07.25.2012 10:24 AM

Around the kitchen table

[True exchange that happened at Kinsellabration© family reunion in B.C. a few weeks ago. Just thought of it, and it made me laugh again.]

Son Three [reacting to a statement by his brothers, whom he would prefer to live without]: That is the most stupidest thing I have ever heard.

Son Two, to much laughter: There’s no such thing as “most stupidest.” It’s either stupidest thing, or most stupid thing.

Son Three, with evident frustration: Fine. Then I’ll just look it up in the atlas, okay?


  1. dave says:

    Have a brother almost my age, then a 3rd who is almost a decade younger than we two. When the youngest was going on 2, he could (or would not)not differentiate between us, and simply called us ‘the people,’ which came out ‘the bebo.’

    One day he asked our Dad, ‘Why did the bebo grow up and I didn’t?’

  2. Susan MacIsaac says:

    That is really funny. I remember when my eldest (he was 8 at the time), said “hey, we are a nuclear family,” – this was after we had bought a microwave. His sister, two years younger, was disgusted. Also preferring to live without her older brother, she proceeded to tell him he was a fool.

    You know his sister Warren. Its Amanda from your war rooms. I am certain you are not surprised.

  3. Not That Gord says:

    There was that great song from Jr. Gone Wild… Third Most Stupidest Guy You Know… I may have to go dig that CD out now. Ah, Alberta in the 80s… they really cranked some great must out of Edmonton back then.

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