07.23.2012 10:58 AM

Auto help wanted (updated)

Anyone know a good auto broker (ie. for purchase) in or around Toronto? I’m too lazy to do the work myself.


  1. wsam says:

    Autosonic in the west end.

  2. david says:


    I have good friend whose car repair business is very good. Does not mater the type – Fords to Porches/Jag; but is in Bowmanville. If you are happy with the distance let me know.

  3. George Kirk says:

    Warren, don’t know if Markham is too far, but if you drive either a Honda or Toyota based product (eg: Acura/Lexus) bring it to Andy Lam at Bullock City Automotive (look them up on Google – Bullock Drive, near MacCowan and Highway 7).

    Super honest, fair rates and awesome work. I found out about them on a forum 5 years ago and have been using them since for my Lexus RX 350. They also have a body shop that does stellar work at a reasonable price.

  4. Kinsey says:

    Try the Auto Doctor – 730 Warden Avenue

    (416) 686-9908

    Fantastic service and it’s run by a honest guy (George).

  5. W the K - No, not Warren says:

    Master Mechanic in East York. 8 Bermondsey Rd.


    Manager is a good Newfoundlander. He’s never lied to me.

    Places along Warden, as Kinsey notes above, have treated me well in the past.

  6. Lipman says:

    Artenal motors on Laird near Millwood. My family has gone there for years, and they are tops.

  7. JimDougBob says:

    John Carbone. He brokers new and used purchases through dealers and auctions. GTA. Used him twice, he’s pretty good and pretty real about it. If you want his number, email me.

  8. Tiger says:

    If you’re willing to get your car inspected, I’d suggest using autotrader.ca.

    They’re not a broker per se, but the site is a search engine that lets you specify make, model, and year (and price!) and lets you see what’s available in your neck of the woods.

    That’s how I got my car last March — printed out a few ads, took a cousin whose negotiating teeth were cut in Middle Eastern markets, and went for it.

    Thus far seems to have worked out nicely.

  9. Brad Young says:

    If you can afford it, I suspect you can, buy new. So many problems in the used car market. Even high cars are being written off and sold to unsuspecting buyers. Only buy from a new car dealer, unless they are part of Car Nation. They own dealers for several brands. They are just bad news.

    If you know what you want, just go and buy it. It takes less than an hour.

    The real hassle starts after you make your deal, that being insurance companies.

  10. Gary says:

    Warren, consider Car Help Canada


    He is the car guy on CP24 and is well known for getting a good deal regardless of brand.

    Costs $60 to join, but could save a lot of hassle later on.

  11. Craig says:

    Hi Warren –

    I would contact the APA (Automobile Protection Agency) in Toronto. The APA offers a new car buying service for members, as well as referrals to auto brokers.

    Link to APA purchasing services: http://www.apa.ca/purchasing.asp

    An APA membership costs $87.01 (Including HST): http://www.apa.ca/join_toronto.asp

    I have never dealt with the APA before but I would check them out.

    Hope this helps – good luck!

  12. Tom says:

    Wrong, I don’t know why I am bothering. I just can’t stand judgemental people I guess.

    The original is still at Progressive Bloggers and it reads.

    “Auto Help Wanted

    Anyone know a good one in or around Toronto? I’m too lazy to do the work myself.”

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