latest poll has the Liberals at 30%. The last time they fell below 30 percent in a election? 1971. I guess the Alberta election means that we can never ever trust another poll, but it’s food for thought nonetheless.

  3. smelter rat says:

    I suspect the ONLY issue that will resonate with voters if an election is forced will be that it was forced just months after the last one. It reeks of sour grapes. I doubt that will be rewarded.

  4. bluegreenblogger says:

    Well I for one don’t think an election is such a hot idea. Everybody is rolling the dice, and actually the PC’s are the only ones with nothing to lose whatsoever, except possibly a few paycheques for the faithful.. Only good thing is that Doug Ford claims that he will leave city council and run for the provincial knuckledraggers in Etobicoke Centre.

  5. Kelly Oh says:

    “Holy God”

    Have you resorted to prayer, that last refuge of the damned?

  6. Michael Behiels says:

    I think that Mulcair is pushing Horvath to topple the McGuinty government so he can then back the Ontario NDP in the election.

    Mulcair is taking a big risk. It may backfire big time on federal NDP. Mulcair’s attack on Alta oil and gas industry has set the stage for the Ontario election. He wants to consolidate the support of Ontario unions behind his NDP.

    Horvath is simply a stalking horse in this game of Russian roulette.

    • Dan says:

      That’s dumb. Ontario is currently on a downward slide, thanks in part to the Dutch Disease. Why would Mulcair want Andrea holding the bag of shit when he runs against Harper? If anything, it’s better to have Dalton holding the bag. Then he has a far better chance with Ontario voters.

      Mulcair will do the token amount for the Ontario Provincial NDP. Not much more than that.

  7. dstm says:

    Oh. Look the top four stories on The Star.com involve an Alberta murder and three dead cats…and two others.
    This budget crisis ( and that’s what it is) involves getting ON back on track with a plan that will keep creditors and borrowers satisfied and that there is some credible leadership in the province.
    A election is a crap shoot, cause the public is not engaged ( and/or mad) and the media has done NOTHING informative or analytical with respect to the likely outcome from UNCERTAINTY.
    Andrea is too busy sucking up to Sid Ryan to appreciate what she is doing to the budget/province. (WK you are right the NDP is pious, condescending and humourless). Tim doesn’t know if he is punched or bored. He just knows he is entitled to be Premier and is happy to trow (NDP) wrenches into the works.
    Solution….prorogue….bring back the budget and sit all summer to get it passed.

  8. Steve T says:

    As someone outside of Ontario, my observation is that this election – if it happens – will be far more of a referendum on McGuinty than a focus on the merits of Hudak and Horwath. And that’s the way they both want it. McGuinty, I’m sure, will be wise enough to turn the viewfinder around and say “OK, you may not all think I’m perfect, but do you want either of THEM leading the province?”

  9. Erik says:

    Would you be running the war room again Warren?

  10. Sean says:


  11. JamesHalifax says:


    Does anyone really want to do this again? Cripes, we just had one a while ago. I suspect Horwath thinks she can eek out a win….to hell with her former promise to prop up Dalton.

    Of course, this would be a good excuse to dump Hudak and get a new leader for the Conservatives.

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